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South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza February 28th 2006

English We are now in Bolivia! We arrived here by crossing the border with Argentina from La Quiaca. Visiting La Quiaca, the northest part of Argentina, is one of the cool (or maybe silly?) things that one could do together with visiting the southern most part of Argentina, Ushuaia (more than 5000 km far south). Argentinian buses do not dare to cross the border and have problems through the bad gravel roads of Bolivia, so they left us before the border just to say 'And now on foot!'. So we grabbed our backpacks and started to walk for about one km to cross the border (after having our last argentinan milanesa con papas fritas of course...). It was a bit hard since we were at 3500 meters of altitude and with so much weight you can ... read more
Typical bolivian woman
Camion - the public transportation

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza January 24th 2006

We´re now in southern Bolivia, not far from the Argentine border, which we plan to cross in a day or two. The main idea is to avoid spending too long in Chile, which is expensive. Mind you, anywhere is expensive compared with Bolivia. Our nicest trip in Peru was in the company of the splendid Revels family from San Diego. We travelled to the Manu rainforest, reached after a day jolting along potholed roads and another day puttering upriver in a small boat. It was expensive and uncomfortable, but our powers of endurance were rewarded by the wildlife we saw - red howler monkeys grooming themselves in the trees, black spider monkeys crashing through the branches overhead, and most memorably a family of giant river otters. We got close enough to hear the fish bones crunching ... read more
An undiscovered Vermeer?
Lake Titicaca

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza November 29th 2005

Now I diffently couldn´t leave Bolivia with running around in the Land of Butch Cassidy and good old Sundance. So I arrived in Tupiza with the plan to follow there last few fateful days. Tupiza is the site of the bank they intended to rob. Now it is just a sleepy little town with tourists going to the salar, or here for what I am.... read more
This school was the
It was somewhere
A fitting symbol of the bolivian police?

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza November 8th 2005

Rick provids the intro, whilst Becky has written the longer more boring stuff! Hola from Rick: Again thanks for all your comments on the previous blog, and yes the sights and sounds of south america are nothing on the joys of spotting a burberry cap and a silky shell suit flash past in a souped up escort xri with the sweet sound of loud bassy R&B. Well everything we have done recently has been at the highest in the world. Highest and largest navicable lakein the world (surely all lakes are navicable?), Lake Titicaca (fnar fnar), highest capital city in the world (La Paz), played the highest golf course in the world and maybe most expensive relative to the Bolivian GDP, where I was particulary rubbish (maybe due to a rather large drinking event the night ... read more
Sunset over Lake Titicaca
View of La Paz
Bullet holes in La Paz main square

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza October 23rd 2005

I left Salta a bit despondant - the people there had made such a difference, I didnt really like leaving, but these things have to be done, and i got on the bus. Everyone else was noticeably more indigenous than i'd seen so far. The bus was shitty - no foot rest and narrow chairs - all signs pointed to a bad nights sleep. Turns out i didnt have any sleep at all - just as i was managing to nod off properly this woman came and sat next to me and talked to me for ages. She told me she hated Germans and would never speak to them because they had 'bad blood running in their veins' after the second world war. Like Martin, the Quilmes guide, she had heard of England but didnt know ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza May 29th 2005

- FOOD: The remains of the eggs and horrible gringo restaurant food after Braulia had left us. - AREA: Small, wild west feel town with red mountains and canyons and lots of cacti. Luxury hotel (it had hot water anyway) with ice cold pool. Another horse ride experience. - PEOPLE: Good masseuse, friendly locals. - WEATHER: Hot enough to sunbathe and get burnt - hooray (except for the burn) Sun 29th: After having a UFO ('fried' object) breakfast (we could tell Braulia was running out of food and ideas) we had a day of pure driving ahead. We didn't see condors as hoped but more llama and ostrich. After 3 days of travelling in the bumpy back, Joke and I swapped with the boys and realised what luxury they'd had the whole time. Lots of space ... read more

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