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June 8th 2013
Published: June 22nd 2017
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Seems like Googs Track again
Geo: -25.9279, 113.534

On the way to Denham (population 800) we took a detour to visit the Hamelin Pool which is a large shallow bay containing thousands of Stromatolites. They are some primitive life form which apparently scientists say helped create earth by increasing oxygen levels. They take hundreds of years to grow and you can still see the wagon tracks through them from when the farmers loaded wool onto ships.
We pulled into Denham to find we had one of the best sights in the park (we thought so). Great view and large site with minimal traffic. What more could we ask for.
Day one saw us out and about to view the local sights. We went to Eagle Bluff where you can see manta rays, sharks, dugongs, sea turtles etc. but like the camels in the desert, there wasn't a marine creature to be seen.
Onto the local aquarium where they have shark feeding but again we were too late to take the last tour and didn't see anything but the gift shop. Giving up on that side of town we headed out to Little Lagoon which is anything but little. There are so many dirt roads to travel around Denham and fishing is abundant. We had a look at the mangroves and can't get over how clear the water is here. You can see fish and crabs doing their thing.
We took a turn to the beach and yep.....we got bogged. Maybe letting the tyres down and not having the hand brake on and me having to tramp down the sand for 30 minutes finally got us out. Yay.

Day 2 we were supposed to be up and at Monkey Mia by 8 am but that was the time we woke. I finally got to see some camels, but they were lazy and having a free ride in a trailer heading to Monkey Mia. When we finally got there (at 10.30am and it cost $8 each just to enter the place and she asked us if we had seniors cards $6 each), we were in time for the last feeding of the dolphins. David got picked to feed one...lucky boy. After a walk around we went onto the jetty and saw a turtle swimming around. That was great. Monkey Mia is a tourist place with a resort, a couple of caravan parks, a bar and a small gift shop.
After a walk on the town jetty I was reading a plaque and found a reference to Captain Griff. I better find a captains hat for him now.

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Finally found some

10th June 2013

hey captain griff if I was around the place I would have used a snatch strap ta pull ya out as all mates would. Good driving normally averts the need for this. I remember somebody laughing at somebody when they got bogged for being a gentle
man once. HAHAHAHA!!!! Monkey Mia looks nice, should have put a fish down ya shorts and see if the dolphin searched for a feed hey hahaha ! Take Care.
10th June 2013

told you to let your tyres down!
11th June 2013

what a beautiful picture - oh and you look good Griff

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