One of our philosophies of life is that every cloud has a silver lining. Sometimes you may need to look a little. So when circumstances changed we decided to take the opportunity to try one of those things we had often dreamt of doing.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria May 31st 2019

It is not long now until we are home. With a lunchtime booking on Thursday at one of our favourites … the restaurant at the Trentham Estate Winery, Trentham Cliffs, and the forecast for ugly, windy weather, we opted to keep moving in short steps rather than long days in poor conditions. So, one-night stops at Deniliquin, Swanhill, Trentham Cliffs and Renmark before our final destination, the Barossa. This has been a particularly chilly leg of our journey. Trying to head out of Rutherglen over the bridge at Colac we were shattered to find the bridge was closed due to repairs. No detour directions as to the nearest river crossing, so a quick consult with Camps Australia Wide and Google we headed to Deniliquin. Deniliquin Our arrival in Deniliquin was heralded by a phenomenal greeting of ... read more
The corellas are coming
And closer

Oceania » Australia » Victoria May 27th 2019

If there is one place in Victoria that seems to attract us like a magnet it is Rutherglen. Can’t imagine why … it’s freezing this time of year. Even colder than Canberra and that was pretty cold. There are always surprises to be found when travelling. Needing fuel, we detoured into Holbrook just off the Hume Highway. In the middle of town was a real submarine. Yes, you read right … a real submarine. Well the top half of one at least. It’s interesting to see the ingenious ends towns will go to, to stop their town from dying. Finding an historic person of some significance with the same name as the town, this creative community used this tenuous link to build a tourist attraction around it. Clever. Holbrook was the name of the Captain of ... read more
See ladder. Must climb
Wow that’s big!
Hey … where’s the water?

Canberra – 3 days of culture, democracy, history, education, orientation, law and order, currency, nature and indulgence. Orientation – Finding a location of significance was easy. Many could either be seen or had signage directing you to them from almost anywhere in the city. Good for tourism. However, if you needed groceries or fuel this was another matter. Culture - The National Art Gallery – Not only was the Building housing the National Gallery of Australia awesome it was great to see some artistic icons such as Blue Poles and some more contemporary pieces such as Pumpkins and Black dots. Democracy - Parliament House – The last time we visited Canberra New Parliament House was still under construction. A truly magnificent piece of architecture with so much thought and planning, giving significance to almost every aspect ... read more
A small peep hole into the cube revealed more mirror tricks
Greg and Blue Poles
A garden of digeridoos

Today we left behind the east coast heading inland to Canberra. This was a day of massive contrasts. No longer beautiful ocean or fresh waterways to drive over or beside. Again our TomTom decided there was no need to head to the main roads, why not the scenic route. Hence, we found ourselves on a couple of very steep, windy back roads before finding our way back to a much more sensible route. This did however take us past a number of dry-stone walls for which this area is famous. Ho hum. Been there seen these before. It also somewhat prepared us for the eventual step climb over the mountain range. Seeing the looming mountains in the distance is a little daunting … actually a lot daunting. Towing a caravan in these situations is not a ... read more
Dry stone wall
We depart the coast
That’s where we’re going?

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales May 22nd 2019

It was not hard to tell that we were getting closer to Sydney the more north we travelled. Leaving Bateman’s Bay we crossed the river and immediately came upon kilometre after kilometre of major road works. Massive earth works in preparation for dual carriage ways in both directions, plus preparation for the construction of bridges all pointed to a major upgrade of the Princess Highway. From the end of the roadworks we had dual carriage all the way to Kiama. Easy driving. We stopped for coffee and a visit to an ATM in Uladulla. To live here you obviously have to be very fit. The main shopping street is near a kilometre long and very steep from one end to the other. By the time we had walked it we felt we had earned our coffee ... read more
The fissure where the water blasts up
The water surging in
Looking down into the hole

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales May 21st 2019

Still heading north along the coast, our next destination is Bateman’s Bay. Two events prompted some serious braking. Firstly, a sign advertising farm fresh oysters had the brakes biting hard. Thankfully there was a zone we could safely pull off. Greg returned with a big grin and a dozen oysters. Yum! Secondly, a mob of stupid kangaroos decided they needed to cross the road, just where the foliage on either side of the road was quite thick so there was little warning. Silly animals … you nearly didn’t make it and goodness only knows what might have happened to us. Our TomTom loves to take us on some very strange roads. Usually the scenic routes which are steep and winding. Luckily, we spotted this early enough so returned to a more major route. There are so ... read more
So good!
Local oyster leases

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales May 19th 2019

Today we leave the coast of Victoria and head into New South Wales. The road quality has a subtle difference and the signs are different but still we travel along mountainous roads lined by National Parks of dense forest. The trees are now spotted gums and there are many more tree ferns. The constant tinkle of Bell birds is the predominate bird sound. ‘Watch out for wombat’ signs still appear frequently, though evidence of them is insignificant. Back in Victoria it was not uncommon to see them basking in the sun legs heavenward looking more chubby than normal. The signs in Victoria are a dark silhouette while here in NSW it is just an outline of their shape. Is that a message in itself? A daring black cat taking a risk, raced across the road. We ... read more
Perfect locally caught calamari
Mussels from the leases seen from our table
Bye Bye Victoria. Hello New South Wales

Oceania » Australia » Victoria May 19th 2019

Lakes Entrance is hardly a tough place to do double time. It’s beautiful, there is plenty to do and see and the weather perfect. The fridge saga continued with the flashing and clicking when we plugged it into power. No matter what we did we could not get it to calm. Being less than halfway through our trip we decided to seek help. After a few phone calls Greg located Wizard Appliances in Bairnsdale back 35km the way we had just come. It was late in the day so we arranged to take the van there first thing in the morning. In the meantime, we had to work out what to do with our freezer full of meat and fridge full of supplies. The car fridge was turned into a freezer which we could run on ... read more
Checking out Port Albert before we leave the area
Sign on the closed Fish and Chip Shop
Another view of Port Albert

Oceania » Australia » Victoria May 17th 2019

As we travel, we ask the locals or other travellers about the “must see”places. Mallacoota has received high praise and having seen it featured on the ABC Back Roads travel program we felt this is a place not to be missed. And we were not disappointed. Our day started early, getting to Wizard Appliances in Bairnsdale by 8.30am for our fridge repairs. Brad was ready and rearing so we were in and out within an hour. All seems to be working ok now. Brad was off to a funeral in Salisbury, SA this weekend. He had no idea where he was heading. Greg was careful not to tell him it was not the best end of town. We took the Alpine Highway which was more direct to Mallacoota than going back to Lakes Entrance. As the ... read more
Disused road bridge … now only a foot bridge at Genoa.
Is this a Bell Bird?
Beautiful Autumn colours

Oceania » Australia May 12th 2019

This was to be an unusual Mother’s Day. Firstly, because Joan would usually spend it either with a mother or a son. Both were many kilometres away. Secondly, because it was punctuated by some quirky, comical and anxious moments. All of course with the best of intentions in mind We rose early as we needed to be at the Queenscliff Ferry Terminal by 8.15am. We were using the ferry as a way of avoiding Melbourne and sticking to our plan of travelling as much as possible along the coast. Boarding the ferry was easy, peasy. Drive on one end, cross the bay and drive off the other end. Nothing complicated. We enjoyed coffee and a Danish in the lounge as we crossed and were entertained by a pod of dolphins surfing the bow wave. Once off ... read more
Waiting at the terminal
Arriving at the very terminal
In good company

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