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Sadly had to check out of our “luxury” riverside bungalow this morning at El Questro. Took ages to pack up the truck and fit everything back in it again (its like a hard jigsaw puzzle & once you have a system for where everything goes, you need to stick with it, otherwise you will never locate anything again !) Before we left, we decided to do a walk up El Questro gorge which was recommended in both our travel book and by the receptionist at the resort. No-one mentioned though that the Jackaroo Waterhole signposted en route had to be driven through. This turned out to be probably the deepest water crossing yet with the water up to the bullbars and hitting the floor of the truck (we could feel it underneath us). Fortunately it was ... read more
Store, reception & bar @ El Questro
El Questro gorge
Wasps nests, El Questro gorge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby May 14th 2010

A day of mainly travelling further on the Gibb River Road back towards Derby & Broome. The donkey heating system worked perfectly this morning at the campsite at Ellenbrae, even though Grant & I lit it only about 20 mins before having a shower. The water was beautifully warm - just right - with no need to any cold water to it. The road today was mainly in good condition, slightly rutted in places with some corrugations and a few sections with quite a bit of sand and bull dust. We did a detour up to Mt Elizabeth Homestead (approx 30 kms off the road) to check it out but were there by noon, and with not a lot going on up there to fill the afternoon, we decided to carry on further down the road. ... read more
Further along the GRR
The only intersection along the road

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby May 14th 2010

Quick blog for today as its late - just before 11pm - and I've been trying to get all the blog updated since we haven't had any cell phone or internet coverage for 6 days !! Funny old day today... has been overcast all day with no bright sunshine like all other days of the holiday, although still warm (& very humid at Windjana) until early evening in Derby when it has got much coooler (mid 20s). Headed into Windjana Gorge first thing to do the walk alongside the Lennard River that runs through there and do some crocodile spotting. As well as being geologically famous, the gorge is also supposedly one of the best locations in Australia to see freshwater crocodiles. Heading into the gorge we came across a huge wall which clearly showed all ... read more
Fossil, Windjana Gorge
Limestone, Windjana Gorge
Freshie croc - Windjana Gorge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby May 14th 2010

Another day in relative luxury at the bungalows at El Questro with a lie in until 9am !! Yipee. Whilst we were having brekkie, there was a bit of a commotion in the undergrowth just near our bungalow deck, and next thing we had a Mertens water monitor lizard in very close proximity to us. He was cool and even posed for some photos. Spent the day exploring round the station. In the morning we set off for Zebedee Springs, which were thermal natural hot springs which held a constant temperature of around 32 degrees. The creek was beautiful under very tall palms (the same as what we had seen at the Bungle Bungles) and with other lush vegetation nearby. Some tour groups when we got there initially but they eventually left and for 10 mins ... read more
Water monitor lizard
Grant charging his gadgets
Zebedee Hot Springs, El Questro

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby May 14th 2010

Relatively long lie in this morning until 6:45am; it seems the Asians next door at the campsite (who we think are fruit pickers) were having a long lie in for a Saturday. Whilst Grant filing up with diesel, I went and had a look at the “Celebrity Tree Park” in town which was opposite the campground. The sign explained that the township of Kununurra ask visiting “celebrities” to plant a tree to honour their visit & symbolising their faith in the future of the town. It was kind of weird but 10 out of 10 for originality. Other than a planting by Baz Luhrman on behalf of the cast of “Australia” and a tree planted by Kate Cebrano (an Aussie Idol winner from a few years ago), all the other plinths beside the trees were of ... read more
Lily Creek Lagoon, Kununurra
Start of Gibb River Road
GRR - start (warning signs)

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby October 5th 2009

Day 162 - Derby We said we wouldn’t do this, but we’ve changed our minds. Today we’re going for a little drive up the Gibb River Road! The lure is Bell Gorge, apparently it’s one of the Kimberley region’s finest gorges with a picturesque waterfall and deep cooling waters safe for swimming. That sounds like a good thing to do on a hot spring day so we wait for the fuel station to open then with full tanks we set off on the 233 km journey out there. We’ve mentioned the Gibb River Road before as it’s a bit notorious and has a reputation for being unforgiving as far as vehicles are concerned. We’ve met plenty of people during our trip that have done it though, there was the family we met in Katherine gorge who ... read more
It's all open
It could have been an explosive time on the Gibb River Road
On the Gibb River Road

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby October 4th 2009

Day 161 - Derby Well there’s not much planned for today, a bit more washing, a bit more relaxing, a bit more socialising and this afternoon is the NRL finals between Paramatta and Melbourne. Everything will stop in the campground at approximately 2.30pm! Nige came over this morning to show us the photographs he took out on the mud flaps last night, they’re brilliant and really funny. We’ll have a go at doing some more tonight and see if we can get the same mysterious effects! Dar did us boiled eggs for breakfast this morning and made us some beaut little egg cups to serve them in! Delicious and a good way to start the morning! It’s a lovely little spot we’ve got here and it just goes to show that you don’t need to be ... read more
In the longest cattle trough in the southern hemisphere
Eggs for breakfast with makeshift egg cups
Lachy helps Nige with the 8 punctures on his bike

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby October 3rd 2009

Day 160 - Derby It’s another early morning start, 5.20am and the sun is up with the birds singing away in the trees. We hear the rasping of the Bowerbird, unfortunately it’s not the most beautiful bird song ever but it does signal that his search for a new love is underway! We had our fill of the gorgeous gorge yesterday and we’re still a bit stoked at all the activity we saw in the water. How lucky was that to watch the freshies getting fresh! Everything gets thrown, packed into the car and we’re soon on our way back down the track towards Tunnel Creek. We have a quick stop at the historical site of Lillimooloora which was a homestead and then a police outpost. There’s a whole story here about a well respected Aboriginal ... read more
Inside the tunnel where the 'roof' collapsed
Lighting the way
Sunset at Derby jetty

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby September 24th 2009

23-9-09 We got up today & had breaky & decided to go & up the street & go & have a look at the Derby Wharf again, as it was low tide . Den went to the bank & then we went to Woolworths & got some bread. From there we went over to the BP garage to see the Boab tree that has entwined itself with a gun tree. Gas was $1.20 per litre so we will run on petrol till we get back to Broome. We then went to the wharf & could not believe how low the tide gets, compared with the high tide. We drove around the Warf & took some pics & then headed for the Derby Take a way café for a coffee. We came back to the van & ... read more
2   23-9-09    The Derby Warf at low tide Derby
4   23-9-09    The Derby Warf at low tide Derby
7   23-9-09    The Derby Warf at low tide Derby

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby September 23rd 2009

22-9-09 Woke up to a beautiful day for our Horizontal Waterfall trip, We had arranged for a lady to check on the girls & take them for a walk, so we did not have to worry about them. We were picked up from the park at 8.15am along with 2 other couples & taken to the airport. There were 11 on the trip all together. They were a friendly bunch & even another guy called Dennis. We all got in the Sea Plane for our flight out to the falls & the scenery was great. You don’t realise that Derby is surrounded by mud flats until you see it from the air. At last that blue , green water & lots of Mountains, Islands & Lakes , we came into land & I was holding on ... read more
31  22-9-09    All aboard our sea plane on the Horizontal Waterfall Tour   Derby
33  22-9-09    Taking off in our plane on the Horizontal Waterfall Tour   Derby
41  22-9-09    The mud flats look like trees around Derby from our plane

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