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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham December 7th 2008

Today we decided to go to Monkey Mia to check it out and also the campsite! There isn't much to do in Denham itself... So we got up really early, 6am, and went to Monkey Mia to watch the first feed of the dolphins at 7.30am. When we arrived they were swimming in the bay, beautifull to watch - they are so gracefull. When we went in the water they would come right up to you or play around you, but without touching you! They only feed 5 adult female dolphins between 8am and 12pm and only a certain amount of fish, a 1/4 of their daily diet - so they don't get too lazy! Depending on their weight, age and size depends how much they get, 900 grams for the younger ones and 2 kg ... read more
The feeding...

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham August 23rd 2008

Left Carnarvon and drove to Denham. We arrived just on dark, and drove through town on the way to Francois Peron National Park. It took half an hour to drive 10kms on the sandy track to the campground. We got up early the next morning and went to Monkey Mia. Parked the car and went down to the beach. The dolphins were already there in the shallows. We watched them get fed. My sister got a turn to feed a dolphin first and the next time I got a turn to feed the dolphins. They were nibbly. On the beach the pelicans were watching, hoping to get a fish for themselves. When I tried to get a photo with the pelican, it warned me off, by opening his bill and squawking at me. It was scary ... read more
Monkey Mia
Ocean Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham August 23rd 2008

We got up really early to see the dolphins at Monkey Mia. The dolphins were already in the shallows when we got there. In the first feeding with the buckets of fish, I got to feed a dolphin. We had to put the fish down in the water and grip it firmly. The dolphin grabbed the fish and swam off to eat it. There were pelicans near the paths and ramp higher up the beach. Alex and I walked around the pelicans and went on the ramp. There was a railing which we stood on. When we leaned over the pelican opened his mouth and hissed at us. It was funny. He kept doing it every time we leant over. In the afternoon we went to Ocean Park. They have lots of dangerous sea creatures there ... read more
Dolphin at Monkey Mia
Pelicans at Monkey Mia
Bossy Pelican at Monkey Mia

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham May 9th 2008

We pulled into Denham expecting to have a quick playground break and move on, but after several enquiries found that Monkey Mia was booked out and the camp grounds that we wanted to stay in required notice a day in advance, so we decided to set up in Denham at Shark Bay caravan park and enjoy a swim in the pool. The caravan park was pretty dismal but the pool was great, from the photos of the pool you would think that we were in a tropical oasis rather than a dusty caravan park. Friday morning we set off early to catch the feeding of the Dolphin’s at Monkey Mia. There was a fair crowd there but we managed to see several dolphins up very close and Ki was lucky to be chosen to feed a ... read more
Denham foreshore
Another swing
Slide time

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham May 1st 2008

Dare Devil Denham From Coral Bay we met our new tour guide, Johnny plus a couple of Irish boys; Kenny and Jerry, who would be joining us on the trip to Perth. Our first stop was Denham. We turned the music up and sung our hearts out the whole day, played hangman, shared jokes and riddles, did amazing art work on the windows and played a hundred rounds of shithead. We finally arrived at our hostel in yet another tiny town right by the waters edge, a beautiful location. Diving straight into the cool pool we were glad to be off the hot sticky bus. That night we all headed to THE pub for a meal. Starting and finishing on jugs of beer until they chucked us out at close. We played pool, drinking games and ... read more
Girls in their glasses
We're jammin'
On top of the world

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham April 21st 2008

We deceided to take along a girl I worked with to share expenses heading up North. She seemed fun and easy going and things started off okay but it definetely didn't work out, and we seperated quickly. Advice, if you're a couple traveling it doesn't pay to pick up a single traveler unless they are willing to go 50/50. The expenses don't pan out, you end up paying almost the same amount you would have anyway, so you are pretty much just giving the person a free ride. Look for couples to share the expenses, things are even then, a single travel is just not worth the hassel. So anyway after a sad goodbye we left Perth around 2:00pm, normally we wouldn't bother leaving so late but we promised the other girl so we headed out. ... read more
Boat on the water
Shelly Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham April 14th 2007

A retrospective photo gallery of our 2nd trip to Shark Bay/ Denham. An amazing Marine Park with wild dolphins who are world famous. They come in to the resort for a feed 2 or 3 times every morning. Aimee and Jordan got to feed them this trip.... read more
feeding a dolphin  !

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham December 18th 2006

So we rented a car and first we headed North, up highway one, along the West Australian coast to a town called Geraldton. When we first arrived everything was closed, which we figured was quite normal as everything closes really early in Australia - we're talking REALLY early, 3pm on a Saturday early! Anyhow when we awoke on Sunday morning the city was a ghost town, everything had remaind shut. There were no cars, no people, even the seaguls hadn't turned out. When we inquired, a local woman told us we had 'expect this in a small town' - Geraldton is the biggest city in the Mid-West, population 24,000 - what would happen when we got to Kilbarri (population 1,000)?! Alas, all was not lost, it seems Western Australia has it all covered on Sundays, three ... read more
Dolphins at Monkey Mia
Windswept James on Shell Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham December 10th 2006

Friday 8th Dec The Bus dropped me at Denham at 8am and took Sean to Monkey Mia a further half hour drive. I went to sleep until 2pm! I phoned the Kitesurfer who was going to take me out but he has cut his hand and couldn’t take me so and the next bus is Monday morning so I’m stuck her till then. I’m a bit gutted that I can’t Kite surf but Emma, Nicky, Emma, Tamara and Karen are here tonight and Sean is just down the road. Sat 9th Dec Emma, Tamara and Karen drove me to Monkey Mia this morning where I met up with Sean and we sorted out some things to do tomorrow. AS for today I went and worked on the Pearl farm that we had visited last week. I ... read more
stuffing nets on the pearl farm

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham December 5th 2006

We reden 338km tussen Carnarvon en Denham, maar maakten enkele tussenstops: Bij Hamelin Pool gingen we kijken naar de stromatolieten, die kleine bultjes kalksteen, of plateaus kalksteen zijn niet spectaculair van uitzicht, maar wel uniek omdat het één van de weinige plaatsen is waar de allereerste organismen ter wereld (cyanobacteriën), nog zijn blijven overleven. Er is een wandeling uitgezet, waarlangs informatiepanelen uitleg geven over dit speciale verschijnsel. Tegelijkertijd zie je ook spierwitte, poreuze kalksteen die natuurlijk gevormd werd door de reusachtige hoeveelheden van één bepaald soort schelp. Je kon er zo bouwstenen zagen uit de grond, maar nu is dit beschermd domein. Je kunt er geraken door de camping op te rijden, er tevoet door te lopen en aan de achterkant het poortje naar het strand door te lopen. Op de camping kan je informatie krijgen, ... read more

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