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10th May 2019

Necessary signs
Some of us needed those drive on the left reminder signs ... Made us smile and we never did venture onto the wrong side of the rode. Great pics ... Great memories for us as we took the same trip last time we were home.
10th October 2015

those chooks have the life of Riley. Love the photo with the turkey. Marion must have fun with them all.
5th October 2015

A koala? Blow me down. There must be enough gum tree woodlands around for these fuzzy gum munchers. Thanks for showing us Tristans and Zoe's world. The apartment looks lovely. Yummy cake too!
From Blog: Dysart
3rd October 2015

That is a good looking burger pubs rarely disappoint. Xoxo
28th September 2015

Grape Vine In Emerald
Trentham Cliffs and Emerald. You never know the Grape Vine can adjust to climate!! Hah Even I had the impression until now that Tasmania was the only ideal place for Grape Vine, but it seems that we need to change our perception.
29th September 2015

Grape vines in Emerald
We thought that the best area for grapes is the Barossa Valley, but then that is our home region, so we are a bit biased.
28th September 2015

lucky you
Hey - can't help but be a smudge envious - cannot wait for the day we can spontaneously pick up and hit the road. Enjoy the kids - top of our list - hanging with our adult children ( and their babies)
29th September 2015

Visiting the kids,
Every time we visit Tristan and Zoe they are in a different location. Think the will be here a while now. Nice place but very quiet town.
28th September 2015

love your blog
great commentary feel like I've been there with you, sounds like a great trip so far looking forward to seeing you next week
26th September 2015

Really is the channel country - all those small rivers. Wonderful to see this. Nothing beats finally finding a good safe camp tucked away as the day ends. And wonderful reversing there Greg!
28th September 2015

Channel country
Yes that area really is the channel country. We have marked it down as a place to visit in the future and with more time. You would have to pick the right time of the year as they can all be in flood.
24th September 2015

Stone the crows
You dont have much luck with your stone throwing protector clips, maybe you just need to use duct tape, it works for pretty much everything else. It's nice to see you on the road again and at a stunning time of the year for the outback. Stay safe ...... And awake 😎
22nd September 2015

Knot lingo?
Does the wire knot have a name? Twirly Bend or something like that? There is a barb wire museum at the Spalding pub ..
21st September 2015

Passing like the wind
Wow, 2 overtaking on the first day! Very impressed.
From Blog: The trek begins
30th May 2015

Where is Saturday lunch?
Melbourne with our baby.
1st June 2015

Where is Saturday Lunch?
In a five star location no doubt. Hope you had a lovely time.
29th May 2015

Travel plan
I do believe that your travel plans are based on how fun it is to say the name of the town !!!!!!!
1st June 2015

Travel Plan
How did you guess? The fun is really in listening to the uninitiated try to pronounce them. We didn't even get to mention Waygunyah, Wangaratta, Corowa, Shepparton, Maroopna, Buccleuch, Undera, Underbool, Wyuna, Nyah and Tooleybuc.
18th May 2015

quite town
One could come to the conclusion that Murrayville is such a dull place that the only thing to do is knit or it's so dull because all they do is knit. But seeing as you're there, have you checked out all the old stomping ground sites? You know, local Lutheran church, the institute? Or was it a town hall across the border?
From Blog: Murrayville
19th May 2015

Mission festival
The doors to the town hall were looking a little old but no doubt the mission festival is just as good as when we were forced to attend. The pub across the road is pretty good.
From Blog: Murrayville
16th March 2015

A fantastic weekend with great friends bush-walking & fine dining. What more could one want!
17th March 2015

Had a great time and will have to do it again.
16th March 2015

Love your cockle recipe. Made me think of Goolwa. This looks like a beautiful spot. You certainly seem to have taken to the Blonde Nomad Lifestyle Joan. Beautiful photos.
17th March 2015

Blond nomad
Wind on the beach is no substitute for a hair dryer.

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