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Oceania May 11th 2019

Today we travelled from Apollo Bay to the end of The Great Ocean Road. In contrast to the stunning naturally sculptured land forms of magnificent size and uniqueness at the other end, this part of the road hugged the coastline on one side with sheer cliffs on the other. It was stunningly beautiful in a totally different way to the other end of the road. The road was narrow and winding with few places for drivers travelling east to safely pull off to take advantage of the turnout points, so taking photos was a challenge. Greg had to concentrate on driving so it was difficult for him at times to take in the awesomeness of this drive. It seems the tourist buses don’t drive this end of the road for which we were very grateful but ... read more
The journey begins.
Regeneration after the bushfire
Always road works

Oceania » Australia May 10th 2019

After driving inland along a narrow winding mountain road lined with tall dense natural and planted forests we arrived in sunny, friendly Apollo Bay. The monster slept. Apollo Bay is a lovely seaside holiday and tourist spot. There were a multitude of dining spots … doing it a little tough now that it is off peak tourist season. One end of the main street had predominantly Asian restaurants and of them most were Chinese. Mid street there were more typical Australian offerings such as burgers, pizzas and pub food, then on the other end there were a couple of Indian Restaurants. All had dine-in and take away options. On the first day we dined in a Chinese Restaurant. As soon as we walked in the door we were pointed to the fish and chip take away ... read more
Up high in the mountains
Such a different landscape to previous days.
Always some roadworks

Oceania » Australia » Victoria May 8th 2019

As our plans to meet up with a friend from Hamilton in Warnambool did not pan out, we decided to abandon our 2 day stop over there and instead stay in Port Campbell. This proved a good move. This is obviously forest and dairy country as this is largely all we saw for the entire drive, with the exception of some stunning coastline in the areas we drove close to it and some majestic old historical buildings in Portland and Warnambool. We braved a Woolies carpark in Warnambool stopping for a few supplies such as fresh coriander, ground cumin, milk, onions, garlic and fennel. You know … the things you just can’t do without. Negotiating the carpark was a little tricky with a caravan, but fortunately it was mid-morning and the place wasn’t too busy. Parking ... read more
Just a reminder. Just in case.
Craggs Rocks just out of Warnambool
What are you looking at?

Oceania » Australia » Victoria May 6th 2019

We had always wondered whether carrying the kayak would be an indulgence or whether we would actually get to use it. Fortunately, today turned out to have perfect conditions, so up the river we went, leaving from the boat ramp just below the caravan park as far as Supply Bag Island. An explorer once left supplies on the island so that when he returned, he would have food. He thought they would be safe on this small limestone out crop, but apparently not as they had been raided by the locals leaving him empty handed when he returned. It was still easier to drive the kayak round than to carry it down the hill. There was no wind so the water was flat and the reflections stunning. Near the town the river edge has many European ... read more
Sunday omelet. But wait … it’s Monday!
Greg all set for a big paddle. Such perfect conditions.
Come on. Let’s go.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria May 6th 2019

After a couple of days delay due to inclement wind conditions, we finally departed for one of our ‘must do’ caravan trips. This was to travel the Great Ocean Road, continuing on around the east coast of Victoria to just below Sydney. Leaving the Barossa looking fresh after a much-needed rain, we travelled across the flats towards Murray Bridge via Sedan and Cambrai. The countryside, parched and bare. A few hopeful farmers taking a gamble by dry seeding. We enjoyed a mid-morning coffee in a parking bay just east of Tailem Bend where a happy blue wren danced around our vehicle. Later we stopped for a bowl of hearty home-made soup at a scenic spot overlooking the Coorong. So much for our itinerary. We had already passed Meningie, our first planned overnight stop, instead opting to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mildura October 23rd 2015

Trentham Cliffs is a little place near Mildura on the NSW side of the Murray River. This has become a favourite place for us to stop as there is a caravan park within walking distance of the Trentham winery and restaurant. The food here is divine and with our love of food we just have to visit. On the afternoon of our arrival we decided to go bush walking in the King’s Billabong national park. After all those hours driving we wanted to stretch our legs. The quaintly named Duck Foot Lagoon walk is 6.6km round trip so that was perfect. The wind made King’s Billabong too rough for birds but the smaller sheltered waterways were active. Duck’s Foot Lagoon must be one of the nicest wet-lands we have ever seen. The photos tell the story ... read more
One of the stunning wetlands in King’s Billabong national park.
This is what we love
Gazing out of a bird hide at King’s Billabong

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Hay October 21st 2015

Somehow or other whenever we cross the Hay Plains it seems to rain and this time was no different. We had planned to free camp by the Murrumbidgee River but rain and black soil river flood plains are not a good mix so we decided to take the northern route instead and stay in Hay. The northern route near Griffith turned out to be a much more interesting drive than the southerly route via XXXXXX. Instead of flat plains the road wound through low hills and bushland. In the middle of nowhere a little dog crossed the road in front of us. It looked very out of place and the ute following must have felt the same as it slowed down and stopped. We assumed that the driver decided to pick up the dog; maybe he ... read more
There always seems to be road works somewhere on the Hay plain. Nothing much in sight but there was certainly work being done.
We managed to find a nice spot to stop for morning coffee
Heavy rain added a new challenge

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Parkes October 20th 2015

From Tamworth we drove to Dubbo and then on to West Wyalong, but on the way we stopped off near Parks to visit the Parks Radio Telescope. We had driven past on a few other occasions and seen the big dish in the distance but this time we decided that an actual visit was called for. We really had no expectations of what to expect; would we stop by a high security fence for a photo or would there be more? The sign said ‘visitor centre’ so that sounded promising. We left the caravan in a huge car-park and entered the landscaped grounds. Immediately we were diverted to educational science displays in the gardens. Of particular interest were two parabolic dishes located about 200 metres apart. The sign said they were whispering dishes so Joan trotted ... read more
Being a science fan Greg had to be in a photo with the telescope
Most farmers would be green with envy over these crops
This is the first parabolic dish that you faced and talked into.

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Tamworth October 17th 2015

Another day of driving through hills and lush grazing country as we descend from the New England highlands sees each day getting easier, a little flatter and a little dryer. The drive did feature an interesting collection of arrester beds on the longer downhill slopes. One had its own lane for almost a kilometre but others left the road at a sharp angle and became almost vertical. You would have to be really desperate to take those. In Tamworth, the country music capital of Australia, it is pretty much obligatory to visit the country music hall of fame. The sign said it was open until 4pm, but when we entered at 2:30 we were told it was closing and we would have to come back tomorrow. We looked puzzled and asked why it was closing so ... read more
We look out over Tamworth
The country music hall of fame
Slim Dusty’s guitar from a charity concert

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Glen Innes October 16th 2015

Leaving the coast we headed inland to Lismore. Sooner or later we had to cross the Great Dividing Range and we knew it would be challenging. The road to Lismore was narrow, winding and quite steep at times as we passed through incredibly lush country. You can see why the Hippies chose nearby Nimbin as their nirvana. When we arrived at the caravan park of our choice (with no booking) we discovered that caravan sites were closed for renovations. The friendly owner directed us to another caravan park nearby and soon we were settled in. Lismore is a big country town with an obvious Hippie and associated low socio-economic population. A significant part of our caravan park looked a bit like a slum and big steel bars on windows hinted that security might be an issue, ... read more
I’m sure I can straighten this stone
Where was Friday lunch? Glen Innes!
Why do tunnels always seem to be undergoing maintenance?

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