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As we sit here facing the prospect of our impending flight home we ask ourselves how are we going to sum up our trip! anyway we will start at what we have been doing since we got back into rio. we arrived in rio after our flight from iguazu at 2045 and after a bit of haggling we jumped in a taxi and headed for our hostel in copacabana. We arrived at the hostel at 2130, although we seemingly had the right place there were no signs and no lights were on, puzzled we tried the door bell in the hope someone would come and welcome us! no answer so we tried again, then finally the door was opened by an australian women (who turned out to be a bit mental). it was obvious that she ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú August 2nd 2011

Hi all After arriving in Resistencia, we spent our time relaxing and made use of the nice hotel as we weren’t sure what accommodation was ahead. After a few days of relaxation we were ready for our last long distance bus journey to Puerto Iguaçu (Argentina), we took the bus at 0700 and arrived in Puerto Iguaçu at 1700! Although the bus was comfortable as usual. When we arrived we had to work out how we were going to get to our final destination of foz do Iguassu (Brazil)! We decided on a taxi which stopped at both border points, jumped the queue and only cost fifteen quid! Well worth it. We then arrived at our hostel, which was lively (but not too much). It even had a pool, pool table, bar and a playstation 3! ... read more

South America » Argentina » Chaco » Resistencia July 26th 2011

carrying on from where we left you, we spent the rest of our time in tupiza chilling out, tupiza was a strange place - very small and it really was just like the wild west!. we left tupiza at 0600 (after a lengthy check out due to our need to pay by card and the nightwatchmans incompetence) we had pre bought our bus tickets to salta (argentina) although as there was no direct bus we had to get on a public bus for a couple of hours before we could get on our bus! although the man i the booth never warned us of what was ahead, he did tell us that we had to be there at 0630 for the first bus which was fine, although there didn´t appear to be any buses which matched ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza July 20th 2011

Hi all we will pick up from where we left off - in puno peru. after finally getting a flight from cusco to juliaca we picked up a local mini bus from the airport to make the short one hour trip to puno (at the side of lake titikaka), it was a good job we managed to get onto a bus before they all departed as there was quite literally nothing at the airport!. We even managed to get the mini bus driver to drop us off outside our hostel, hostel was nice with a big bay window and views of lake titikaka (albeit somewhat distant!). the first night we spent strolling the bustling streets in search of something to cook for dinner - deciding to pass on the delightful looking carcasses hanging outside many shops ... read more

South America » Peru July 12th 2011

Hi all, we are now in cusco after our trip to the jungle, we were supposed to be at lake titicaca by now but the plane was delayed as the airport decided to close at two o´clock today! so we are slumming it in a nice hotel in cusco (courtesy of LAN Peru - three meals included of course!). The jungle was awesome! but very hot and humid temperatures reached about 32/33 degrees in the day. Lots of mosquitos who apparently favour the female of the species as carly was bitten to pieces whilst craig received just the one bite throughout! carly is not amused however. on the first day we arrived at 1300 and were greeted at the airport by three people from the lodge with a board and craig skinner on it!, then we ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco July 3rd 2011

Hi all, we are writing this blog from the ancient inca city of cusco in peru where we arrived at 1600 local after two flights from santiago, the latter of which was a bit too close to the mountains for our liking! we will pick up from Carlos Paz in Argentina (where we last blogged from!) on our final day in carlos paz we visited a nacional park roughly 55km away. we got the bus early in the morning and got dropped off in (literally) the middle of nowhere! no bus stop signs and no people or noise, just rolling countryside and sand. we managed to find what looked like the entrance and after walking for about half an hour we finally entered the park! we followed the marked path which was expected to last around ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Villa Carlos Paz June 28th 2011

hi we have added some photos for your enjoyment!!!!!!... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires June 27th 2011

we arrived in BA after taking the ferry from montevideo (it was a quick sea cat ferry with nothing to do in the form of entertainment!) we took a taxi from the port to our hostel and arrived at around 1630. the hostel was in a nice, bohemian area (san telmo) with plenty of cafes etc and only a short walk from the main tourist sights. on the first day we just chilled out and made good use of the cooking failities, on the second day we decided to venture further afield to palmero where we went to the zoo! - the zoo was very good and actually pretty massive (a bit strange as it was in the middle of the city!), although the giant snake wasn't so great!. after the zoo we decided to go ... read more

Hi all, after arriving off the bus yesterday morning we checked into our hostel room at midday before heading out to check out montevideo, which is nice but cold! (only about ten degrees but with a chilly breeze!) checked out the docks which were pretty industrial with lots of massive cranes and containers. last night we had our first cup of tea! which although its no yorkshire tea it will have to do for now. we also cooked our first food (pasta and sweetcorn) for tea which was nice. Today we have been exploring some of montevideo's museum's and historical buildings including the museum of the carnival - some strange and interesting masks!!. for lunch we ate at one of the little restaurants in the indoor market, although we weren't really sure what we were ordering ... read more

Hi all, we have just arrived in Montevideo, Uruguay after a twelve hour bus ride (which actually wasn't too bad - didn't even have to get off the bus for customs! just had to leave the passports with the driver which was a bit scary but we got them back all stamped in the end!) got to wait a few hours before we can check in at the hostel now. The exchange rate is going to take some getting used to as we just got one thousand uruguayan dollars out from the machine and it came in one note!. Pleased to be out of brazil now (should be much cheaper!) and hopefully the little spanish we have learnt will come in more useful than the non existent portuguese. The hotel in Porto Algere (where we have ... read more

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