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Bob and Bette are getting that work life thing in balance and taking off for 2 or 3 months to explore our own backyard! Hope you enjoy travelling along with us. This trip will take us up the centre and across to the west, via Gibb River Road. We like to take the road least travelled so stay tuned you never know where we will end up.

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Broome September 8th 2013

Barn Hill Station is located 128km south of Broome, and is 9km off the Great Northern Highway. The camping area is on the cliff top overlooking the Indian Ocean. It seems a lot of people come here and prop for 2-3 months each year to escape the colder weather down south and it was pretty full when we joined the que to book in. The regulars even had vegies growing in pots!! They have a bowling green (although dad would say it needs a bit of work) they also bake bread and its really good even though it cost $6 a loaf, they also do a pretty good Vanilla slice. You can have a shower or sit on the loo and watch the stars at night, and don't worry about the gaps in the doors too ... read more
BH Red Clifs
BH White Cliffs
BH Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia September 4th 2013

Warroora Station – Ningaloo Reef. Currently camped right on the beach, could not get any closer and looking forward to a great sunset. Waroora is a working station and they allow bush camping along their 51kms of Nigaloo Reef pristine coastline. You need to be totally self sufficient with water etc and must have a chemical toilet (they do hire them $10/night). Turquoise blue water, white sand and the waves crashing on the distant reef. Get the picture! As I have been lax in keeping my blog up to date a brief rundown of where our travels have taken us so far. After The Gibb River Road we stopped off in Derby for a couple of days, mainly to get the ARB underbody stuff refitted to the Prado. Apparently “down south they don’t know how to ... read more
Waroora Morning
Derby Wharf Sunset
Cable Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberley August 22nd 2013

Well folks we are coming to the end of our Kimberley Adventure along the Gibb River Road and the last place on our itinerary was Bell Gorge. Bell Gorge is touted as one of the best, prettiest Gorges on the Gibb and I have to say it certainly lives up to that reputation. We camped at the Silent Grove camping area, which we were pleasantly surprised to find not as busy as expected. Good facilities and Ron and I even got a haircut from a travelling hairdresser while here. The drive to Bell is about 30 km along a pretty good dirt road, you pass the camping area on the way in and at the end you have about a 30 minute walk, which is pretty easy except for stepping around the river pebbles in places. ... read more
bell 5
Bell 10
Bell 1

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberley August 15th 2013

Charnley River Station – Wildlife Sanctuary From Manning we drove about 50 km down the Gibb River Rd, stopping off to look at Galvans Gorge, this small gorge is just off the road, another very pretty location with a lovely Boab right at the top of the falls and also some more Aboriginal rock art. We then took the turn off to Charnley River Station and drove another 42 km (this is one long driveway) and as you are driving through working cattle stations there were gates to open and close, you soon learnt not to get out of the car too quick but wait for your own dust to catch up and settle before getting out otherwise you would ended up wearing it, also remember which side of the gate your car is parked on ... read more
Galvans Gorge
Dillie Gorge
Amazing rock colours

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberleys August 15th 2013

It was not far from Mount Elizabeth station to Manning Gorge so it was an easy days drive. A stop at the roadhouse first to pay your entry fee to Manning Gorge, it is also well stocked so a great opportunity to stock up on some fresh produce. It is 7 km to the camping ground, the road in although unmade is very good. We found the camping area very good and much to our surprise not as busy as we had expected. The camp ground features a lot of big Boab trees and there was plenty of shade. You can be miles from home and the next thing you know you meet up with someone you know. Jenny and Pete who are friends of Rod and Jeanette’s set up camp not far from us. One ... read more
Manning River
Manning Gorge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia August 14th 2013

Well folks here I am back again and we are currently at Barn Hill Station south of Broome but more about that later as I still have to tell you all about the rest of the Gibb River Road and all the Gorges we visited and Broome and Cape Leveque. I have to admit keeping up with the Blog is not as easy as I thought it would be. Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the view and we have been playing a bit of Canasta at night with Ron and Erica. For those of you who know Ron I have to say there is another side to mild mannered Ron, (positively evil in a nice way of course) which comes out when playing cards. We have been on the road about 7 ... read more
Kimberley Rose
Warla Gorge
Warla Gorge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberley August 8th 2013

Kalumburu The trip out of the Mitchell Falls was as expected, long, bumpy and dusty. By the time we reached the main road to Kalumburu we had lost the other pair of shock absorber on the camper trailer, these joined the other parts in our wood box. We had lunch at the turn off and after a brief discussion it was decided that we would continue on as planned, I must admit I was having second thoughts about the next100 kms of more unmade roads. We arrived at Kalumburu late in the day, the road was good and bad but we had no more problems. As it was getting late we decided to camp in the Mission camp park as it had green grass, power if you wanted and a free washing machine (what more could ... read more
Honeymoon Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberley August 1st 2013

Today (well not really today as I am posting this about a week and a half since we were there)we were the first flight into the falls so we had the place to ourselves for a while. The flight only takes 6 minutes, they do a couple of turns over the falls so you can get some pics from above. You have to see it from above to appreciate the vastness of this area. We spent the best part of the morning taking in the sights and relaxing in the cool waters of the Mitchell River, and being entertained by the tour groups crossing the top of the falls. It took best part of an hour and a half for the walk back and it was very hot so cooling off at Mertens Falls was a ... read more
Mitchell Falls
Mitchell Falls
Mitchell Falls

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberley July 31st 2013

Drysdale River to Mitchell Plateau Things are really starting to get interesting. The grader has been working on the road but still very corrugated in places and the dust is awful. It is like red talcum powder and is managing to find its way into the camper, we have been blocking off any possible entry points with Gaffa tape and it still gets in. We had one of our doors pop open (even though it was locked) on the rough road. I was glad to arrive at Drysdale and have a hot shower and catch up on some washing. We have our first cool night here. Drysdale is the last stop for fuel, supplies etc. after here you need to be self sufficient until Kalumburu. Next day we are off early as we have another 100 ... read more
Drysdale Station
Drysdale River downstream
Drysdale River Crossing

Ellenbrae Station After leaving Home Valley it was back onto the Gibb with our next stop Drysdale River Homestead. However, we had been told to make sure we take a small detour to sample the scones with jam and cream on offer at Ellenbrea. After doing some miles on the dusty and bumpy road we started seeing the signs and could not resist. A small 5km detour took us to paradise. Yummy just like Nanna used to make. Ellebrea Station is quite unique. A lot of creative energy has gone into the buildings made from what looks like whatever was at hand. The outdoor bathroom is quirky to say the least. The gardens are a lovely green oasis in which to enjoy your scones while being entertained by the many finches enjoying the bird feeders. You ... read more
Ellenbrae Gardens
Ellenbrae Finches

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