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2nd March 2012

happy Birthday dear Chloe
Chloe I just read your birthday blog and enjoyed it so much I'm so happy that you have had so many exciting experiences in your life and that you have met so many amazing people who have all shown you the love that you so readily give to everyone you meet I feel so proud of your achievements and I have loved being a part of your journey through your blog. It gives me double the pleasure knowing we have another vibrant , loving and dedicated teacher out there doing a fabulous job job. Have a wonderful birthday and a stunning year Chloe. May this next decade be as exciting and fulfilling as the last. Love lots Carolxx
5th February 2012

Hi. Like the blog. Is there still a restaurant on the pier? We had a gorgeous meal there in 2008. It was for sale then. Just curious.
8th February 2012

Jetty Restaurant
Hi, yes, it's still there. It's closed at the moment since it's the wet season but I love their barra. It melts in your mouth! They'll repoen again closer to June I expect.
22nd November 2011

So what packages are you getting delivered? Christmas presents?? Why does Vegie smell, cause he's damp all the time? He will be so happy to be back in Sorrento where he can play in the big pool and with Trailer. I like Boab dance circles too. Did you see Kylie on X factor? She is lovely. Night night xx
8th November 2011

great times
Hi Westernred, you must be having the time of your life Chloe. I had always heard Derby social life was the best. I thought that was in the past but I see it is still great. Lucky you had all that practice picking rocks at the farm or you wouldn't know how to pick mangoes ! Love you Chloe, Dad.
From Blog: Mango Mania
16th October 2011

Don't let him read the next one. It tells the Tunnel Creek truth.
From Blog: Sistober begins!
14th October 2011

Jarrad likes it
Hi Chloe, this is the first of your blogs Jarrad has read and he read the whole thing - he must have enjoyed it! I like all the photos and think you have captured our trip well. Miss you xxx
From Blog: Sistober begins!
15th September 2011

Bum bags, you are such a dag!! In the photo with the mangoes there is a hammock in the background - is this the one Grannie fell out of?? Love you sister, Mia xxx
11th August 2011

Good Photos
Hi Sister, good photos here. Glad Derby town is still parading out this endless procession of crazy activities to keep you occupied. Mud crab racing, long table dinners, mud soccer, rodeos and horse racing...what will it be next weekend? Hope the locals are saving something special for October 2 - 12. Love you so much, kisses to Veg, Mia xxx
From Blog: Derby Rodeo
11th August 2011

So cute
The photos of the kids are so cute... so endearing! It all looks like wonderful fun and the long table dinner looks so atmospheric. I am so glad you are having a good time attending all the local events. Love, Mum.
From Blog: Derby Rodeo
21st June 2011

Social butterfly
Hi darling. Good to see you are enjoying life, especially the social side of it! I am wondering what the subject of the new water colour is??? Has mark mentioned the footballer watercolour again? Loads of love to you,Mum.
From Blog: Bursting Point
3rd May 2011

Hello my darling, Chloe. Good to read your blog and the latest Top 10. I am glad to know my 'grandson' made it safely to Derby. I hope he settles quickly. All is well in New York. I have been to Chelsea Village twice and am fine! Today is our last full day in the big apple and we are going to queue for cheap tickets to 'Wicked'. yesterday we went to the 'Top of the Rock' - in comparison to the Empire State it was less hassle and an excellent view. Looking forward to getting home! Love, Mum.
From Blog: Term 2
26th April 2011

Hi Sissi
Hi Chloe, Thanks for coming to spend Easter with us at the Farmo, I'm very glad you made it. I missed you this morning, no one to take a walk with. I love you sister. See you soono xxx
From Blog: Stronsay Easter
15th March 2011

Hello there!
Hi Chloe so good to here that all is going well in Derby and that you are enjoying work and the social life in the town. Enjoying reading your top tens. Thank God for small mercies hey. I think we forget to see the wonderment and joy in the smaller things in life. Keep on blogging Derby girl! Lots of love Donna Evans
From Blog: Half way to home
14th March 2011

Thank you
Hi Esther, it is great to hear from you. I really appreciate your support. I will think of you this Thursday @ the beach. Those days are always fun- but so much work!!! We just read Captain Correlli's Mandolin and this month's book is called Journey to theSstone Conutry by alex miller. I am enjoying it so far. Enjoy the rest of your week. Give my love to all at DCPS.
From Blog: Half way to home
14th March 2011

Glass half full
Hey Chloe, Great to hear there is another wise person who rides home to keep the roads safe. Wow the Pigrim. What book are you reading with your book club at the moment Chloe? I hope you have a great week. we have our pp/1 beach carnival this Thursday so hope the weather stays warm. Take care anda great to hear your possitve words. you are awesome girl! Best wishes Esther
From Blog: Half way to home
14th March 2011

Yay! Come Visit Me!
Wow! Gemma it's so great to hear from you. Sorry I can't remember getting another email from you this way, but iI could have just forgotten! Anyway, yes, fire away, of course iIll help you any way I can. Very exciting stuff.
From Blog: Half way to home
13th March 2011

Hi Derby Girl
Hi Chloe, Sorry I missed you last Mon before you returned to Derby. We still had three games to play so I was unable to leave the bowls. All is well at the farm appart from the lack of rain. It is distressing to see so many large gum trees dying of thirst. I wish we had a little of the rain you have had. Enjoy and remember this wet season because it is rare to rain so much, even in the Kimberley and it may be a long time before you witness it again. I am sure that Trailer misses Vegemite, like he misses the sheep. He is so much happier when Vegemite is up here at the farm. Understandable I suppose as I'm not much fun for a dog. I have been getting ready for seeding and doing maintenance on the farm vehicles. This week a bloke is coming to install autosteer in the big tractor and I have to go over to Quarading to get a seal for a hydromotor on the air cart. Then I will attach everything together so that I'm ready to seed by 1st April. I hope you have sorted out the dicipline problem you were having. I wondered if you had spoken to other staff/headmaster about it. They may have had the same problem and the solution. I think of you often Western-redfish. Love you with all my heart. Dad.
From Blog: Half way to home
13th March 2011

Hi Chloe! I think I tried to contact you like this before - not sure if it worked so will try again. I really want to come and visit you - could you get in touch so we could chat about it? Just need a bit of advice really... I want to emmigrate! although not sure Lewis feels the same :( Speak soon I hope... your friend from Camp Applejack.xxxxx
From Blog: Half way to home
7th March 2011

I feel so incredibly lucky to have you as a friend. I find your courage and strength truly inspiring and it was an absolute delight to spend the weekend with you. xx
27th February 2011

Hi Chloe I'm pleased you survived a very wetvweek. Sounds like fun and great news that you are headed home for a break. Love carolxxc
From Blog: Water week
21st February 2011

Well done Chloe. All sounds amazing. Your life certainly is very busy the pictures of the pool area look great. Does the pool be ome over crowded during the day and can you go down whenever you like? I bet the cyclone watch was still scary although beautiful. We were expecting a lot of rain here be use of it but it didntnhappen. Thankfully Leeuwin was dry. Never saw your folks this year. Not my favorite concert. Have a good week and I hope you find time to completevall those little niggle bits that are still hanging around. Love lots. Caro.xx
From Blog: Sink or swim
16th February 2011

week 2 down!
Mum - I feel for you, the book thief sucked! Hi chloe sun, how are you? Jarrad has been watching the karate kid on TV. We have had a busy week, I'm exhaused. First few days at work have been good, i think i will be happy there. tonight we started moving some furniture out of Kallaroo to Sorrento and a few things went on the verge too. now we have a house that echoes, but at least it will be easier when it comes time to move out properly. Your weeks sound busier than mine, but you sound happy and like you're setting good roots. I am glad you are happy, but i am sad that Colin has not yet given Vegemite back cause i miss him. Bed time for me, nig night sister, love you lots xxx
From Blog: Summer Rain
14th February 2011

Mammoth week!
Hello my darling, what a mammoth amount of things you have done in such a short time. I am so proud of you! What a go-getter! Mind you, anyone who can travel the world solo as you did last year, can achieve all manner of goals. I hope the infection can be easily treated and that you soon start to feel better! Hope you can stick with Captain Corelli's Mandolin. I read it years ago. How many in the bookclub and where do you meet? Is it a once a month thing? Our bookclub is going to dinner this month at the Joondalup Resort and as well as discussing this month's book,'The Book Thief', we have to bring a book to swap. Love you lots. Mum.
From Blog: Summer Rain

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