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9th June 2008

Hi Girls, I'm very impressed with all your fishing, swimming and snorkelling photos! Hey Tahlia, how's the surfboard been going? Looks like you're all having a great time and the scenery looks amazing. xx
8th June 2008

I'm overcome with bitter sweet feelings at the thought of my so called family getting bogged, alone, isolated with a surging river lapping at your wheels... I mean, you could find a place for the van, the tinnie, surfboards, laptop, fishing gear... even the DVD player. Hmmmm... A spade might be enough to dig you out of that sticky situation but it won't be waiting at home to greet you after a hard day at work. Anyway, no more time to waste, I have coffee with Bill and Denise, ahead of a sunset stroll with Matt and Amy. OK OK there I go again, Me, me, me, me, me!! Love the photos, hope you're having a ball... I'll dig a hole or two in the yard for you. Maisy
8th June 2008

Section 64 (dot point 3) of the National Parks protection act states that. "persons entering a national park area are prohitibted from the removal, destruction or handstand upon areas of historical, cultural or environmental significance" penalties may include fines, imprisonment or confiscation of Highschool Musical DVDs
8th June 2008

Ahh the memories!!!! love those handstands
29th May 2008

Travels thus far...
Having read your blog to date, sounds like a trip to remember, certainly one for the rest of us to be rather jealous of! Hope the rest of your travels continue as well, look forward to seeing the next update. Saul
19th May 2008

The nervous Aunty is extremely pleased that you survived the lookouts!

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