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dishonnest agency in tupiza
13 years ago, May 18th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #111269  
Hello everybody, just to talk a little bit about a scam in tupiza!
NEVER GO TO ALEXANDRO ADVENTURE TRAVEL, in the corner of pedro Arraya and Suipacha (close to the bus station)

The story:
We pay 25 bolivianos per hour, for a 5hours horse riding tour.
We get the 3h circuit, for the price of 5.
With one hour stop in the middle of nowhere, just because the 12 year old guide talks with a friend, and listen to music!!!!!!
We never stop at the good spots to take pictures, or just enjoy...
The tour was great BUT after 3h the guide brought us back to the city and said "ok did you enjoy it?"
we said yes but its not over we paid for 5hours there is still 2 hours ride...
he said after LONG discussion " ok because you are crying lets do an other hour"
AND he brings us to a garbage zone with a lot of trashes everywhere even the horse didnt want to go there !!
so we said "ok lets go back to the agency to get a refund"

back to the agency there was no possibility to get nothing they insulted us told us that we have a bad black heart and send us to hell we never got anything back
FINALLY they got to the conclusion that because we were tourists, we had A LOT OF A MONEY TO WAIST AND 25 BOLIVIANOS PER HOURS WAS NOTHING FOR US

for the record we are bilingual spanish speakers so they understood everything we said

conclusion .

" ALEXANDRO ADVENTURE TRAVEL " is one of the most DISHONNEST agency full of capitalism with the worst mind that we've seen in this beautiful country

DONT GO THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply to this

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