One of our philosophies of life is that every cloud has a silver lining. Sometimes you may need to look a little. So when circumstances changed we decided to take the opportunity to try one of those things we had often dreamt of doing.

Oceania » Australia July 18th 2021

None of this lying-in bed for hours on Sunday morning. We were on a mission … we weren’t quite sure if we would be staying the night in Crystal Brook or Balaklava. As it turned out it was neither. It was the last day of the school holidays so there was plenty of early activity in the park … and plenty of traffic on the roads both heading north and south. Just up the road we pulled over to adjust our caravan mirrors then pushed on to Port Augusta where we bought fuel. Just out of town we pulled into a lovely parking bay for mid-morning coffee. It was a large parking bay situated on a wide creek … actually most of it seemed to be in the creek bed. It had the most beautiful old ... read more
Oh look! It’s a train. Toooooot it says
Isn’t that the same train?
All cleared away.

Oceania » Australia » South Australia July 16th 2021

As we travel, the changing landscapes with their rich colours continue to amaze us. Add into the mix sunrise, sunset and / or weather conditions, this intensity is subdued or magnified. Here is a selection of our favourites that have not appeared elsewhere in our blog.... read more
Nature’s artwork – A leaf in the wind
Natural landscaping
A random burst of colour

Oceania » Australia July 14th 2021

Being Wednesday, it was Egg and Bacon breakfast day. If you know Greg, you will understand. We didn’t see T in the morning as he had already left for work but Z was busy in the kitchen preparing the ‘right’ Wednesday breakfast as her departure gift to us. It was most enjoyable. We had been woken several times in the night to the sound of rain on the roof, so it was not surprising that the morning was a little soggy. There had been a heavy fog, but we only saw the last hint of it. We stopped for lunch in Port Augusta before heading off towards Whyalla, where we were to spend 2 nights catching up with our dear friends Sheila and Brian. Surprisingly we had foreshore sites adjacent to each other even though neither ... read more
Lunch at Whisk Away,  with Sheila and Brian
The growing windscreen crack.
Departing Roxby with just a hint of fog.

Oceania » Australia July 10th 2021

We continued to head south towards Pimba, after which we would leave the Stuart Highway and head past Woomera and then get to Roxby Downs. Before leaving the main highway, we stopped in at Lake Hart … for a coffee break – like many others. The Ghan train skirts this beautiful spot on its way north or south so we crossed the line and walked down to the water’s edge to inspect the ruins of what appeared to be a salt mining operation long gone. Arriving in Roxby Downs we parked and abandoned our caravan in the Roxby Downs Caravan Park and headed over to T and Z’s place …. with that brisket. It was so good to finally hand it over and not to have to worry about how we were going to keep it ... read more
Two of those we came to see.
Remnants of salt harvesting at Lake Hart
Spectacular. Sturt Desert Peas growing in their natural habitat.

Oceania » Australia July 9th 2021

Travelling in the caravan is a great lifestyle. You meet wonderful people, you see wonderful places, many off the beaten track. You experience weather. All kinds of weather. You have to be tough have a sense of humour, be resilient and great problem solvers. It seems you also need to have a bottomless bucket of money. Things go wrong! We have been very lucky in so far as we have been able to manage all of our issues with relative ease. Some are not so lucky. We have heard plenty of those stories. Leaving Coober Pedy, we joined the Stuart Highway travelling south. A large road train loaded with hay passed us going in the opposite direction. Next minute we heard a ‘ping’ sound and then noticed a small chip low down on the windscreen. It ... read more
Us at one end ….

Oceania » Australia July 7th 2021

Besides sourcing new Engel fridge cables at the Shell service station, a plastic container large enough to hold ice to keep our caravan fridge cool and random and planned bumps into S and G, we found time to play tourist while in Coober Pedy. We loved the underground venues with their stunning feature walls and unique layouts especially the coffee shop and galley and the Anglican church. We spent several very entertaining yet informative hours at Tom’s Working Opal mine. We ventured in to find tour was about to start. It was at $28 per person it was extremely good value. Tom was a real character, a bit of a comedian, entertainer and skilled presenter. The participants ranged from young children through to older adults, He kept us all entertained with activities and challenges for every ... read more
On tour inside the working opal mine
So Australian!
What to snap next?

Oceania » Australia July 3rd 2021

The previous night we were horrified to find the 12v cable connecting the Engel car fridge to the thumper battery in our car had broken so our fridge which we had set as a freezer and was full of frozen meat …. Including a 3 ½ kg brisket for our son, was no longer working. Thankfully the caravan fridge was working ok, so we transferred all the frozen meat into that fridge. That damned brisket was on the verge of being too big. With the door shelves removed, we managed to just squeeze it in. Phew! A bucket under the water tank caught most of the precious water trying to escape. What we couldn’t use immediately we fed back into the tanks. With an unreliable caravan fridge, an Engel car fridge not working, a considerable amount ... read more
If you’re going to do something, make a good job of it.
Imagine using this for fire fighting.
William Creek Hotel.

Oceania » Australia July 2nd 2021

The first part of the day would have us travelling on the last section of bitumen for a while as it changes to gravel at Maree. Marree was out of diesel so there went the plan to keep the tank topped up. Not a problem, we had plenty to keep us going. Before leaving town, we reduced our tyre pressures in preparation for gravel. The road wasn’t too bad and the countryside had its own outback beauty. We stopped several times for a closer look, to take photos, and a mid-morning coffee. We stopped at a sculpture park in the middle of nowhere full of rather bizarre sculptures. We were amused to see large numbers of finches going in and out of holes in the aeroplane. sculpture. A most convenient nesting site. It was here that ... read more
Just checking out the scenery
Warning at the entrance to the Sculpture Park
Twin planes

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Farina July 1st 2021

Next stop, Farina to check out the ruins. We heard about this place just a few days before we left on our trip. The volunteer restoration programme and the Underground Bakery captured our imagination so we opted for a couple of nights here instead of going on to Maree. The volunteer restoration project runs for 10 weeks from May through to July. Anyone can volunteer, skilled or no specific skills. Teams of volunteers work on the designated project for the year. There are teams involved in cleaning, stone masonry, all aspects of the bakery through to garbage and campground fees collection. Many of the volunteers are grey nomads, some returning almost every season. People come from all over Australia to volunteer. Buildings are being restored just to a height where visitors can wander through and imagine ... read more
Bakery queue
Inside the bakery after CoVid check in.
The underground baker’s oven

Oceania » Australia June 30th 2021

Wednesday evening the Burra Caravan Park was bursting at the seams. By 10am the following morning it was pretty much empty. Caravans passing in the night. Some on their way south after weeks holidaying in SA … many Victoria and others like us, just beginning the adventure north. It was a beautiful morning. A little sun, a little fog, a bit of a chill and a lot of waiting, waiting, waiting. It’s good to know the economy is being stimulated and our taxes are being put to good use. Good thing we weren’t in a hurry. Thirty kilometres of road works near Mount Brian had us travelling at 25kp/h for much of the time alternating traffic on one lane. A pilot vehicle guided the moving traffic so there was no chance to crib. At least we ... read more
Road works.
Waiting. Waiting. Waiting
Following the Leader

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