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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby September 11th 2011

YAY! Friday got here pretty quickly this week and at least half the town left Derby for Broome's Shinju Festival. I stuck around for a soon to be annual event (ok slight exaggeration). We went to Prue's place for the barbeque to end all bbq's. The food was magnificent. I will have food dreams about it for along time to come. Unfortunately, we had gathered to farewell our good mates Nat and Corey. Derby will be a different place for me without them. After we couldn't fit another thing in, we arrived at the Boab Inn where localish band Red Soil was playing. We were all in fine form thanks largely to Prue's addiction to Pink (the sparkling variety). Caitlyn's birthday was to begin at midnight and we had dressed for the occassion. Emma, Caitlyn and ... read more
Nat and Corey
Chocolate fountain
Birthday sky

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby September 6th 2011

Week 6 sped by and I can't remember much, apart from feeling totally exhausted and put out about the fact that the weather was making the kids act feral. The weekend was a welcome relief. Friday night was going to be a Sporty's Special but that was not to be since the only thing on the menu was a meat platter which consisted of a ginormous chop, a sausage and a piece of chicken. We were with 2 veggies and it was no surprise that this was not an apetising combo to them. We took our hungry tummies to the Spini where we had to wait ages for our meals. I got the salt and pepper squid which was sensational and well worth the hour wait. After dinner we met a stack of people at the ... read more
Mel reels in a big one!
Kristen throws a line in
Meda rocks

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby August 28th 2011

Thank God week 5 is done and dusted. It was always goinng to be a massive week but I feel like I'm been hit by a truck. Monday morning 6.15am I wake to hear men outside my bedroom window. "That's odd" thought I, as I peered through the blinds. Painters had arrived to paint my entire house- inside and out. As my luck would have it, I had just finished my weekly clean (in a hungover state - which made it all the more difficult) and they were about to ruin it with dirtydrop sheets and the smelly varnish. Boo hiss! The other slap in the face was that my Med student guest arrived at 7:30am and had to negotiate the new, not welcoming interior that was my newly messed up house. I am making it ... read more
Sharing their special day
Beach time
At Cable Beach with med student

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby August 19th 2011

Last weekend I hit the Boab to farewell Kate and was entertained by Broome band Phat Monkeys. Saturday was pretty normal apart from the few finishing touches to my costumes. I had to create a T getup for my Taryn party and a H costume sensation to go with my school function. My bike appropriate, Tellietubby costume, was relatively lame but my Hangover idea was solid. I had the berrocca, panadol packet, meat pie wrapper, bottle of water, crazy hair and bucket accessories all sorted. At 4pm I left home for Tour de Fridge. Our first stop was the Spinni for the minimum 2 drinks before departure. Then we received a Police escort (a cop was also at the party) to our next mandatory location. After some more drinks (jelly shots), nibbles and giggles we carefully ... read more
Group shot
Spinni drinks
Bikies and bandits

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby August 7th 2011

The tourists are still hanging out in Derby town and last weekend was no exception, it was rodeo and there were lots of cowboys and gals in town. It was a sea of belt buckles and hats in Woolies. Friday night was auction night, when the main riders were auctioned off at the pub. One guy went for $500. The girls and I went in on a cowboy (who we will call John Wayne) for the bargain basement price of $50. Unfortunately when the time came for the big event he didn't stay on for long but it was fun to watch. Saturday was Rodeo time and after a lovely brunch with the girls we packed up the picnic rug and spent the afternoon watching the riders. They had a band playing that night so we ... read more
The girls
Station challenge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby July 3rd 2011

My last week of semester is off to a flying start but I won't get ahead of myself. Last week was jammed packed. Granny cooked all day last Tuesday and served up a massive Irish stew feast to feed all my new mates. It was a great night and Caitlyn's Peanutbutter Chocolate made for a mouthwatering dessert. Wednesday was a full on day as the Year 6 and 7 classess went off to Broome @ 6am to play basketball in the Deadly Vibes Competition. I was so exhausted by the time we got everyone home safely at 5pm. Thursday night my volleyball team played a steller game which got us a place in the Grand Final. I won't be on the team however, but I'll fill you in on all that in a minute. After the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby June 28th 2011

Sunday 26th – we popped into the caravan park reception on our way out to leave an envelope so that some mail we have been expecting can be forwarded on. Unfortunately it hasn’t arrived yet but the receptionist seemed quite happy to help so it must be a relatively frequent request. It’s a big country, we know, but the post does seem to take a very long time to get anywhere. We had hoped to stay on a couple more days but the park was full to bursting and so were the other caravan parks. There is an overflow area in town but we decided that, as we couldn’t stay in Broome for ever, we might as well get on the road again. The journey from Broome to our next destination – Derby (pronounced DURbee) – ... read more
There's still plenty of water about
A lone cow oblivious to the danger
We hoped this giant roadtrain wouldn't stay long

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby June 27th 2011

Another jammed packed week in Derby town. Grandparents arrived (minor arrival hiccup) without too much fuss and have settled in nicely to the relaxed pace of Derby life. Friday was our school Athletics carnival which was lots of fun and games. I enjoyed participating in the teacher running relay. Friday night was a massive Boab Pub experience. The infamous Pigram Brothers played a sensational gig which was attended by at least 98% of the town's population. Saturday saw the Derby Cup come to town. Every man and his dog packed into our cute little race track and spent up big on alcohol and bets. It was quite the event with fashions on the field and a dash for cash (running race) which added to the fun of it all. Sunday was rest day, but it didn't ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby June 19th 2011

Talk about ages since blogging. there's only 3 weeks of this term left. last time I wrote a blog I had just finshed week 1. That's what you get when you live in this busseling little town! Last week started out like any normal week but by the weekend I was flat out with all the goings on around town. I will start at the beginning of the mayhem. Thursday night my very first couch surfer rocked up. 1 night earlier than expected but luckily the house was clean! This guy is from the USA and is riding his bicycle around the world. Amazingly dedicated and a very cool guy. My first couch surfing experience was a complete success. Next up was the HRS school auction on Friday night which I went along just to support ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby May 8th 2011

I could get used to this 2 day working week business! Kids came back to school on Thursday - not that I could really call it a class. I had 12 students rock up for Thursday and only 10 showed their face on Friday. It meant things were pretty relaxed for my first week back but I do hope attendance will return to normal on Monday. Although I felt a bit flat after my return to Derby, I was back into the swing of Derby life come the weekend. I had already been out for dinner twice by the end of the week and on Friday I actually turned down a night of partying as I was just too tired to muster the energy. On Saturday I did all the regular bits and pieces and got ... read more

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