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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby September 23rd 2009

21-9-09 Off to Derby today, first off Dr’s for Den for results of blood tests at 8am, His iron level is still high, the same & all other tests are within normal range, so he has to have another blood test in 4 weeks & keep an eye on his weight & see another Dr who may recommend to see a Gastro specialist at Perth, still . Dens not worried so we will see what happens. We had a good trip to Derby & arrived around lunchtime & booked in to Kimberley Entrance Caravan Park $29 per night. The park has big shady sites (no grass as too dry at the moment) but the sites are gravel, not red dust. We set up, had lunch & took off to see “The Sights”, Derby is a small ... read more
5  21-9-09   Boab Prison tree 1500 years old.  Derby
7  21-9-09    Do something different hug a Boab Tree.  Derby
12  21-9-09    Myall's Bore & Cattle trough  Derby

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby July 21st 2009

Hi all Have had trouble with the map routing since Darwin, so will try to get it tonight. We now have a booking and head to Broome tomorrow, which is full of caravans! Cheers Lynne and Chris... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby July 19th 2009

We arrived in Derby early Saturday morning and our first stop was the Visitors’ Centre. Judy had already been in touch with her step sister Lorrain and had an address. We discovered this was right across the road from the Visitors’ Centre. Lorrain was at work in her Toy Shop, aptly named Sparkies Toyshop (her and her husband also own an electrical business) when we dropped in to say hello. She gave us a key to the gate of the block where we were to park the caravan so we dropped off the caravan before checking out a local Saturday market. Here we found some lunch at a Chinese Stall. The afternoon we spent at a local event, mud football on the marsh. This was great fun as we’d never seen anything like it before and ... read more
Great Boab tree
Judy was dwarfed by this Boab
Derby Jetty

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby September 12th 2008

We left Kununurra and made our way across the top of WA to Derby via an overnight stop at Halls Creek. Not much to report there, the caravan park did have a pool though. We decided to explore the other end of the Gibb River road and see Tunnel Creek. This is a creek that runs through the Wall of a gorge and in the dry you can walk right through in the dark, knee deep in water. We had a great time with our torches and took heaps of video(i am yet to master downloading video to the blog) and Dannielle even found a swimming hole that was too deep to walk through so she went for a dip in the dark. The hightlight of our visit to Derby was the overnight stay on the ... read more
Steves new plane
Flying over Horizontal Falls
Cool fun!!!!!!!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby August 6th 2008

Hi All Back in Broome after visiting the Horizontal Falls yesterday (from Derby). To be honest, there ain't much happenin' in Derby .... but the Horizontal Falls were great. After a seaplane ride out to the bay, with a sea landing and then transfer to boat, the trip was certainly a highlight. The Horizontal Falls are like rapids which you speed through in a boat powered by 2 x 225hp motors. Whilst my friend Matt decided to sleep on the plane ride out there (he can sleep anywhere I tell you!), I took some aerial shots of the falls. Hope you like. We are off to Cape Leveque tomorrow for one day then back in Broome again. Chat soon! ... read more
Horizontal Falls
Horizontal Falls
Tawny Shark off the back of our boat

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby July 27th 2008

We went to Bell Gorge, the rocks were very slippery and the water was cold. When you walked into the water, you slid along the rocks, like a slide, except you are on your feet. Next was Tunnel Creek. You had to take a torch with you to find your way through to the other side. There was a break-in on the roof of the cave and people said on the left after the break-in was crocodiles. But we only saw the eyes of one in the water, then they disappeared. So we went “that’s a crocodile”. At Windjana Gorge we saw lots of freshwater crocodiles. One had its mouth open and we saw one that was 20cm long. It was a baby. Not much at Derby, only stayed one night, but there were high tides ... read more
Tunnel Creek
Windjana Gorge
Windjana Gorge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby June 5th 2008

I still want to be a vet, but if for some reason that doesnt happen, this is where you will find me. It took a long time to realise my dream of becoming a jillaroo and working on an outback station, it nearly didnt happen at all, and it was almost nothing like i imagined, but in 10 months of travelling i finally found a place to be 'me', where i am actually seem to be good at the job and i enjoy the life. thats not to say it was all perfect and plain-sailing, i had my share of difficulties and challenges, but they were most definately out-weighed by the good times. The journey to the station from Kununurra was "interesting". I said farewell to my friends at the hostel in a last-minute dash back ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby November 12th 2007

The next morning I sat up in the front of the truck with Ian and made sure we had some good tunes! We went to Windjana Gorge first thing which was just next to our camp. Couldn't believe that we were standing over what was once a big reef, thousands of years ago. We spotted a few fossils in the rocks and walked down to the riverbank where there was a handful of crocs (what's the name for a group of crocodiles? A snapper of crocs?!) and went round the corner to pose for pictures with a freshie just a metre away from us! Although I felt real fear when it moved! After lots of fun with our cameras (we're so mature) we headed back to the bus and set off for the site of an ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby October 8th 2007

Rodeo Weekend ! Set off for a weekend camping at the Derby Rodeo , we didnt have tents as all Australians seem to own a swag, i think they must be given them at birth because everyone seems to have one, its a matress with pillows and duvet with a canvas cover which you just roll out on the ground. The name "Swag" came from when men used to wonder the streets looking for work with a blanket and a billy (pot to boil water) on their back. We made our own swags, quite skillfully! Had a fantastic weekend watching all the events, seeing cowboys getting thrown off bulls and horses and the rodeo clowns running around! A bull jumped the fence and went charging through the crowd! All action packed! Branding and Castrating horse! ... read more
Crazy Bulls!
Bush Fire

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby August 9th 2007

These cowboys they love there rodeos out here, crazy loonaticks!!! stoney took hannah and i to derby ...(yes i said derby there is one here too you know( to camp out in our swags for 3 days. The night we arrived friday night and went straight to the pub there was a live band on and we met all the guys who worked on the other stations, had a real laugh and rolled in at god knows what time. The next day watched the camp draughting competition and barrel racing, spent the night drinking with hannah stoney and rob at some sort of peter kay disco, it was all v amuzing dancing to right said fred and the wmca! The rodeo was on the last day snowy our house mate won the buck jump competition however ... read more
bull ride
saddle bronk

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