5 Years on!

Published: July 4th 2011
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Wednesday is the 5 year anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis. I can’t let it go un-recognised, but we will be incommunicado, as we are about to head off on a 4 day tour of the salt desert in Bolivia, in a 4x4!

What better way to celebrate!!?!?

Those of you who remember the period between 6 July 2006 and the end of my treatment in March 2007 will agree that whilst it wasn’t great, it could have been worse!

Lots of you have been around even longer and would agree that Gordon and I have had our share of bad luck! In fact, I remember Gordon saying years ago that we were getting other peoples share of too because we were so good at dealing with it!!

Whatever, for the record, I want it noted that all the crap we’ve faced over the years has been more than made up for in the opportunity to undertake this adventure!!

Now, every day we are reminded how lucky we are!

Thank you to all of you for your on-going support.

In the meantime, G is behind on his “regular” blogging – Tupiza has been great and we are loving Bolivia – more detail when we get back to civilization!


4th July 2011

Well done. Have a great celebration. You might want to pack some fish, chips and vinegar though.
4th July 2011

5 years on....
I will be thinking of you non Wednesday. The way you spend this anniversary must certainly top all others? I still have very fond memories of Champneys though! Xxx

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