Swimming with Fish


Swimming with Fish

This little Fish is Derby bound again. 2012 is off to a roaring start with Orang-utans and Mt. Kinabalu ticked off the list already. If last year was anything to go by, this year will be full of dirt, dust and laughter. I'm also excited about jetty sunset drinks, camping/fishing trips, cowboys, dress-up parties, wide-eyed children and of course... more Kimberley adventures!
Hope you can tune in and read how it all pans out.

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Naviti Island July 11th 2012

So, made it to Fiji and glad I made the trip. My gut response was it's like a combo of Hawaii, Tonga and the Whitsundays. No a bad start! The wqeather the last 2 days hasdnt been super duper but the sun has been pout all day today and I am makingthem ost of it. I lefty the smallest island- South Sea Island today after spending my first 2 days there. It's tiny and more like a Fijian homestay than anything else. Last night we sat around the table drinking cava which numbs your mouth and makde my limbs go all heavy. The food there was tyo die for and despite the cloudy weather I had a ball. Now i'm on Manta Ray island and tonight I'm going to see the sunset via a tube cruise. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby June 12th 2012

I’m well aware that this saying usually refers to two year old toddlers but in my case it refers to my terrible Term Two. Perhaps terrible is a slightly more powerful word than is necessary but, it has undoubtedly been a very trying term with lots of challenges and… while it’s not quite over yet, since it’s nearing the end of Week 8 and I’m so over it - I have made the call to put an end to all the crap stuff. Classroom life has been unique - but the internet is not the place to discuss such matters. It is true to say that I have never been as tested behaviourally as I have this term, but fingers crossed vital progress is being made. The most unexpected part was how much energy I was ... read more
neroli soaks up some sun
Party boy
Spini opening

The end of term was full on and I recognised my need for a break. I knew I needed to recharge my batteries and get a bit of perspective away frome the classroom. Early Good Friday, I nursed my end of term hangover with some Panadol and a 2.5 hr flight home. It was a good feeling flying into Perth, I was excited about seeing the farm for the first time in a year and I was ready to give my body a break from partying. I felt like I was skating on thin ice for a while and was more than happy to have a few quiet nights. Mum picked me up and we drove the 2.5 hrs to the farm. Everyone was there and of course there was a good vibe immediately. Dad, Blue, ... read more
Kimberley Cafe
Jetty drinks
Clouds of glory

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby March 10th 2012

When the alarm went off at 4am I have to admit that it was a struggle to raise my head, but I had a feeling it was going to be worth the effort. Neroli and I packed our gear and headed out to the jetty for 5am. We met the guys, they had been there since 4.30 and were keen to get going. As we headed out it was kind of strange to see the jetty from the water side. When the sun started climbing with all the pinks, purples and reds it was truly beautiful. The trip out into the blue water was pretty rough, but only by Derby standards, I hadn't taken a sea sickness tablet and didn't feel sick but maybe that was becasue I was riding up the front. Poor Neroli got ... read more
Who couldn't resist jumping into this?
Roli and I

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Scarborough March 2nd 2012

It was one of those eyes open, wide awake mornings, where you are instantly aware of your surroundings and the events of the upcoming day. Yep, it only took a split second for me to fully register that this would be the last time I would wake up as a twenty-something. As dramatic as that sounds, I kid you not, this is a big deal for me. I thought the day would be painful, turns out it was, but not in the way I was expecting! Off to work I went, excited about my looming trip to Perth, but having so much to get through before then. I knew we were having a ‘special’ morning tea but I never thought I would experience so much love from the staff/students at school. My wonderful ‘fairy godmother’ made ... read more
Penthouse Posers
Room with a view
Family of Fish

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Derby February 5th 2012

I spent my last day in Perth on Rottnest with my wonderful sister and all the things I love best in the world. I swam and drank and laughed and was completely and utterly happy. It was a glorious day and the perfect way to finish up my summer. Australia day night was spent in our neighbour’s garage at the annual street party. The rain, thunder and lightning kept us all entertained and there was so much amazing food I wished I could have packed a lunchbox for the plane. I snuck inside to finish packing up my mountain of stuff. All I can say is thank god ill be back in march I had to leave so much stuff behind. I crawled into bed and was asleep before dad even had a chance to say ... read more
The girls
Derby jetty
Wet dog

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kinabatangan January 15th 2012

We checked out of the Cottage Guest House around 10am and drove a short distance to the Kinabangtangan War Memorial Gardens. These gardens were established sometime around the 1950’s which is pretty amazing. Over time they had been left but in recent years they have been done up and upon walking in through the gates I was immediately filled with a sense of peace and calmness. The gardens are set out in tiers. The Australian Garden is on the ground floor, the English in the middle and the Malaysian on the top. Once we had watched (and cried) our way through a half hour Australian made and produced documentary in the gorgeous glass viewing room, we were free to wander the gardens. My favourite part is that the Malaysian garden is open roofed and you look ... read more
Mr. Sheep
View from room
Good morning sunshine

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Mount Kinabalu January 12th 2012

We kicked the day off with some serious energy food at the resort’s restaurant. Soffia ate more in this one meal than she had in the entire trip so far. I think that the colder weather and yummy toast helped a lot! We all felt a strange mix of anticipated nervousness and excitement all rolled into one. We walked to the beginning of the Mesilau Trail and met our mountain guide Rony. There was just enough time for some ‘pre-climb’ snaps and then we were off into the unknown! Obviously it was tough at times but in general I found it a nice walk. The last bit up to the rest point was steep and Soffia struggled with the effects of altitude sickness. We all made it to Laban Rata well before sunset though which we ... read more
Go forth and grow little tree
Super stylish

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Mount Kinabalu January 12th 2012

Us girls all agreed that 2 nights at the ‘homestay’ was overkill and we were all happy to move on (Soffia and I were sad to say goodbye to the warm platter of homemade donuts we received each morning for breakfast though). We spent the next 6hrs driving to our next destination- the Poring Thermal Hot Springs and Canopy Walk. It was quite a surprise to us all because we had imagined the hot springs to be ‘natural’ but in reality they are man-made bath tubs where people turn on two taps- hot from the thermal spring and cold from the cooled water supply and have a eggy smelling soak in their swimmers. Naturally enough, we bypassed these and went straight up to the canopy walk. This elevated, tree top walk is gorgeous, albeit scary as ... read more
Crazzzy loads!
Just an excuse for a break really
Care Bear Stare!!!!

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kinabatangan January 10th 2012

After a simple breakfast of watermelon and dry toast we hung out in our room until our departure time of 10:45. We were all keen to get going earlier and felt the hanging around was a bit of a time waster. We entertained ourselves by drying out Soffia's daypack with newspaper and writing our free 'welcome to borneo" postcards. Eventually, we climbed into the van and set off on the two hour mini van ride bound for our Miso Walai Homstay along the Kinabatangan River. We made a quick supermarket stop for essential supplies (tigerbalm, bottled water, cremos and other snacks). We also made a pee stop where you paid according to your ummm.... requirements! (See photo for further explaination) Upon our arrival our homstay guide Otto, took us on an open fishing boat ride along ... read more
Cultural performance
Toilet fees

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