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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza January 19th 2010

Tupiza - the last town where Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid stayed under alias and planned to rob the local bank prior to their death in 1908. It is a quiet town with a western feel which surprisingly doesn´t seem to use this bit of history to its advantage. I expected ¨Butch Cassidy/Sundance Kid¨ tours and posters strewn about, but there really was nothing. This may be due to the fact that they weren´t actually killed in Tupiza but approx. 100km away. Either way I still expected more acknowledgment or exploitation for touristic purposes. We arrived in Tupiza on the 17th following a 12 hour bus ride from Potosi and checked into hostel ´Mitru´. It was a nice hostel, clean with private bathroom, TV and swimming pool. We only spent a quick 2 days in ... read more
Tupiza, Bolivia
Tupiza, Bolivia
Tupiza, Bolivia

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza January 18th 2010

We left Uyuni for Tupiza at 6am on Jan. 17th by bus. This was one of the dustiest bus rides of our lives. It was dusty when we got on and it got worse as we rode through the dustbowl that was southern Bolivia. Many buses in Latin America had two people working them, the driver and a fare collector. On this bus, the fare collector was a very dusty 12-year old. As we've noted before, it was not unusual to see a child doing an adult's job in Bolivia. He seemed confident and happy. He enjoyed his authority and gained self respect from his job, but we wondered where would this fellow be in 20 years time? Would he get a chance to go to school? The bus took 8 hours, including a seemingly pointless ... read more
Cowboy George!
Riding into fiery landscape
Puerto del Diablo (Devil's Gate)

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza November 30th 2009

We are now on the home stretch, with an estimated 450 Kms to go. Uyuni was reasonably fun, though our journey out was abismal. We thought we should take a slight detour to the train cemetary not far from the city, and what we thought was on the way. I think if we had not arrived there by bikes, it would not have been worth it. It was a very odd place and not surprisingly full of large old rusty trains. But that was it, other than about 15 4x4s and a host of tourists like ourselves. From there we took a dirt road in the vague direction we wanted to head. After a couple of sand ridden kms, we realised that once again, the road was leading nowhere. Another scouting mission by Ross resulted in ... read more
Anything to get out of the sun
Off road was better than on.
A bit of down hill which inevitably means more up hill later

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza November 11th 2009

Meine Lieben Nach Argentinien sind wir weiter nach Bolivien gezogen. In Tupiza, 2h von der Grenze entfernt, haben wir Andrea wieder getroffen. Nachdem wir uns vor 6 Wochen in Lima getrennt haben, war sie nun auf dem Weg nach Argentinien und so haben wir uns gekreuzt. Neben einem wunderschoenen 2-taegigen Horseride Trip (ja, der Hintern hat schon wieder geschmerzt), haben wir uns natuerlich viel zu erzaehlen gehabt und haben praktischerweise gleich noch einige Informationen austauschen koennen. So sind wir schlussentlich fast eine Woche geblieben. Seit heute sind wir nun in Uyuni von wo aus morgen eine 3 taegige Tour zu den Salzseen losgeht. Die Hoehe vertragen wir bis jetzt ganz anstaendig, sind ja aber auch noch nicht ganz auf der Hoehe :-) Reisen in Bolivien ist im Verhaeltnis zu Argentinien so unglaublich guenstig, dass ich wohl ... read more
..dä Schnüfel isch au am Stadtfäscht gsi..
..ich gsehns Militär eifach gern friedlich...

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza October 27th 2009

Semaine 15 - Tupiza_Bolivia; Humahuaca & Iruya_Argentina Comme a l'accoutume, le bus de Uyuni a Tupiza fut grandiose, et mit un temps pas possible pour faire pas bp de kilometres. Les Boliviens ont le chic de vendre des places de bus sans verifier si elle n'ont pas deja ete vendu dans d'autres villes que le bus traverse ! Dans un petit blede a 2h de route, j'ai donc laisse ma place a une femme qui avait une quantite pas possible de sac, et donc prenait plutot 2 place qu'une ! Je suis alle m'assoir au fond ou j'avais la place mais j'ai eu droit a une nouvelle experience bus trampoline! Alors que la plupart des voyageurs vont direct de Uyuni (Bolivie) a Salta (grande ville au Nord de l'Argentine), moi j'avais pas encore envie de partir ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza October 23rd 2009

Now i´ve of course read about Bolivia. Its renowned for being a hard place to travel around, or at least it used to, its renowned for coca leaf production and therefore keeping half of Europe and Americas noses powdered and its renowned for its crazy llama textiles and clothing. In the last few days we have experiences all of this (NOT the powdered nose bit, just the leaf!!!), and more. As soon as we arrived at the Argentina/Bolivia border we could tell it wasnt going to be an easy crossing. For starters, we had to queue for about an hour, for no obvious reason. We were literally queuing like we were at a ticket kiosk, small hole in a window, scary looking man with a big gun sat there taking about half and hour to look ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza July 6th 2009

Our night bus from Salta to La Quiaca was uneventful and despite being scheduled to arrive at 8am we arrived at 7am with Sharon and I both disorientated. We soon got our things together and knew it was possible to walk from the bus station across the border and into the Bolivian town Villazon. Whilst it is possible to walk what we hadn't banked on was the Lonely Planet guide map being wrong (or we can't read maps which will be a first for this trip!). Anyway what should have been a 15minute walk took us just over an hour but after asking various locals for directions we found ourselves stood near the front of the queue at the border waiting for it to open. We were eventually stamped out of Argentina where we promptly had ... read more
Another amazing view down the valley
and another......
Sharon in the back of the jeep

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza June 22nd 2009

22nd June, Arriving on an Andesmar bus in La Quiaca at 7.30am in the morning it was dark and cold and damp. The town was very grim and with backpacks on we had to walk across the town to get to the border of Argentina and into Villazon in Bolivia! Unfortunately the map in the lonely planet guide didn't seem to correspond with the roads in front of us so Brim and I found ourselves walking in a huge circle only to get nowhere fast! After asking 3 different people where the border was however, we were finally on track and reached the border an hour later (instead of 20 minutes) to line up for the border crossing. A short wait later we were stamped out of Argentina and stamped into Bolivia! Villazon was cold but ... read more
Bolivian desert
View from 3500 meters high!

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza May 29th 2009

From Tilcara we took the bus north towards La Quiaca. The buses do not cross the border so we needed to find our way to the border crossing from the bus terminal. After working with conflicting directions we finally made it to the crossing. Crossing was much easier than we expected but we could have just gotten lucky so follow the suggestions in your guide book. As soon as we crossed into Bolivia, we knew we were in a different country. The clothing, streets, people, products were all different than Argentina. On our way to the bus station on the Bolivia side we ran into a few gringos and made good friends quickly. We teamed up with Dave and Lisa, then headed for the bank and the bus station. The bus to Tupiza is 10 Bolivianos ... read more
Border Crossing
Bye Bye Argentina!
Welcome to Bolivia!

Bonjour a tous!! Je suis maintenant tout au sud de la Bolivia a 3 heures a peine de la frontiere avec l;Argentine. Je vous previens tout de suite, cela risque d;etre un long blogue: mon lecteur MP3 doit se recharger car je pars demain pour un tour en jeep de 4 jours dans des deserts, dont le plus grand desert de sel au monde!!!! Mieux vaut avoir un peu de musique pour passer le temps dans la jeep entre les differentes attractions! Surtout que si tout se passe bien, je serai avec un groupe de 3 gars inconnus… Sont mieux d;etre fins!! J;ai vraiment hate de faire ce tour, plusieurs disent que c;est aussi grandiose que le Machu Picchu!!! Donc la derniere fois, j;etais a La Paz pour une super visite de la ville. Finalement, au ... read more
Les fameux zebres responsables de la circulation
Le train pour Tupiza
Coucher de soleil sur l,altiplano

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