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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham April 14th 2012

We were up at 5am this morning - before the sun had even risen to start the drive to Kalbarri national park. We stopped along the drive to see Pot Alley, which is a look out across the Indian ocean with some very steep cliffs. After a couple of photos it was back on board and through the town of Kilbarri which is a population of only 15,000 and which is at the foot of the Murchison river, where it joins the Indian Ocean. Our next stop was at Z bend gorge where we went on a hike through the gorge and a couple of the group took part in Abseiling a 25metre cliffs. We decided to abstain from the abseiling and save our money for some of the dive trips later ... read more
Pot Alley
Z Bend Gorge
Kalbarri National Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham June 28th 2011

After a late departure from Margs on 6th June (aimed for 11am, left 2.30pm!) we hit the highway north and managed to find ourselves a nice little spot to have a fire & cook up some burgers just north of Harvey for our first night. Not the best sleep with trucks roaring by on the highway, nearby power plant going off, cats foofing around about where they wanted to sleep (how EVER will we cope without our wood-fire & comfy couches!)…never-the-less it was grand to be back on the road with only these small worries! On to Perth, Jeff saw both his hip specialist & a new Doc to review his back/workcover situation, and although the hip doc would like to keep Jeffs case open until Oct/Nov, the back doc thinks Jeff “won’t get any worse”. ... read more
Pinnacles By Bike
Jeffs New Trike
Coalseam Conservation Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham May 25th 2011

On Tuesday 24th May we were both up pretty early. We hadn’t decided where we would be headed for and all we knew was that it would be a long day in the saddle. Graham had done a lot of preparation last night and I had progressed things well “indoors” so we were ready to go by 8:30am. We headed out of Kalbarri with three possible options. Carnarvon was favourite but Denham was a strong possibility and depending on progress, one of two Roadhouses also came into the equation. We talked things through as we travelled along and both agreed that it would be a shame to miss out on Denham and Monkey Mia. But they were the biggest part of 200 kilometers off the main road so the “there and back” cost in time and ... read more
Another oversize load but this one was going south
The usual long straight road
Beach outside the caravan park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham December 28th 2010

Shark Bay is a world heritage site and rightly so, it contains so many wonders within its ample, protected waters. The first of which was located at Hamlin Pools, a sheltered super-saline cove. Stromatolites, their name sounds interesting, the biological and evolutionary significance of these cynobacterial organisms whose presence on earth dates back 3.6 billion years is pretty impressive...But to look at they are simply a collection of lumpy rocks. We respectfully noted the tiny bubbles of oxygen that made their way to the surface and thanked Mr Stromatolite and his ancient relatives for this basic act which made it possible for animal and human life to exist. Suitably better informed about the beginnings of life on earth we left the respiring rocks to it and continued our drive up the cape to Denham. It was ... read more
Eagle Bluff boardwalk
Enjoying a glass of wine at the bow
Morning feeding on Monkey Mia beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham June 27th 2010

Our one challenge now is to get to where it is warm all the time. Luckily, the weather has been kind to us and has mostly been suited to shorts and T-shirts. It is still getting cool overnight and has become quite windy. It seems that we may have to wait for Broome for the warmer climate. Yes, we know, we would have something to complain about if we were at home. We’re not complaining, just commenting. We have now booked ahead for the next couple of weeks. When we tried to book Coral Bay there were no sites in town! School holidays begin on the 3rd of July. Oops! So then we rang Exmouth to find nothing available for July or August. Guess who started to panic? Rhonda tried to book again the next day ... read more
Caravan Sunset
Natural Bridge

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham May 15th 2010

PORT DENISON TO DENHAM Monday 10th May, We left Port Denison early after 5 relaxing days, (it’s a great spot) and headed to Geraldton to do some shopping. The HMAS Sydney Memorial was quite impressive and worth a visit. Arrived at Kalbarri early afternoon, set up and went for a walk into town. Tuesday 11th May, Spent the morning doing the walks and gorges down south of town. They were as good if not better than what we expected on the Nullabor. Spotted some kangaroos hopping around then saw a pod of about 25 + dolphins swimming along the base of the cliffs. We watched them for quite a while and got some good photos and video of them. In the afternoon we went on a cruise up the Murchison River and saw a lot of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham November 13th 2009

Day 201 - Near Denham Happy Birthday Mark ‘Mush / Shag’ Coulsell! We hope you have a fabulous day and that Mrs Coulsell brings you all your heart desires, or at the very least she doesn’t bring you a mouldy bread bacon sandwich! Happy Birthday mate, lots of love from both of us x It hadn’t really crossed our minds about how high the tide would come through the night, we must have just assumed that despite our relative closeness to the shoreline that we were safe enough and luckily we were! Higher deposits of the sea grass proved that we weren’t imagining the sound of the ocean seeming closer last night, it did come up higher than normal. The wind howled us to sleep making the caravan rock like a babies cradle but by morning ... read more
Well camouflaged cuttlefish
Plant life
All alone in the morning at Whalebone

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham November 12th 2009

Day 200 - Denham to Whalebone, Shark Bay Our alarm went off early this morning, we’d set it deliberately as we wanted to be able to get some more blogs uploaded before we left the caravan park for a bit more free camping. Each time I do this task early in the morning we inevitably get to catch up with Ed as he’s always up really late back home! It works very well and this morning was no exception. Thanks for the shout out Ed, always great to catch up with you. With the wind having dropped overnight we were presented with another beautiful outlook this morning, a perfectly calm Indian ocean with a few yachts bobbing about on top. One fellow lady camper even remarked that it was a ‘million dollar view’, she’s probably not ... read more
The outlook from Denham this morning
The Old Pearler Restaurant
The bay next door

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham November 11th 2009

Day 199 - Denham, Shark Bay It was an early rise for us this morning as we wanted to phone home to check all had gone well with Dad K’s ‘super stent’ op. We got up at 5am figuring that would be 9pm in the UK and got quite a shock when Mum told us Dad was with her in the hotel in Bristol. Turns out the doctors have decided Dad needs to be super bionic instead of just plain ‘super’ and as such Dad is to have a heart bypass sometime in the next 2 months. All pretty worrying stuff from this side of the world and that but we hope the appointment comes through sooner rather than later so Dad can get back to his very active life and Mum can get back to ... read more
We were sure to adhere to the code of the track
Crikey that's a long sandy road
The initial view from Cape Peron

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham November 10th 2009

Day 198 - Gladstone Scenic Lookout - Denham Nikita Howells, come on down, you’re 18 today! OMG! That’s like so amazing! Happy Birthday chick, we’re very sorry that we’re not available to be the drunken Aunty and Uncle at the party but there will be plenty of others around to take our place! Ha ha! Hope you have a fabulous day. What happened to the wind?! Not long after ‘lights out’ it just disappeared completely! Not that we’re complaining, we got a great nights sleep but it was just a bit of a surprise considering we were parked on the top of a ledge in the open air. There’s no rush this morning, in fact we’re still very much undecided where we are heading. From here we can either carry on down to Kalbarri or take ... read more
The highway was busy this morning with at least three vehicles in one 5 minute period!
Look closely for the Emus!  They were a long way down!
An introduction to the beautiful coastline of Shark Bay.  This is from one of the lookouts on the journey towards town

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