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Christine Bolvig

Young at heart and heading out to see parts of Australia we have dreamed about for years.....

Oceania » Australia January 8th 2017

As mentioned in the first blog the first 4 days involved sea time. We spent a lot of time reading, watching the water and the fascinating cloud formations. In addition to the Oasis we discovered a coffee shop/bar "The Dome" where we spent a lot of time reading. It became a favourite space and has the most comfortable couches for sleeping. Each evening we would wait with baited breath to see whether we would get a chocolate or an animal made out of towels in our room. We worked out fairly quickly they alternated, one day chocolate the next an animal. These animals are works of art, in fact towards the very end of the cruise we went to an event where the various Room Stewards came out with animals they had made and they were ... read more
02 Elephant
03 Monkey
04 Pig

Oceania » Australia January 7th 2017

I decided it was time to put together some words and photographs of my Christmas Cruise. For those of you who do not know, Graham died after a battle with cancer on the 1st September and I decided to cruise with my friend Mieke for Christmas. We both love to travel and neither of us had been on a cruise before. The first part of my journey was for my friend Sheryl to drive me to Adelaide and get me to the airport. We went a little early and I treated her to a Dim Sum lunch at "Star House" restuarant before heading to the airport. As usual the food was fantastic. Sheryl is so good to me, not only does she get me too and from the airport she feds the cat Fray (aka Princess ... read more
02 One of the tugs which fascinated us
03 out of focus Mieke as we headed out
04 Mieke is a better photographer than I

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalgoorlie September 14th 2014

Late one afternoon as the sun was going down we managed to get a photograph of the sun on gum trees, very pretty but the photo does not do it justice. Reluctantly we left Karalee to move on to Boulder. We had threats of rain for days and finally it came down in torrents on Sunday, right in the middle of the important football match. Thank heavens the satellite system readjusts and re-tunes unless the dish has been moved out of position otherwise GMan would have gotten very wet indeed. Highly recommend Karalee as a place to free camp. There was one night when 12 vans were parked but mostly it was about 5. The area is so big no one gets too close. By the time we left we were running on empty for food. ... read more
002 Superpit
003 Cassidy Shaft from Mt Charlotte
004 Super Pit workings from Mt Charlotte

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karalee Rocks September 1st 2014

We went into the town of Dallwallinu to check out the sights and discovered there were none. The attraction is all about the wildflowers in the area. It is a tidy pretty town with lovely landscaping. Chris was amazed that there are some of the most spectacular native wildflowers in the region and the main plantings down the middle of the street were petunias! We really liked the tractor on display in the main street park. There is an excellent craft shop with nothing but quality offerings, we purchased some homemade lemon lime cordial, some 4 fruit and ginger marmalade and another in the series of WA wildflower books. Talking of wildflowers it has taken the combined power of Chris and Alan Graham, multiple books and online databases to finally isolate the name of white line ... read more
002 Tractor Dallwallinu
003  Can Am Spyder
004 Sunrise Dallwallinu

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia August 22nd 2014

We didn't win lotto, sods, we cannot fulfill the dreams of other around us. Maybe next week. Left Geraldton and parked overnight in a free stay near the Moore River. Just before dusk a ute pulled in and a man came and asked if I wanted a cauliflower, broccoli and celery. Of course I accepted. He was from a market garden close by and anything which is not perfect is put into the back of his ute and he brings it down and gives it away to the campers. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, in fact it was far better than you can buy in most shops. There were 4 vans in when he came we all got stuff and another van arrived and there was enough for them as well. This is a ... read more
002 Charlie (L)  Sienna (R)
003 Siena Swimming lessons
004 Charlie Swimming lessons

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia August 10th 2014

In response to requests for a photo / information regarding my walking stick I don't need any gifts of hiker's sticks because I have already asked my friend Chris who does wood carving to make me one with a pussy cat on the top. I want one the height of our rough hewn one illustrated because when climbing up steep rocks paths they offer the best stability. This works very well for me it increases my confidence and means that we can continue to explore at this stage and hopefully for a long time. We discovered that the development of the tourist facilities at Gascoyne Junction cost $10.5 million. All from the Royalties for the Regions program. There are many aspects to this program including the $550 fuel card rural pensioners get each year. We read ... read more
002 Bilung Pool
003 No 9 Well
004 Emus Murchison

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia August 3rd 2014

We reluctantly left Millstream, it is such a pretty place, and backtracked to the Roebourne / Wittenoom road. Once we turned onto the R/W road it was obvious that this area had received some rain because of the odd puddle and the mud in the process of drying out. We dodged the majority of the puddles and mud and the healthy looking cows which littered the next 130 kms east but still managed to get a decent covering of red mud. There are still three families living in Wittenoom despite the town having been closed for years because of the asbestos contamination. Their choice. We visited last time and chose not to go in. Just before Wittenoom we turned south towards Tom Price down the Nanutarra to Munjina road. We had heard horror stories about this ... read more
002 Hamersley Gorge
003 Hamersley Gorge
004 Hamersley Gorge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Carnarvon July 26th 2014

First of all I must tell you about the Sherlock River. On our way into Karratha and Dampier we crossed over the Sherlock River bridge. There was water on both sides as far as the eye could see and masses of black swans swimming about. Of course we were moving too fast, there was nowhere to pull over and we had a prime mover with three trailers up our rear. Missed that photo opportunity. Also our friend Sheryl wanted us to steal the Red Dog statue for her partner Shane so he could have it in his lounge room. We decided it was a bit risky and would increase fuel consumption too much. First thing on Sunday morning in Karratha we headed off to Harvey Norman’s looking for a digital SLR camera, they were having a ... read more
002 Gaol Coccack
003 Hill on Pyramid Station
004 Mt Pyramid

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Karratha July 19th 2014

First of all, here he is. A photo of Red Dog the Pilbara wanderer. For overseas readers just google that and find out about the little red cattle dog. There is a great Aussie movie about him. He is now an icon in this country. We actually drove an extra 250 kms to get to take our photos because we promised our friend Feral Sheryl we would. She now wants us to go back to the statue and steal it and take it home to Brinkworth so her partner Shane can put it in the lounge! We mentioned in the last blog we were holed up in Newman. There really was no tourist stuff to do in Newman other than a tour of the iron ore mines. Been there, done that years ago. We both spent ... read more
001 Richard and Gill
001.1 Graham and Chris
002 Pilbara Iron Country

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Newman July 13th 2014

We're back! Travelled from Mt Magnet on Monday morning and got to Cue in a couple of hours. At first glance Cue looked like a prosperous little town but once we got out and walked around we discovered that the shops were empty and very neglected. Some buildings have been painted with murals by the school kids. The old government buildings are impressive and they look like they have been made from local rough stone rather than the quarried stone used in Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie. There is a small park dedicated to a veteran from WW1 who was from nearby Day Dawn and was posthumously awarded the VC. One store caught our eye, named by a handwritten poster “Hardly Normal” but it was closed with a post it sticker saying back soon. When we read through ... read more
002 School project
003 Club Hotel Cue
004 Well Named Store

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