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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby August 8th 2007

What a couple days of fires. As we rode into Fitzroy Crossing last night a guy was back burning the grass and shrubs next to the road so the major fire we’d been chasing most of the afternoon wouldn’t jump the road. We slept with the smell of smoke all around us. The campground/hotel there assured us that the place wouldn’t burn down in the night. “We keep the grass short and greener around us so we should be all right” Today we saw a half dozen huge black dust devils perhaps a 100 metres (300 feet) high tracking through the black ash of an earlier fire. And a wall of smoke that looked like a major storm bearing down on us followed us into Derby. The sunset from the wharf was an amazing red, though ... read more
riding through a back burn
landscape after a fire
pursued by smoke

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby June 27th 2007

Okay, move along people, nothing to see here! There are not many things to do in Derby, except fishing or crabbing or drinking and well, that’s about it really. “I’d like to lock in B for crabbing thanks Eddie”, and off we went to try our arm at crabbing. We had to buy all the gear (net, bate bag, bate bag hook and some lamb off cuts from the butcher), at a total cost of $15. The crab nets up here are a bit different to those back home, they have to have an open top and lie flat on the bottom with flexible sides, so if you are not watching the crabs can duck in, grab a free feed and escape. We checked out the price of crabs before heading down to see what we ... read more
Crabs Anyone?
Sunset over Derby Wharf
Boab Prison Tree

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby May 31st 2007

Hello all, Well, by day 5 the gloss had worn off Broome. We were all touristed out by the time we left. We had a very interesting trip out to the Willie Creek Pearl Farm and learned all about how cultured pearls are made. Really enjoyable and very well done. We also enjoyed dinner at Matso's Brewery which has a great restaurant and also the Curry Hut which was relatively cheap and excellent. We sampled all the brews on offer and Steph had to drive home :) Angus was a fan of the caravan park pool and we made some interesting friends floating there each afternoon. The "luxury" of an ensuite caravan site was also a bonus. On the downside, Cable Beach on Saturday night is a nightmare as hundreds and possibly thousands of people ... read more
Cable Beach Saturday Night
Gantheaume Point, Broome
Broome street sign

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