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11th January 2017

How many kilos did you put on? The food sounds fabulous! Story and pics remind me of travelling to Aus by ship in 1968.
11th January 2017

I actually lost 400 gms. All that walking on deck 14.
10th May 2015
032 Mt Augustus

Mount Augustus: What a great picture
Could I be directed to whoever took this photograph- I would like to purchase a print. Thank you.
15th September 2014

De Bernales
De Bernales also built the Cottesloe Civic Centre building - it used to be his home. My grandad was the electrician who installed the big chandeliers imported from Venice - numbered pieces of crystal with assembly plans. The building was (of course) mucked around with when it became the Civic Centre, but the gardens remained intact for many years. I have no idea what it's like now.
14th September 2014

Great perspective
Glad to see someone going off the beaten path. Sounds like a great place. Thanks for sharing.
3rd September 2014
004 Sunrise Dallwallinu

The photo of Sunrise in Dallwallinu is spectacular. All the photos are outstanding but the Sunrise is my favourite this blog. You make the West Australian Outback look & sound very inviting. Well done.
3rd September 2014
004 Sunrise Dallwallinu

I like the mist hovering just above the ground
11th August 2014

Hello, your back again
Great looking stick, even has bends in it. Good Job GMan. Shoes look good too. The interior of St. Franks is still STRIPED. That Cathederal still haunts me. I was always under punishment because of it from them NUNS. They kept giving us ESSAYS on IT for homework. Not populat subject in my opinion, so I always presented a comical insight into its presence on the property. I thought I was writing pretty well & always deserved the big A. Never, only hostile criticism for suggestions eg renaming - St Franks, repainting the interior orange stripes & other unmentionable writings. Not a 100 lines for me but 1400 ???? Why 1400...... Where did Mother Michael dig that up from. Enjoy your New Norcia visit en route to Perth.
4th August 2014

What a walking Stick !!!
The mind boggles at the end product....the description of inventing it was worth the read. No damaged fingers for GMan the master of invention. Photo please.....visualisation needed. I bet I know what your B'day gifts will be this year, perhaps a competition for the best walking stick gift to you. Rob says matching one for GMan.
3rd August 2014

"Difficult" tracks
Out of your list of things you might be getting past doing: Birdsville Track, Strezlecki Track, Savannah Way: piece of cake. Nothing like as rough as the Oodnadatta, which you've done. Far West Queensland: no problem if it is dry. If wet, stay in camp, but they tend to close the black soil roads then anyway. Canning Stock Route: a graveyard for anything towed, no matter how tough you think it is. Not that I've done it, but people I know and whose opinions I trust have. One couple in a Cub who ended up sliding sideways down a sand ridge and damaging both the Cub and the vehicle. Fortunately they were in a group with experienced bush mechanics. Go with the tent and leave the van behind.
3rd August 2014

Great Blog
Have to read thru it again tomorrow. So much to take in. Thank you again. Can't believe you are encountering so many vans in the Parks. Talk later
3rd August 2014

Marvellous Pen Pictures
Thank you Chris and Graham for the marvellous pen pictures of the Pilbara, and the real photos too. Despite having lived in West Oz for the majority of my life I've never yet -- on 4 wheels -- been any more north than a few kilometres past the sign on the Meeka to Newman road which informs, "You've just passed the 26th parallel North of latitude."
26th July 2014
016.5 Butterfly

Last time we were there we were shocked at the bad state of everything there, especially the homestead precinct. Of the two campsites then, one was full of noisy generators and accompanying unsociable behaviour. Python Pool was its lovely self, surrounded by rubbish, including used disposable nappies, making mounds around the "Take your rubbish home" signs. Appalling. Glad from your account that it is better now. I remember fondly my original visit when it was still a homestead and you could get beer from a servers at the homestead. Very welcome in the heat!
26th July 2014
016.5 Butterfly

The place is spotless now Shirley, the campground is for generators, but the sites are well spaced out and these days the gen sets are quiet. The loos were a bit wiffy at the campsite but elsewhere in the park they were just fine, it was the week after school holidays! No rubbish anywhere and those places where you parked close to the waterways have been moved back and everything regenerated. Python pool lovely.
20th July 2014

HUH !!!
I have been looking for a companion for Chewie, but someone has beaten me to it. Hope they get on well or you could be in trouble. Spoke with John today. He wasn't too sure of the shop name we are trying to put the finger on for you. He did come up with Sheeds or Sheedy's, but no one is too certain. Enjoy the next week or so out of range. Hope the weather stays fine & you are able to give the new cameras a good workout. Cheers. Barbara
20th July 2014

Chewie's Friends
His new friends belong to Richard and Gill. How about a little girl strawberry or a real person a cat? Maybe when Fray dies we can have her stuffed to travel with us.....
19th July 2014

It got a lot colder than -4 here in Bathurst. There was actually snow in the village, a very rare thing. we missed the snow because we were in Sydney and coming home was slow because the roads were closed art several places in the Blue Mtns and beyond due to snow and ice. A leisurely brekkie in Glenbrook till the road opened at Katoomba; coffee in Blackheath until the road opened at Yetholme, then home through the snowy hills. I can send photos! it was never below 0 by the time we arrived but still pretty. You are currently in the country we travelled last year on the way to Derby. Very pleasant stuff. Last night we met a couple who lived for 2 years in Derby at the end of the last century (just thought i would get that phrase into this comment - not all that long ago really). Love Graham's shorts. Where are the sandals though?
17th July 2014

Shop Name
Bet you John & Marg Sullivan can give us the name of that shop at the north end of Hannan Street. Hello to Richard & Gill. Enjoy your catch up time with them.
15th July 2014

Not a Bad Little Town ....
Cue, by reputation -- or town promotion -- The Queen of the Murchison. Yes, the "Golden Grove Project" is / was the site of Scuddles Ag-Pb-Zn mine, which was well established by late 1991. Why is it now a "Project"?? Enjoy your travels.
14th July 2014
025 Western Boweer Bird

Western bower bird
I wonder what his colour preference was? It's a pity you weren't going to Geraldton because my sister is a native plant expert and could not only hop identify things, but could tell you what the Aboriginal people used them for, that being her area of expertise (apart from being an ace photographer)
9th July 2014

Try W.A.G.S
Chis, re Theodore Krakouer, according to Western Australian Genealogical Society Theodore Krakouer was born in Krackow , Poland; gives his convict history, ship arrived on, date of arrival, date of death (1877) etc.. Worth checking on if interested.
8th July 2014

Scuddles Mine
Yes, Chris, in the summer of 1991 / 1992 the Scuddles underground decline was put down at Golden Grove. The exploration was described as a "poly-metallic" prospect. We assayed for Ag-Pb-Zn plus Gold, Copper, and the hope of Platinum and Vanadium. Japanese buyers were in place for the Ag-Pb-Zn concentrates and Scuddles went into production approx late 1991. Why is it now the Golden Grove Project? Maybe base metal prices have fallen away, or after 20 years the Ag-Pb-Zn ore is no longer viable nor saleable. Project??? Maybe someone's trying to scare up a Platinum mine. The original Golden Grove was the Wayside Inn (ruins) on the north side of the road as you head for Payne's Find. Happy travelling.
7th July 2014

lake dunno
I think we saw that lake, but we thought it was called lake jenner-saykwa !
6th July 2014

Catch up at last
I'm back again. Beautiful Sunset pic. More deep red/black mix than usual orange/yellows. Spectacular pic also of 'Electric Blue Wren in the tree, so many to comment on. Very splendid looking Yalgoo Railway Station also, in fact Yalgoo looks one very well kept proud town to visit hmmmmm, wonder if Bovine Valve would venture round those parts with The Manhattan. Loved all the blogs including the runaway Parents of Dog Sam who is once again resident of local boarding kennels. I don't mind though, more blogs to enjoy from the other side of Oz. I'm so spoilt.
5th July 2014

Thesaurus in MS Word
mysterious and shadowy are another couple that the thesaurus in "Word" gave me :)

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