Matt Caz and Girls

MattCaz Odyssey

Matt Caz and Girls

Three and a half months, one car, one boat, one caravan and four excited travellers, looking forward to a plethora of exciting adventures. Western Australia - here we come again! **HEADING WEST 2013**

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Streaky Bay July 16th 2013

After three months of exploring the WA coast we are back in SA and back in the familiar territory of our favourite SA holiday destination, Streaky Bay. We set up on the calm waters edge of the spectacular bay, all ready to enjoy the last few days of our incredible odyssey. We make sure to take the time to visit our favourite Streaky destinations. On day one we head straight to Mocean Café for gourmet coffee and scones, then drive out to Granite's Beach for some rock climbing, the girls, and fishing, Matt and I. We weren't so lucky in the fishing stakes, but Matt sees a giant humpback whale completely breach out of the water! Day two, we load up our packs and head to the Island for our last swim (steamers are back!) and ... read more
Surf @ The Island
Camp Streaky

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Nullarbor Plain July 13th 2013

The routine continues, pack up, get in the car and drive, drive, drive. We sure are covering some kilometres this week! By mid afternoon we cross the magic line and are back on the home soil of South Australia. Goodbye WA, we sure have enjoyed our coastal tour and look forward to the next one already. We are getting closer but still have plenty more of the Nullarbor Plain to cover, so as the sun starts it decent we scope out for camp site on the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight. We speedily set up camp, light a campfire, eat dinner and then embark on a family uno challenge, signaling the end of another day and the last bush camp stay for the trip. We get up early, pack up and are on the road ... read more
SA Yippee
Last Bush Camp

Another pack up, another long day in the car and we pull into a road side stop on the Nullarbor Plains to set up for the night. We light our camp fire and then launch into masterchef mode doing a big cook up to use up all of our fruit and veg before the dreaded border quarantine check point.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kalgoorlie July 11th 2013

We pulled into Kalgoorlie at about 5pm to find the first caravan park that we drove too was full, but luckily were able to secure a powered site at the next one. We were recommended the local pup 'The Rec' for dinner so headed over to find an all you can eat smorgasbord, not our usual, but we sat down, ate too much, then went back to the van to wallow in our fullness! The next morning we went to check out the Kalgoorlie Boulder Super Pit, the largest open cut mine in Australia. What an unbelievably huge hole in the ground that lies so close to the township. The pit measures 3.8km long and 1.35km wide and goes down to a depth of more than 500 metres, now that is one BIG mine! We then ... read more
Big Enough

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 9th 2013

What an adventure we have had so far and now it is time to commence the last stage of our WA Odyssey as we prepare to head south and commence the long journey home. It also means that it is time to farewell the Gordon’s who have been our travelling companions for the past month and a half, as they continue north and we head south. What amazing luck to meet such a great family with similar interests on the road and to be able to travel together and establish great friendships along the way. It sure is going to feel strange heading off on our own. “How far we travel in life matters less than those we meet along the way.” We make our sad farewells and are once again in the car, on the ... read more
The start of the Canning Stock Route

We continue our trek east and the landscape transforms into vast mountain ranges signaling our arrival at Karinjini. We set up at Dales Camp Ground and are keen to explore the nearby Fortesque Falls and Fern Pool. We follow the path down into Dales Gorge and are immediately impressed by the amazing rock formations and beautiful waterfalls. We all enjoy a swim in the cool Fern Pool as the sun rapidly disappears behind the gorge walls. The next morning we pack our backpacks with lunch and towels, put on our sneakers (we haven’t worn shoes for 2 months) and head back to Dales Gorge. We spend the day walking, clambering over rocks, step stoning over water pools and absorbing the sights and sounds at the bottom of Dales Gorge sandwiched between the amazing fifty metre rock ... read more
cool fun
the chicks
on the way out

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia July 5th 2013

We leave Exmouth and are faced with the realization that we are at the end of our coastal odyssey and that it is time to head inland. We aim for Karinjini National Park and after a full driving day decide to stop and set up camp in the bush. We head off on a dirt road and then bush bash till we find a beautiful spot in the foothills of the ranges. Once setup we hear a car pull up on the road just outside our "secret" and marginally legal camp...we enforce an all quiet and stay low policy so "the farmer and his shotgun" won't find us...but after a few tense moments we find it's just some other old mate setting up camp and he didn't even have the sense to setup out of view ... read more
Love a Campfire
Camp Gordon
Camp Collopy

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Exmouth July 4th 2013

After eleven nights camping at Cape Range National Park we pull into Exmouth Caravan Park, are slugged $69 for a powered site for 1 night, we are craving a shower and have a huge pile of washing to do. The only thing they didn’t happen to mention, water supply to the park is under repair, no water till 5pm! We survive the extra couple of hours without a shower, get our washing done, then all scrub up and head out to the Exmouth Pub for dinner with the Gordon’s. So nice to have a break from the ongoing cooking and dishes cycle in the van.... read more

So another pack up and set up later and we are nestled in the campground of Boat Harbor. This is our last coastal destination which lies along the amazing World Heritage Area of Ningaloo Reef. As we set up camp the clouds creep across the sky and the rain begins to fall. We spend a quiet day in the van as the rain continues to fall and the wind starts to blow. What a wild night we were in for, sheets of rain fall all night as the wind howls. We feel like we are lying on a roller coaster as our beds are shaking up and down all night long. The girls bunk in on the table bed in the centre of the van as Matt and I ride out the storm. We arise to ... read more
Go Team Collopy!
The track to camp after the rain!
What a spot!

We left Coral Bay eager to explore the southern 4WD camp grounds of Cape Range National Park. The southern coastal road that leads to the park was some 40km of bone jarring, teeth rattling corrugations...awesome! Some two hours later, meaning that it was taking us one hour to travel just twenty very bump kilometers, we arrived at Boat Harbor. The camp ground was nestled behind the sand hills and the turquoise waters of the bay were perfectly protected by the natural harbor shaped reef. Looks amazing but alas there are only four campsites and none are free, so we are forced to continue along the corrugated track to 1 K Camp. Hmm, not quite the same picturesque setting here, rock ledges, sharp reef and no sandy beach. Oh well, we set up camp and wait to ... read more
Corrugations Galore
Goodbye 1 K Camp, Hello Boat Harbor

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