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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Gunbower May 21st 2015

The morning we leave Swan Hill for Cohuna begins with bacon and eggs while we listen to our slightly rowdy neighbours, a flock of corellas feeding just outside the caravan. Cohuna is a town that we have driven through many times on our way to the Australian snowfields but we have never stopped for longer than a petrol fill. So this trip we decide to stay and have a look around for a couple of days, just to see what is here. The Gunbower Island caravan park sounded promising and we are delighted with our site facing the wetlands of Gunbower Creek. Looking at the black swans and pelicans gliding past we wish that we had packed the kayak. We have a waterbird paradise right outside our door. After setting up we decide to walk into ... read more
Not hard to tell that we are in the middle of Dairy country
For a lot of its length Gunbower Creek runs through Red Gum forest.
Cooking bacon and eggs in the caravan

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Swan Hill May 19th 2015

In the middle of the night a few bright flashes of lightning accompanied by some loud claps of thunder heralded the arrival of rain. It was so nice to be snuggled up in bed listening to the gentle pitter-patter of rain on the caravan roof. By morning the rain had largely stopped and an early excursion to the amenities block was exactly that, as one needed to negotiate your way around the large puddles so as to keep your feet dry. A spout of water pouring from the over-flowing tank provided another obstacle. We left Murrayville Caravan Park knowing the $9.90 fee had been excellent value for money. As we proceeded along the Mallee Highway we noticed almost every town offered a similar deal. Some charged extra for showers, but even this gave good value. This ... read more
The Mildura council mobile library truck was set up in Underbool.
Some of the ploughed fields were nothing more than sand dunes.
If I step out of the 4wd where do I put my feet?

Oceania » Australia » Victoria May 18th 2015

The sun shone brightly through the trees at Kaloola when we first arose this morning. However a big bank of cloud moving in from the west soon dulled the sun and it was clear we should get on our way sooner rather than later. Having hooked up the van and set everything up the night before made for an easy get away. Our first stop is always a service station to check the tyre pressures. This done we headed through Angaston and out the road towards Keynton, passing the turnoff we take to Rock Water Springs, one of our other favourite haunts. The countryside is a patchwork of green and freshly planted crops. It’s lovely to see at this time of the year. The route we took was easy driving bringing us into the back end ... read more
Early morning in the Barossa with a bank of cloud building up.
Greg says goodbye to Mum at the gateway of her driveway.
Greg says goodbye to Mum at the gateway of her driveway.

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Murray Bridge March 25th 2015

We are on our return. Just one night at Murray Bridge and we’re home. Another great trip done and dusted!... read more
Sunset lighting
A family of ducks enjoying the plank. Some hopped off graciously whilst others crash landed into the water.
Paddling around. Is that really only one family?

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coonawarra March 23rd 2015

In our third day in the district we finally got to go wine tasting in the Coonawarra. After enjoying a Riesling from Patrick at the caves café we definitely put them on our list. As it turned out that kind of set the trend for the day as for no reason we focused on P’s. First it was Penley in the morning while heading south, then lunch in Penola. On the return it we visited Parker and finally Patrick. All of the wines that we tried were very good, but as expected it was the Cabernet Sauvignons that really stood out. Fruit characteristics were predominant generally and oak was used with a sensitive touch. All in all we were very impressed. An interesting touch was the Apple Cider at Patrick. This was a winemaker’s cider; more ... read more
This lovely winding road was a good sobriety test
The gates to Penley Estate
Another yummy burger – the diet can wait for another day

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Naracoorte March 22nd 2015

Greg loves caves and in our travels if there is a cave nearby Greg will be itching for a visit. Naracoorte is famous for its World Heritage listed caves and in particular for the fossil beds that have been discovered there, so they were a must do item on our itinerary. A relatively early start meant that we were at the caves in time for the first tour of the day. Three caves had guided tours, with the tours times arranged so that you could go from one cave tour to the next. Booking all three gave us free access to another self-guided cave and the fossil museum. Alexandra cave was first and we joined another couple for the tour. With such a small group, and with the other couple being so quiet, we virtually had ... read more
The giant wombat was our equivalent of a woolly mammoth
Long delicate straws hanging from the ceiling
One end of the famous fossil bed

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Lucindale March 21st 2015

During our travels we heard about the Lucindale field day and realised that we would be able to fit it into our travels. Neither of us had ever visited a field day so we were keen to go. We left the caravan in Naracoorte and drove to Lucindale. As we got closer there was no confusion about where to go as all we had to do was follow the traffic. The closer we got the more vehicles we saw. The local Lions club was very prepared with two lanes marked out for cars entering the parking paddock. We were ushered to a place to park and prepared for the final walk to the entrance. Luckily we remembered to count the number of rows of parked vehicles as we walked. We had expected the field day to ... read more
This bike can handle the mud
Country fashion at its best
Where is our 4WD?

Oceania » Australia » South Australia March 20th 2015

We had become concerned for a friend after a phone call. A road side stop for morning coffee on the way to Beachport saw us looking at maps and considering alternative options for the next few days. A supportive visit to Hamilton in Victoria was feasible and the decision to change our plans was quickly made. A few phone calls later and everything was arranged - we were off to Hamilton. So instead of Beachport we travelled to Mount Gambier for an overnight stay. On the drive to the caravan park we were surprised to see that we were driving right past the famous Blue Lake, our destination was only a short distance away. This made it easy to fit in some site seeing. In the morning our drive saw us passing through lots of pine ... read more
On the drive to Mount Gambier the avenues of trees sheltered us from the wind
This crane offered the second of two overtaking opportunities for the morning
The sinkhole in central Mount Gambier

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Robe March 15th 2015

After Kingston we found Robe to be quite a contrast. While Kingston felt like a quiet country sea side town, Robe was full of up-market holiday houses, beautifully renovated historic buildings and people with money to spend. It certainly helps that Robe has a number of lakes in the town as well as a beautiful bay; so many houses have water views. A walk down the main street showed many eating options, shops selling high class beach and holiday wear, and shops selling objects to make a holiday house that bit extra special. The town features many old lime stone buildings and a high proportion of these seem to have been very well renovated. But these were not just the standard old houses and pubs; there were stunning shops with quirky courtyards and commercial buildings from ... read more
A walking/bike track runs right alone the Robe foreshore
Rugged West beach with a promise of surf casting in the distance
Fishing boats in the marina

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Kingston March 14th 2015

Situated at the end of the long beach that runs all the way North to the Murray mouth, Kingston is yet another tranquil seaside town. The Caravan Park overlooks the beach although a long, wide partially manicured parkland separated us from the water. A strong cool breeze blew in from the sea both afternoons but seemed to moderate by evening. Those caravan awnings that were extended got a good work out. We opted for a park with a sea view, being surprised that many vans were parked with their back to the view. We suspect the occupants were more concerned about protection than the view. Not us. We just roll back our awning if it flaps too much. It was Friday so naturally we needed to find a lunch venue. With a lovely outlook and interesting ... read more
We maintain our Friday lunch tradition with local shark and chips in the pub.
Kingston has a classic long jetty
Ever hopeful Greg checks out the legal fish sizes, or was that bag limits.

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