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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby May 30th 2013

Believe it or not a blog without photos. 30th. We visited the Kimberley School of the Air, what an incredibly interesting experience. We had a guided tour of the facility and the school system was explained to us. We then piled into a studio and watched and listened in to a lesson for year 2/3's. Gone are the radio's. The teacher and students are all connected via satillite and the internet and use a program to interact. Everyone is seeing exactly the same thing and the teacher has put together lessons in powerpoint which is broadcast as they move through the learning experience. One comment by the teacher is that by introducing this technology which is only available to the students and not using the radio a community link has been lost. People used to listen ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby May 28th 2013

Wth the free camp site at Lennard River so crowded on the 4th night we needed to move on, anyway we were running out of supplies..... We headed off from Lennard River at 7:25 am 27th along the last of the Gibb expecting the road to be all bitumin as indicated by the map. Wrong again, about half of it was dirt, but it was in good condition and we were able to make very good time. Along the way I kept seeing what looked like new shoots which had germinated as a result of the rains and were pushing through what looked like a flower bud. I got GMan to stop and got out to take a photo and it turned out to be some type of fungus. We were booking in to the caravan ... read more
Mud Flats Derby
Barge on the way out

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby May 24th 2013

Geo: -17.3048, 123.632Well we missed Windjana Gorge as it rained and they closed the roads for a couple of days and we didn't want to miss our flight later in the week. We stayed in Fitzroy Crossing for another couple of days and then went onto Derby 2 days early.Derby is a great country town. We saw the Prison Tree which is said to be about 1500 years old. The town has created a wet lands from the waste water recycling and we decided we weren't going to have any duck for tea as there were thousands there. The sunsets were great.We checked out Myall's Bore and cattle trough which is 120 meters long. Italy may have the leaning tower of Pisa but Australia has the leaning Boab of Derby ha ha who needs to travel ... read more
Mud Crab Races
Derby Sunset
Pioneer Cemetery

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby October 14th 2012 Derby was a place of things BIG. There were BIG boabs, BIG tides, a BIG wharf, the BIG catch, the BIG chicken cook-off and the BIG trough to mention just a few.. On the way there we stopped for a coffee break at a very big boab tree. It was not hard to imagine such a tree with its big hollow trunk being used to house a family. It would have easily given the Helbig tree in the Barossa a run for its money. On the way out of town we stopped at the prison tree. Again a big hollow boab, only this one had one small entrance. It was used to imprison young aboriginals who had been captured by ‘black birders’ and were being transferred to work in the pearling industry. Slavery by another ... read more
The never ending road
Pat battling with the croc
Enough crabs for a two crab sandwich

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby August 14th 2012

Day 1372 I was up at 6.30am feeling very tired, but very keen to get on with the next leg of my journey, today I fly up to meet with Andy in Broome. At 8.30, Rob and June very kindly drop me off at Perth Airport, we say our goodbyes and they head off to get on with their day and I head into the airport to drop my luggage in. I am not sure if we have mentioned before but we use the Qantas Q tag system, we have a coded bag tag and you place your luggage on the baggage drop conveyer belt and then scan your boarding pass (the one on the i-phone usually) and then it reads your Q tag and your luggage is sent on it’s way. Now for me, my ... read more
Ride em, Cowboy
Eject, Eject
Lets Do it again,

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby August 13th 2012

Day 1371 What a funny start to our day and maybe for two reasons. Andy’s alarm went off and thus signalling it was time for him to get up, alas it was still quite dark, so he checked his watch it was 3.15am. I was awake too and checked my phone it said 3.15 am, and we could not work out why but his phone seemed to have reverted back to the time in Canberra, where they are 2 hours ahead. It felt like only 5 minutes later when Andy woke me it was 6.30am and time to get up, Andy is off to work today but we are on a mission this morning to visit the Kimberley School of the Air (KSOTA). Usually Andy has gone by 6.00am but as we were going to the ... read more
David Felstead

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby July 30th 2012

Kindred Spirit. Blog Day 1357 (Firstly) a quick message to Helen Sheridan at Woodstock,-Get well soon!! Here we go again, the alarm went off at 4.00m and I sprang out of bed, showered, shaved, grabbed my bags and was waiting outside on the pavement at 04.55 for my 5.00 am Taxi. There was a light drizzle on of rain, on this Thursday morning in Canberra, so I waited underneath a canopy for the Taxi to arrive, the morning was cold, dark and wet, and suddenly there was an unusual rumble, and to my left down the road I saw the lights of the taxi about 500 Yards away, the rumble was getting louder and so was the taxi and when the taxi was only a 100 yards away, the rumble had turned in to a massive ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby July 22nd 2012

Doing the Paper Work As I put fingers to keys, the airport clock tells me its 10.56 and I am at Broome airport in Far Western Australia, waiting for my 4 hour flight to Brisbane then my 2 hour flight to Canberra, by the time I’e got a taxi home from Canberra Airport I should just be walking in the door at Ten o’clock tonight Canberra time and boy I am looking forwards to seeing Caroline. I have been away just over two weeks in Derby and it has been great, the work is the same but the warmth on my bones has just been a tonic, from the minus 5 temperature when I left behind. It has been a fantastic temperature every day between 29-31 degree’s and so very sunny, as I had previously mentioned ... read more
Ace Location
A stubby Sunset
Do you remember this Dunny

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby July 8th 2012

A new Broome Sweeps Clean. day 1335 Its funny, how you know how you week is going to turn out, as things unfold, It was 7.40pm on Monday 2nd July, when I got an e-mail from my boss, asking me to make flights plans as he wanted me up in Curtin, on Tuesday if possible. The “Company” had been talking about sending me to Curtin for the last three weeks so I wondered what had become so urgent, I knew that there was no chance of getting to Curtin on Tuesday, the nearest would be Perth staying overnight and flying on to Broome on Wednesday 4th July. It was our Four wheel drive meeting on Tuesday night and I would have been ticked off, if I missed that, but I was comfortable in the knowledge that ... read more
Wide Load
Loaded Patrol
I don't have one

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby June 12th 2012

I’m well aware that this saying usually refers to two year old toddlers but in my case it refers to my terrible Term Two. Perhaps terrible is a slightly more powerful word than is necessary but, it has undoubtedly been a very trying term with lots of challenges and… while it’s not quite over yet, since it’s nearing the end of Week 8 and I’m so over it - I have made the call to put an end to all the crap stuff. Classroom life has been unique - but the internet is not the place to discuss such matters. It is true to say that I have never been as tested behaviourally as I have this term, but fingers crossed vital progress is being made. The most unexpected part was how much energy I was ... read more
neroli soaks up some sun
Party boy
Spini opening

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