Photos from Tupiza, Potosí Department, Bolivia, South America

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Traditional Bolivian Dress
Rustic Bolivian Roads
Mark and Sarah´s Ridiculous Leggings
Canyon of the Incas 2
Out of Uyuni only to battle the harsh conditions
Anything to get out of the sun
Always dropping into dry riverbeds
Circuit du sud-ouest Bolivie, jour 1
It's so cold in Tupiza, even the dogs need jumpers!
J, S, lake and mountain!
Flamingoes in the pink lagoon
The wiggly road from Salta to San Pedro de Atacama
The Tour Group
Horsing around
Sunrise at the salt flats
Green moss
Tupiza Church
On the road to Uyuni
Isle del Cacti
Mad hey!!!
The Tupiza Tunnel
Ta Da!
Day 2
Overlooking theHill of the Seven Colours
The town of Uyuni
Vicuñas along the road
Laguna Verde
Llama and Baby Llama
The different grains available at the market
The central Market in Tupiza
Bus stuck in River
The main river in Tupiza
The Town of Tupiza
Christmas gifts hanging from tree
Views along bike ride back to Tupiza
Views along bike ride back to Tupiza
The Western Tupiza World
los penitentes 2, argentina
Stops on the way
Sundance Country
Another photo from the bus
Local bus La Paz
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