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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby April 3rd 2011

Another week bites the dust! Luckily we're about to enter week 10 as I have to admit I'm pretty tired and am looking forward to the end of term. Nothing much to report I'm afraid, there was a bye at netball and nothing else exciting happened. Life just rolled on by. This is why I was very glad to be invited on a 'Broome shopping trip' by some other teachers from the District high school. We set off early Saturday morning for a good old fashioned window shop. Lunch at Matso's was delighful and with a bit more civilisation in the afternoon we happily drove back to Derby feeling refreshed and content after our retail therapy session. Today, I'm meant to be in the garden but haven't quite got there yet. It's perfect conditions seeing that ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby March 20th 2011

A week doesn't pass me by without some kind of adventure here! This week we lost all our phones, internet and ATM and eftpos services. It would have been funny but you can't buy food without money and it our society of cards many of us struggled! Other facilities in town also shut down- for example on Wednesday night our netball game was canceled due to massive rains but no one knew as the phone lines were dow. We found out when we drve out there only to find the courts in darkness. I had a great night on Thursday as I went out for dinner with some girls- 2 nurses and 2 teachers from the district high school. We ate at a gallery/ restaurant called Jilla and the woodfired pizza was big enough for me ... read more
Inquiring character
Sunday sesh
Sunday out on the road

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby March 13th 2011

It's that time again. Sunday is almost over in fact so it's time for another update. This week was mercilessly short thanks to the Labour Day long weekend and my class (for whatever reason) were on their best behaviour. We had lots to keep us occupied in class this week, including making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday Mass, our Senior Swimming Carnival on Thursday and all of a sudden it was Friday! On the social calendar things were a little more quiet however. I failed to make it to the gym and although our Wednesday netball game played out with fierce competition, we lost by 1 goal. Friday was a big night out. The 'Spinnie' otherwise known as The Spinefex Pub was hosting a big going away afair and had a local band playing (complete ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby February 27th 2011

This week has been filled with err.... water. In every sense imaginable! Firstly, it has rained every day this week. Often accompanied by thunder and lightning. Although it is great for the gardens and the soon to be visited nearby water holes I am a bit over it. Of course the weather is always hot and sticky so I can't really complain. The second element of water in my life this week has to do with school. It just happens that our class theme this term is water. Our class performed the assembly item on Friday which was inspired by our topic. We put on a water song medley. We thought up lots of songs to do with water and basically just sang the bits to do with water! A great success albeit the first assembly ... read more
Front yard puddles
Rotto bound!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby February 20th 2011

This week has been more 'full on' than the others. Being in real school mode has meant that my students have begun to reveal their true colours. I still feel very lucky in this regard as I do have a wonderful class who are doing their very best to follow the new routines and ways of learning. This entire weekend has been spent doing my Bronze Medallion which I thankfully passed. This meant that none of the regular cleaning or school work has been done so that's frustrating. I also chose to skip the pub on Friday night as I wanted to be bright for our 8am start. Oh well, there's always next week for improving my social life. We did get to play out first game of mixed netball on Wednesday night. We have some ... read more
sink or swim?
get ready, get set
buckets of fun

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby February 13th 2011

Another week has flown by already. I stormed through Week 2 and managed to get some nice classroom routines in place- which I believe makes everyone involved feel better. Many of you know that I have adopted two new years resolutions for 2011. Number 1: not to accept plastic bags, especially at the supermarket (I really try at this but sometimes fail spectacularly) Number 2: engage with as many social invitations as possible. This is where I feel my success has been this week. I've got myself lined up for an afterschool activity every week day. I'm on my way to making lots of new friends. Another tick on the list is that I managed to get most of my programmes for school written this weekend. Feels good to get them printed. School free weekends will ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby February 6th 2011

Having surived my first school week I made sure there were a few drinks on offer when Friday afternoon rolled around. The week had gone smoothly but getting back into the habit of waking up to an alarm clock will certainly take a bit longer to get used to. My class is wonderful. There are 23 children on the roll but I had less than 20 all three days. Of course this weekend was spent rushing around trying to get as much school prep done so as to make this week slightly more structured. The only thing that really made things tricky was the lack of supplies available in the storeroom. If that is the worst of it then I consider myself very lucky. Friday afternoon signalled the end of our first working week. We celebrated ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby January 29th 2011

It's been one week exactly since I drove into town. I've set up house, spent some quality time 'networking' with other newbie teachers, experienced my first cyclone warning, celebrated Australia Day watching fireworks crack over Broome's mangroves and even managed to make some new friends along the way. I'm half way through setting up my classroom and although I expect next week to be challenging beyond belief, I feel comfortable in my new town and my new home. Here is my top ten list for this week: 1. Mango beer at Matso's brewry Broome (ginger beer was lovely too) 2. Grace Removals delivering all my stuff without breaking anything 3. Mangrove's (the pub) Australia Day fireworks show. Just like a mini foreshore- great atmosphere. 4. Balmy nights in Broome with old friends (thanks Mel and Paula) ... read more
I'm here! (well nearly)
Clean boy
Just down the road

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby August 7th 2010

Yeeehaaaa!!! We're in Derby for the rodeo!!! The last week and a bit has been really good fun seeing the West Kimberly from Broome north to One Arm Point and everything in between. So in Broome we did the usual tourist things! We spent most of our time at lovely Cable Beach and saw sunset with the camels. We were also lucky enough to see staircase to the moon which is spectacular. This occurs a few days each month when the tides are really low and there is a full moon. The reflection of the moon on the tidal flats looks like a "staircase to the moon". They have markets down at the viewing place of staircase to the moon so we took a squiz and indulged ourselves in some dodgy market stall food! Todd was ... read more
Sunset Cable Beach
Sunset Cable Beach
Prices Point Camp

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby July 5th 2010

15th to 18th June Derby Leaving the Dampier Peninsula via a shortcut we had been told about. Although we weren’t certain of the conditions having heard mixed reports we decided to give it a go. The turnoff was just south of The Beagle Bay turnoff, and after missing it the first time we turned back, this time with success. This shortcut turned out to be excellent and saved us a great deal of time and the road was actually better than the more major road going to Broome. There were places where it was just a 2 wheel track but the corrugations were no where near as bad. We believe the track saved us a couple of hours. The track went east then eventually turned south where is joined the main road to Derby with 110km ... read more
The track
Views from the plane

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