Kate Lee


Kate Lee

I am 8 years old and I like bunnies, birds, puppies, kittens and hate spiders. I am travelling with my family for 12 weeks.

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Mornington Peninsula September 5th 2009

We went past Dad’s Uncle & Auntie’s place and stayed there the night. In the afternoon, the next day we had a picnic by a river. My brother cracked my Dad’s whip and it echoed across the river. We drove in to Byron Bay to see the most easterly point of the Australian mainland. Then we rocked up late at a caravan park in Grafton. We just had chocky mud cake and milk for tea - sounds healthy doesn’t it? Went to bed so we could get up early in the morning to have a shower and leave early too. When my Mum and I finished our showers, it started to rain, so we had to pack up the camper quickly. For breakfast we had sausages, hamburgers, eggs and bacon in bread or rolls. It was ... read more
Me with all my toys
Byron Bay - Most easterly point of Australian mainland
Byron Bay Lighthouse behind me

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gold Coast » Upper Coomera August 30th 2009

On Saturday I got up early in the morning because we were going to Dreamworld and Whitewater World. When we got there the first ride I went on was called The Cyclone. It did two loops and it was very, very fast. Next we went on the Thunder River Rapids, then the Log Ride which you get drenched on. After we went on the Moto Coaster to dry off. Next stop Whitewater world. The first slide I went on was called Screamin’ Right Hander, then Cut Snake, then Broken Headz. Then on of the Little Rippers and then off to The Rip, which is a lot bigger than the Little Rippers. We went to a water playground called Pipeline Plunge. It has lots of water slides. Then we headed to the Green Room. My Dad and ... read more
River Rapids
Log ride
Moto Coaster

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Australia Zoo August 25th 2009

At Australia Zoo we saw lots and lots of animals. There were Red Pandas, Pythons, Echidnas, Cassowaries, Camels, Tasmanian Devils, Otters, American Alligators and of course Crocodiles. Their names were Charley, Amy, Bluey, Casper, Acco, Connie, Agro, Cookie, Scrappa, Weipa and Lucy. We went to Roo Heaven and you could pat a kangaroo and I patted one laying down saying “pat me”. It was just like patting a dog. At the shop on the way out, I got to cuddle a koala and had a photo taken. Then they brought out the Macaw and a Black Cockatoo. I got a photo holding them too! They were very, very heavy on my arms. ... read more
Patting a Kangaroo
Me with a Macaw & Black Cockatoo
With one of the many lizards running around

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island August 24th 2009

On Monday we got on the barge to Fraser Island. It took half an hour to get there. We camped in Central Station for five days. One day we went to Eli Creek and my Mum spotted a dingo on the bank. On a drive one day, we came across some people who were French. They were pulling off the track for someone to get past and slipped down the bank. We winched them back onto the track. Sunday we went to Lake McKenzie for a swim. On the way there it was very, very bumpy. My brother and I made a volcano, one little and one big, right in front of the lake. ... read more
Central Station - Wanggoolba Creek
French guys off the track
French guys car

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Eungella August 13th 2009

On Thursday morning we went to Broken River to see some Platypus. We saw a baby platypus swimming up and down the river. We saw about 10 turtles, they were very small. In town (Mackay) I got 2 finger puppets. One is a platypus and the other is a kookaburra. I named them Plat & Kookie. ... read more
Broken River - Turtle
Broken River - Platypus

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Townsville August 10th 2009

Branding On Thursday some friends of ours were branding their calves and tagging them. First the cows had to go up the race and into the crush. I watched them get tagged, dehorned and castrated. It did not look nice to me. At the end, blood was everywhere at the front. The Pony Ride On Monday, I got to have a pony ride on a pony named Colby. He was a brown pony which had a fluffy coat ... read more
Tanner & Colby

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cardwell August 4th 2009

On Tuesday we went to Tully Sugar Mill to have a tour. The first machine we went to was called the Tippler. It was called the Tippler because it tipped all the sugar cane out of the sugar bins. On the way in we saw a kookaburra looking for a snack lurking in the sugar cane bins. ... read more
Tully Sugar Mill
Sugar Mill - Tippler
Sugar Mill - Cane trucks

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Palm Cove August 3rd 2009

Skyrail, Cairns On Friday my Dad and my brother and I went on Skyrail. On the way out of where you got on (Kuranda) I thought it was going to be rough, but it was not rough. We got off at Barron Falls after we looked around we got back on. Next we stopped at Red Peak which is a rainforest. We had a walk around and got back on to go to Cairns. Palm Cove, Hang Gliders On Sunday, we saw some hang gliders, gliding off the edge at Rex’s Lookout, near Palm Cove. I thought they would fall, but they did not fall. We got to watch one get set up. There was about nine of them, gliding off the edge. ... read more
Skyrail view
Barron Falls
Red Peak Station

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef July 28th 2009

On Tuesday we went on Quicksilver to the outer reef, called Agincourt. On the boat it was hard to walk around because you went from side to side. I got a drink, when I was walking with it, I had to grab onto to everything so I did not spill it. When we got to the activity platform you could have lunch on the boat. After I finished my lunch I went and had a look at the underwater observatory. It was rocky on the way back. ... read more
Quicksilver semi submarine
Some fish I saw
A big groper

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cooktown July 25th 2009

In the morning, we went to the supermarket to get what we needed. After we went to the bakery to have something to eat, we went to the local market on the side of the road. I got a magnet butterfly. After the market we drove down the Bloomfield Track to Cow Bay in Cape Tribulation. ... read more
Bloomfield Falls
Bloomfield River
Daintree NP - A Palm Tree seedling

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