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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham April 8th 2016

To arrive in Denham you need to travel 128 kilometres to the coast from the Northwest Highway. Quite a long journey but worthwhile when the ocean begins to appear on either side of you. Lots of Emus to view and the odd Kangaroo. Denham or Shark Bay as most people know it, is a sleepy fishing village with just a pub, some boutique shops, a couple of caravan parks and a spectacular bay view. Yes, its main industry is fishing and there are about 200 or so locals. The big attraction is fishing and the Dolphins at Monkey Mia about 30 Kilometres up the road. Our spot in the caravan park was right on the beach and I had my first turn at backing in the caravan. A little stressful yes, but the park manager was ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham April 4th 2016

Having enjoyed three beautiful days in Jurien, it was time to move on to Dongara. Fishing in Jurien had been less than satisfactory, so now my attention was on Dongara and what might be. Spending sometime with a local who seemed to know all the tricks, I set forth to fish on the platform on the marina. Yes I was not alone, but I baited up and before long I caught my first Tailor. I was quite excited reeling it in, however, I had to throw back the catch as it was undersize. This did not dampen my spirits too much and before long another bite and after much reeling in I had caught a lovely full size Tailor- earmarked for breakfast of course. Tailor are such fun to catch and then cooked on the Webber ... read more
Our abode in Port Dennison Dongara
The Marina at Port Dennison.
Holiday Fun

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham September 10th 2013

Shark Bay (Denham) and Monkey Mia were our next destinations stopping at the amazing Shell Beach on the way. 150 kilometres of shells (sand) and beautiful blue water. Once again stunning scenery. Riding and walking along the foreshore here kept us interested as there was always an amazing catch at the state of the art fish filleting benches. We saw a dugong just near the pier and this set the scene for our trip over to Monkey Mia. Arrived here early in the morning and at first we thought we would be only seeing/feeding a mother dolphin and baby but patience came through and we ended up watching about 7 or 8 play in the shallows throughout the morning. This also included a lovely buffet breakfast in the resort overlooking the beach. A beautiful day! Carnarvon ... read more
NTWA2013Denham to Fremantle 018
NTWA2013Denham to Fremantle 042
NTWA2013Denham to Fremantle 139

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham July 23rd 2013

Sunday 21st Our northward venture continued from Kalbarri eastward out to the Brand highway (Also known as the North West Coastal Highway) through the Kalbarri National Park. The countryside here is gentle rolling country and easy driving, with the usual for Australia, watch for Kangaroos and emus. The countryside here is again coastal heath as seen in many parts of Australia, only the plants are taller. More rain/nutrition, but not suited for agriculture. Marg was at the wheel and we were passed by a truckie who was unaware that his ice-cream truck back door was swinging open wildly. Marg flashed headlights, tooted the horn and I tried several times on UHF Ch 40 to make contact and alert the driver, but to no avail. About 20 Ks later we caught up with him as he had ... read more
Tony Bennetts
Murchison River
Nerrem Nerrem

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham June 8th 2013

Geo: -25.9279, 113.534On the way to Denham (population 800) we took a detour to visit the Hamelin Pool which is a large shallow bay containing thousands of Stromatolites. They are some primitive life form which apparently scientists say helped create earth by increasing oxygen levels. They take hundreds of years to grow and you can still see the wagon tracks through them from when the farmers loaded wool onto ships.We pulled into Denham to find we had one of the best sights in the park (we thought so). Great view and large site with minimal traffic. What more could we ask for. Day one saw us out and about to view the local sights. We went to Eagle Bluff where you can see manta rays, sharks, dugongs, sea turtles etc. but like the camels in the ... read more
Caravan Park
Eagle Bluff
Eagle Bluff

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham March 12th 2013

As we drove towards Denham, we decided to try and stay at one of the campsites along the coast on the way up. Now, this may sound straight forward, but it was a friday. The Shire Offices we had to contact to arrange for the permit closed at 4pm, and we, though driving at a steady pace, were hours from any form of cell phone reception. Even with Telstra, the company with the best reception in regional Australia, we are still mostly in a black hole of cell phone coverage about 80% of the time. We were lucky enough to make it to Billabong Roadhouse (presumably it was established long before the surf brand) to be able to utilize their trusty landline just in time. Browsing their shop, we had to buy me a fly net ... read more
Head for the water
No winding roads
There's thunder in the air

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham November 7th 2012

Geo: -25.9279, 113.534One of the charms we've noted about Australia is that the country, perhaps because of geographic isolation, seems somewhat behind the times (with the exception of their prices which are 20 years ahead of anyone elses). There can be a 70's and 80's feel to the place- there's probably too many men wearing the short shorts (I didn't know you could even buy those iconic three stripe Addidas shorts anymore) and Speedo's are worn without shame, neon orange and green clothing is something of a must-have closet item, mom-and-pop stores, cafes, and restaurants greatly outnumber the chain and big box stores (with the same uncompetitive pricing that set the table for the chain and box stores in North America). You half expect the Village People to show up wearing Crocodile Dundee gear and singing ... read more
Laughing At The Tourists?
Checking Us Out

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham June 18th 2012

18 June 2012 Another clear still night in Denham and the tent wet from the dew. We take our time packing up trying to dry the tent before packing it up an putting it back on the roof for our forward journey to Quobba Station. Good news is though thar Debbie looks and sounds back to being well.A 400 k drive but with some detours along the way for sightseeing we added a few extra kilometers. Our first detour of the main road was to visit the stromatolites. These strange rock like objects according to the blurb on the boardwalk are some of the earliest forms of life on our planet. Aside from the stromatolites the of the other amazing observations was the clarity of the water. It was literally like looking through clear glass. Whilst ... read more
Stromatolites viewed from the boardwalk
Coast 2coast postie bikes

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham June 17th 2012

Another picture postcard day in Denham. Blue cloudless skies, turquise water and so quiet. Overnight is still getting quite cool, or if you were to ask Sandy cold. With the clear mornings comes moisture on the tent which has a habit of dripping on the outside floor of the tent, which after a whilestarts sounding like a drum. Maybe this is the Denham water torture rather than the Chinese water torture ;). This morning saw the departure of Debbie and Steve who have headed for Carnarvon to seek professionalsad advice from a qualified autelectrician. Steve has a booking for 8:00 tomorrow morning. Hopefully they will get to the bottom of their flat caravan batteries and maybe even work out where Toyota have hidden the fog light relays. Today has been a very cruisy day for Sandy ... read more
The entrance to our caravan park
It looked bigger in real life :)
Ah the tranquility

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham June 16th 2012

A nice cruisy start to the day. Quite cool overnight and lots of heavy condensation and heavy dew on the tent and car. Sandy has breakfast in bed whilst I enjoy my breakfast overlooking the water whilst sitting back on the tailgate of the Rangie. I'd been for a walk down to the bakers this morning for a loaf of crunchy white bread. They don't have a bread slicer at the bakery so it was back to slicing the bread myself...nice thick slices ;). Steve has gone down to the local tip for a quick forrige. We'll have to wait and see what treasures he finds...disappointingly he came back empty handed. Shortly after we all head out for a short sightseeing drive back along the road in and out of Denham. We called in at the ... read more
Denham foreshore
Eagle waiting for it's prey
Shortly before catching a rabbit

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