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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham November 2nd 2009

30-10-09 Up & packed up & left the girls in the van (not happy as everything packed ready to go & we went & left them) & down at the info centre to get our permit for Fowlers Camp. The day was sunny & not as windy today, about 26deg. We were at the Quad Bikes by 9.45am & we got set up with helmets & goggles, not a good look but who cares. By the time I got the helmet off after 3 hours I would be having a bad hair day too. I was a little nervous when he started to explain how to start, brake, not to run into anything (excuse me I am an oldie & BLONDE too). There were 4 bikes plus the guide. Den & I had a bike to ... read more
2     30-10-09   Me on the Quad Bike at Denham
3     30-10-09   Getting ready to leave on the Quad Bike at Denham
6     30-10-09   Den on the Quad Bike at Denham

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham November 2nd 2009

30-10-09 Continued - We headed down the road 27 km to 423 WA Fowlers camp & got a camp right on the waters edge, you know its hard having a different backyard every night but someone has to do it. After we set up, we had a late lunch & I had a lay down, my back was a bit sore & Den went for a walk. Before I laid down he was collecting little rocks & I wondered what he was doing, when I got up I found out. A lot of places we have gone we have noticed & had a giggle at , there have been these pyramid like rock formations, like Aliens have left their mark. Thoughtful Den had made me one to mark our visit to Fowlers Camp. We had Beer ... read more
34     30-10-09    The View from the van at Fowlers Camp at Denham
35     30-10-09    Our Camp Spot at Fowlers Camp at Denham
36     30-10-09     Den's Alien Pyramid at Fowlers Camp at Denham

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham October 28th 2009

27-10-09 Up early & at the mechanics for the caravan rego inspection & it passed no probs, & $85 bucks later (wow). But over in WA cars , vans etc only need inspecting when sold so there are a lot of rust buckets running around. We were talking to the mechanic & mentioned we might stop at Gladstone beach & he warned us & said if there was a cloud in the sky or rain don’t go on the dirt road as we would get bogged. We headed off down the road got to the Gladstone Beach turnoff & the road had puddles on it from the rain so we pushed on to the Gladstone Lookout (426 in the camp book) what a view it was great. We left out mark on a concrete block there ... read more
8  27-10-09   The view from Gladstone Lookout on the road to Denham
11    27-10-09   A bit more graffiti on the road to Denham
16  27-10-09   The shell quarry at Hamelin Pool

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham October 11th 2009

Hi everyone After Carnarvon, we drove down another uninteresting road,stopping at a lookout for lunch on the way. We kept going to the Overlander Roadhouse, where we had a quick look around, then turned off towards Shark Bay. We stayed 2 nights at Hamelin Station, where Chris volunteered to help the owner for a day. He built tempory yards, drafted sheep and goats (and some emu), and tagged some animals without tags. He was picked up at 6am, and got back to the van at 6.15pm exhausted but happy. I will include his comments of his day at the end of this blog, as some of you may be interested. After turning down more work at the station, we drove to nearby Hamelin Pool, and saw the stromatolites . Stromatolites were the first organisms on earth, ... read more
lovely seafood from the area
At Hamelin Station
some of the sheep and goats

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham September 18th 2009

On our third day of roadtrip we decided to stop in Denham, which is only half an hour down the road from Monkey Mia. Our thinking was that I'd be able to have a day off from driving and when we left on day four we would be closer to getting back onto the Great North Western Highway. Denham is the main town in Shark Bay, but it is very small, and pretty much all along one stretch of road. There wasn't really much to do in Denham itself so we headed out for the day to various lookout points and places of interest in the area. Our first stop was Hamelin Pool, which is a marine nature reserve and is one of the few places in the world where you can see living Stromatolites. It ... read more
Shark Bay

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham August 21st 2009

Dongara to Denham (Sharks Bay) via Geraldton and the Stomatolites I woke to the sound of crashing waves and the drip, drip of water off the corregated iron roof of the cabin I had rented. From the puddles it was clear it had rained hard over night and the sky was just starting to look a little brighter. I later discovered that rain over night was the norm as the fronts pass through. Without the benefit fo coffee I made the short ride to Geraldton and got to walk the main street abd harbor before the town woke up. Staying in Dongara was definitely the way to have gone. Geraldton tried to look like an up market seaside town but failed. The swank pavements, parks and shelters could not disguise the view of a working port. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham May 27th 2009

Day 37 (Wednesday 27-May-09, NJJ) Up early and on the road. We drove for a time, off the main highway, towards Kalbarri National Park but changed our mind and decided to skip this route until on the way back. It was roughly 150km one way out of our way and we have a 3000km limit which sounds like a lot but when you think that it's 2400km return from Perth to Exmouth we need to watch how much we defer from the main highway. I had a sleep again en route but I did have a 'bardy' belly so fair enough. Had a milkshake stop for Jay at the Billabong Roadhouse. At Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station we visited the Shell Quarry, and the Stromatolites which are apparently the oldest living organisms on earth. On the way ... read more
Billabong Roadhouse
Lunch TIme
Shell Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham May 13th 2009

DAY 186 Awake nice and early this morning for moving day, but still did not get out of bed until 7.30, never mind, while Andy got a start on yesterdays blog, I showered and then made the breakfast. It took us a little while longer to pack this morning, we had the awning up so that needed dismantling and I could not think straight this morning, I don’t know why, I only had one glass of wine last night so that could not have had an affect. We said our goodbyes to Janice and Kevin; they were heading of towards Geraldton this morning and perhaps a stop at Kalbarri on the way, they were telling us that they had a text from some friends in the South Island of New Zealand and they had a camper ... read more
More Photos
The Facts
Wide Load

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham May 11th 2009

DAY 185 We decided to book in for another day here at Shark Bay, as we just struggle to grasp any down time, so today we wanted to do absolutely nothing except potter around, read our books, or even have a practice on the communal didge. Caroline was suggesting we could possibly have a walk on the beach, or may be do this or that, and I listened intently and just said yes, without any real intention of doing it. Its constantly hectic on the road, or even if you are staying somewhere for a couple of days you never seem to stop there is always so much to see and a lot of people we have come across always say to us “You must see this and you must see that”, so we try to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Denham May 10th 2009

DAY 184 The view from my window this morning is amazing, the turquoise water is lying still next to the white sandy beach and the daylight is edging its way forward as the sun sneaks up behind us. What a great view, there is no better way to start the day, except with a cup of tea of course. It was 7.00, but as we were up late last night, we stayed in bed until 7.30, taking full advantage of not having to rush off anywhere today. We are going to head over to Monkey Mia today, which is a resort about 25 kilometres from Denham. As Andrew and Kirsty are moving on today, they gave us a ticket that they purchased yesterday which is also valid for today, the cost of entry is $6.00 per ... read more
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Clay pans
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