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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Coober Pedy June 20th 2017

Geo: -29.0123, 134.755 With a short drive to Coober Pedy we arrived at the Oasis Caravan Park about 10.30. This is a nice park at the end of the main street well away from the main highway. Clean and quiet. Checking in we were told that someone was still on our site until midday so we had to wait. This delighted Jen & Nat as it would be the 1st time they had set up before us. With no coffee coming I decided to clean the van as it was filthy after our night free camping at Matheson's Bore. Finally, just after 12 pm we could set up the van and decided to visit the bakery for lunch. Just as well we didn't want a cake as they charged $5-6 for a donut/small slice of cake. ... read more
The Breakaways
The Breakaways
The Breakaways

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Kulgera June 18th 2017

Geo: -25.8384, 133.3 The further south we are heading, the colder it is getting. Oh well I guess it is winter. We seem to get up early and still can't leave before 8 am. We are off to Kulgera caravan park. We stayed there on the way up north so I guess its a reality check that we are on our way home. The days are still fairly nice but the nights are getting a bit chilly. As our car has been playing up again we are driving slower than Jen & Nat who have no trouble doing the speed limit. This does increase our time driving with not as much free time as our travel partners. Arriving at Kulgera and booking into the park we were greeted at the park entrance by Jen who was ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock June 16th 2017

Geo: -25.2848, 131.077 It was a short trip of 300+ km today and we arrived to the caravan park with a queue of many waiting to book in. We set up camp and had some lunch as most days we seem to miss this step while driving. Tonight we have booked a Field of Light tour. This is a field of 50,000 LED lights set out in front of Ularu. We were taken there on a huge bus and led to the top of a hill overlooking the field. While waiting for sunset we were fed canapes and drinks. I wanted the party pies and pasties but we got kangaroo, crocodile, prawns and beetroot nibbles. Should have had tea at 4 pm today!! Once the sun set the lights (solar powered) started to come on. WOW ... read more
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Geo: -23.7004, 133.881It seems ages since the last blog. We spent 3 lovely warm days in Mataranka, swimming in the thermal pools. The caravan park had certainly filled up since our last visit a few weeks ago. On Wednesday the 7th we were going to stay at the free camp Newcastle Waters but after seeing that it was on a hill covered in dolomite we decided to drive on to Renner Springs and stayed in the caravan park there. What a surprising place this was on the highway. It is still a working farm but caters to the travellers. Being lazy we decided to eat tea at the pub. Still can't get used to country meals. Friggin huge. We still have the cold wind and unfortunately it is a head wind. Not great for towing a ... read more
Renner Springs
Renner Springs working Windmill
Renner Springs

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory June 4th 2017

Geo: -14.1791, 132.19It took us a few hours to get from Daly River to Edith Falls. We were going to spend 2 nights at Butterfly Gorge but that was still closed from too much water and the crocs. Bloody pesky things seem to be stopping us from seeing a few sights. Anyway Edith Falls is a lovely spot with only 50ish sights available, all unpowered. Another hot day here. We haven't had anything under 30 during the day and not many under 25 at night. After setting up camp we headed off to the falls for a swim. Bloody hell I just about froze my you know whats off getting in.It was so cold but didn't take long to adjust. Jen chickened out and decided to hike to the upper falls.With our trusty noodles tucked under ... read more
Beer o'clock
Bridge over the pool

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Daly River May 30th 2017

Geo: -13.7654, 130.712We pulled into the roadside info stop for a quick look at what is around at Daly River about 11.30.Seeing only a few signs should have told us something but we were excited to be here and to set up camp. Not being used to the street signs here we got lost. Apparently all the caravan parks, attractions, farm stays or whatever else are listed in blue with km distance on a massive sign but no arrows. The street name is above this in green with an arrow. Well we should have turned right but kept going. No biggie as we came to the end of the road only a few kms away. Chucking a u turn and taking a left we finally made it to Banyan Farm Caravan Park. Nice place to stay ... read more
Daly River
Daly River
Daly River

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Batchelor May 29th 2017

Geo: -13.0505, 131.031Sunday we took a short 40 km drive to Berry Springs. This is a thermal pool for swimming and was opened on the Saturday after clearing out the crocs. Guess we were the guinea pigs!! After seeing crocs jump I just shut my eyes and took a leap into the water like a flying whale. Nat said "I saw a sign that says no swimming as you may get sick with gastro" Shit too bad my head went under and I was brushing the water out of my eyes. Gastro & Crocs.....yeah who's idea was it to swim here. DAVID!!!! Well we arrived in Batchelor on Monday 29th. No gastro in sight yet. Lots of burn off happening and the park was full of smoke. Set up camp, lovely spot and settled in for ... read more
Berry Springs
Berry Springs
Berry Springs

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin May 27th 2017

Geo: -12.4613, 130.842We made it to Darwin on 23rd May. Still hot here 33 - 36 every day. We booked into Howard Springs Caravan Park which is about 20 km out of Darwin but it's like being at Gawler with the freeways and 100 km speed limits it takes no time at all to get into the city (not sure you can call it a city). Darwin is a city of suburbs and most of these are small with their own major shopping centres Big W, K Mart and Target. No big stores here like Myers. Lots of local fires that just start and burn for awhile. No-one takes any notice of them at this time of year. Adelaide would have water bombers lined up. The fires just burn the low grass and then go out!!! ... read more
Fanny Bay
Darwin from Fanny Bay
Fanny Bay

Geo: -12.8334, 132.833Oh my G... Jen and I have had enough of the mozzies. We are both covered in bites even though we have all gone through cans and tubes of repellant. Lovely place but kill the mozzies please. Anyway here is part 2. Still stinking hot and humid here. Every day we go for a swim in the pool (hard life) after sightseeing in the morning. There are some spectacular sights after you have climbed the goat tracks to get there. I don't do stairs or goat tracks very well so I toddle around the bottom swatting mozzies and waiting for the 3 fitties to get back and share the pics. We went on a sunrise tour over yellow water billabong and it was stunning. Not many crocs out at this time but still worth ... read more
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View from boat ramp

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory May 15th 2017

Geo: -12.9194, 132.534Well we made it here about 1 pm on Monday May15th. So hot about 39c and very humid. The campsite looks great until the sun goes down. Then it's like mozzie city. Damn if those things don't hunt in packs. We thought we might play cards but after turning the light on and seeing the bugs.....NO WAY. This is the first year they have had a "Taste of Kakadu" here so Jen & I have tried basket weaving (a bracelet). We have eaten wallaby and some fish (not me) & Nat has had a go at throwing a spear. David spent a day and a half driving to Darwin. Bloody Mazda (more money). Coming home broke. Guess we gotta come back to work. A lot of Kakadu is still closed due to crocs but ... read more
Cards Anyone?
Warradjin Cultural Centre
My Basket Weaving

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