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kate louise youson

So that travel bug thing seems to not have worn off then! 35 now and been all over the shop, decided would rather be mincing round on a beach and up a mountain that up at 5 am tending to a screaming child So After our last big trip from Mexico to Panama we are back on the road again 3 years later and this time with a lighter rucksack (lessons have been learned!) . So it's back to Asia .....Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo and the Philappines for 4 month with a quick pit stop in Dubai to visit Jons sister, no ridged plans, we will get there when we get there and if we don't well hey ho. Gonna do a lot of diving a lot of hammocking and probably play a lot of games of nails no doubt, as always my blog will go on about what I ate And probably include a lot of pictures of stray dogs and kittens (as that's what Apparently all I take pictures of)

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket January 18th 2015

So it's been 3 years now and we are back on the road traveling again, first stop Phuket to meet the Henshaws for the last week of their honeymoon. After a crazy un-expected rubbish ending to 2014 it really was time for something good to happen they say things come in 3's but that really was an understatment! We arrived into Phuket a little later than expected and went straight to the pineapple guesthouse in Karon beach where Micheal and Jill were waiting. We sank a few beers with them and instead of going to bed to be up early for the next day's boat trip to James Bond island ended up in the Reggea bar drinking white Russians till the wee hours. Just so you know Boat trips, hangovers and jet lag are NOT a ... read more
James Bond Island
Paddling through the mangroves
Mikey predending to do something productive

Asia » India November 30th 2008

This place is like cleethorpes, I expected to see a donkey walking up and down the beach. We went to see Rambo 4 at the cinema , This was an experience! Everyone starts whistling and cheering and jumping up and down in their seats when the film really gets going, very amusing! Jade gained a little friend/stalker who; Brought us corn flakes and hot milk in the morning for breakfast Advised us on train tickets after yet again another traumatic time trying to but tickets at the station and Called every 5 minutes to see what she was doing. ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu May 10th 2008

I had expectations of kathmandu to be not very nice but actually i really loved it and wished id had more time here. Met up with vita,andy and marcus. obviously on the night before my flight we all got very drunk and had to spend the next day with a raging hangover packing my things and getting my 3 flightsto italy. I was delighted to arrive to deli airport 8 hours early and not be allowed in untill 3 hours before my flight. I resumed my position on a plastic seat wishing i could teliport my self to hanahs house. ... read more
nepal mask
buddist temple

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan April 16th 2008

Well what an experience!!! We took 2 guides and went walking through the Chitwan national park, the advice when we got off the canoe and into the scrub land was this..... "If a rhino charges at you run in a zig zag and try find a tree to hide behind" "If you see a tiger which is rare (but one killed 3 cows nearby the other day) don’t run, face the tiger and don’t look away" "If you see a bear there’s no point climbing a tree they can climb too stand back to back to each other" "Walk flat footed as there are many poisonous snakes and if one bites you then it can be a problem" ok ....so I’m basically walking through the jungle and scrub shitting myself that a tiger is going to ... read more
elephant safari in the chitwan national park
baby rhino

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna April 15th 2008

Oh god trekking again! So anyway since the snow capped mountains were miles away from Pokhara I talked jade into coming on a 4 day trek which is part of the Annapurna circuit to Poon hill. Now on the posters and postcards the views are stunning of the Annapurna range and the mountains are right in front of you. Our quest was to see the snow!!!! After researching the trek we discovered you could ride a pony there of ride one some of the way.......true kind of if you have 100 us dollars to spare for one day!!!! so we walked all the way, to be honest I don’t actually think a pony could take you all the way up the mountains as its really 2 and a half days solid uphill step after step mountain ... read more
hill folk
just a few more steps to go
sunset over the anapunders

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara April 13th 2008

I stayed her for over a week at Greenland hotel which was really nice. I met vita on the bus from Chitwan and that was the start of many laughs!!! I wanted to go paragliding but there was no space so we all went up the mountain to watch. We ended up in a local’s house up there drinking coffee and eating omelettes (it later turned out that this man was our trekking guide’s brother, what a small world). The walk down the hill took us all day and wasn’t the best idea to do in flip flops! we met up with the Andy’s (all 3 of them) it’s funny as me and jade have continually bumped into them the whole trip since the 2nd week in India, we decided that we really should all meet ... read more
nice old lady we met

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Varanasi April 13th 2008

I didn’t really know what to expect of this place to be honest, you hear so many stories about body parts floating in the river and stray dogs dragging rounds remnants of legs and things. The river Ganges, the holiest river in India where people bath and swim to wash away their sins, the place where if you die in Varanasi it is very special so you do not get reincarnated but go to god to spiritual enlightenment! On the Ghats by the river this is where for 24 hours a day the bodies of the dead are washed in the river and then burnt, it takes about 3 hours to burn a body. If the deceased ware pregnant, under the age of 10, a leper or bitten by a cobra (as this snake is holy ... read more
gift to the gods
bath time

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra April 6th 2008

Agra is home of the Taj Mahal and you know what...it’s a beautiful as all the pictures you see! We got up early to go see the place in hope that there went as many tourists. It really is a spectacular and gorgeous monument, built out of love by the emperor Shar Jahn as a memorial for his 2nd wife who died giving birth to their 14th child It took 22 years to complete and a total of 20,000 people worked on the building. Every day in India there seems to be something that either annoys the hell out of me of highly amuses me ...I’ll give you some examples...today in the Taj Mahal gardens 2 men were mowing the lawns, now you would think that being one of the top tourist attractions making god knows ... read more
back of the taj

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Pushkar April 4th 2008

We stayed here for 3 days, slept for one day as was so tired of travelling overnight. It rained loads here very unusual for this time of year, walking with a full heavy rucksack through sludge and water filled streets is not amusing especially when your flip flop gets stuck in the mud and you lose it! Loads of nice little stalls here selling nice clothes, I now have a flower power coat and poof to add to my rucksack...seriously though the shopping has to stop there’s no room to haul anything else around ... read more
View over the water

Asia » India » Rajasthan » Bikaner April 3rd 2008

We only came here to see the rat temple really, id seen it on TV ages ago, isn’t really worth the 6 bus journey but it was fascinating to see hundreds and hundreds of cute little ratty’s scampering round the temple. The Indians believe they used to be story tellers and were reincarnated into rats after death, they put out lots of food for the little creatures.... read more
more rats
awww how sweet!

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