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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Eyre Peninsula September 27th 2016

Monday 26 September 2016 - Talia Caves Tourist Drive. This was another natural wonder of Eyre Peninsular in South Australia. The Woolshed Caves were the 1st feature off the main road. The route began some 20 minutes south of Venus Bay. The caves were beautifully coloured by the distinctive limestone and granite formations common to these areas. The area is also home to 100,000 year old fossil cocoons, locally known as ‘clogs’. The weevils that lived in thee cocoons (Leptoptius duonti) once inhabited the area. We drove on a little further and found The Tub which was a big hole with an arched entrance from the sea. There was a home made steps down into the tub but we really needed a road to help lower us down. We could see that the only advantage in ... read more
35 Woolshed Caves (25)
37 Walkers Rocks north of Elliston (21)
35 Woolshed Caves (4)

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Eyre Peninsula July 8th 2016

Well hello everyone, did you miss me? I have had to climb a hill to find a couple of bars and not the good kind with beer! You may have wondered why no blog, we have been in areas with so little signal coverage it wasn't possible. So our night camping at Lincoln National park started well with a lovely fire and then after we got into our swags a big rainstorm came through all night and much of the morning. This was not good and my efforts to de stink my swag had also de-waterproofed it as well so I had a fair amount of rain in with me. Brian did better but still found a lake in his swag in the morning. We then had 4 miserable hours of trying to break camp in ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Eyre Peninsula September 11th 2015

Port Augusta! My most enduring memories of Port Augusta from previous trips involved the sounds of trains shunting and making weird noises throughout the night (I think I must have stayed in a caravan park opposite the rail yards) and public toilets with automatic everything from door opening to water from the tap to wash hands accompanied by elevator type music and recorded instructions on how everything works. I know, I know, these are not uncommon now, but 18 years ago on my first trip to this fine city, they were very avant garde. This time however, I am taking away some much finer memories. I was surprised by Port Augusta this time and impressed with the townscape, their care of fine old sandstone public buildings, the wharf precinct and harbour generally and especially ... read more
Number Four Barge 2
Number Four Barge 3
Number Four Barge 4

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Eyre Peninsula » Venus Bay September 11th 2015

After leaving Port Augusta, I travelled over 300 kms the next day through wonderful blue bush Eyre Peninsular country. Lost telephone coverage a couple of times on this piece of road, that’s the first time this trip. But not for long, it reappeared at each town. The trip across the top of the Eyre Peninsular is through diverse country. Up until you reach Kimba, it is dry land, blue bush scrub. This is the area around Iron Knob. But suddenly, as you crest a small hill in the road, a beautiful green and gold valley studded with shinny white silos and grain storage facilities opens up before your eyes. The next 100 or so kilometers is some of the richest and best grain growing land in South Australia. I then travelled the Eyre Highway as far ... read more
Venus Bay sunset 1
Venus Bay sunset 2
Venus Bay sunset 3

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Eyre Peninsula August 21st 2014

Streaky Bay to Hancocks Lookout (Birdseye Highway/Eyre Penn.) Leaving Streaky Bay via the Flinders Hwy our first scheduled stop is Elliston where in 2011 we attended the Elliston Hotel Melbourne Cup Day and Trish won the Cup Sweep, I wonder if they will welcome us back! You can take a scenic route out of Streaky that joins the Flinders Hwy via Point Labbatt, where you can see the only permanent colony of Australian Sea Lions. On this loop you can also visit Murphy’s Haystacks, a unique outcrop of ancient wind-worn pink granite inselbergs, (do you remember what an inselberg is? Check our Blog, MikeandTrishV.Pildappa Rock). If you take this loop to leave Streaky heading South East towards Elliston, you will join the Hwy about 40klms out. The next place to visit along this route is Venus ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Eyre Peninsula February 2nd 2014

Left Marion Bay and headed for Whyalla a booming industrial town at the head of both the York and Eyre peninsula's with a population of 22,500, major industries include Arrium Mining,steel production and commercial salt production to name a few.I'm sure Whyalla has much to offer but after a 6hr drive all we wanted was a cold drink and something to eat and sleep,so we found the local pub and did not go sightseeing staying overnight before heading to Port Lincoln which has on it's brochure the slogan Seafood capital of Australia. Port Lincoln a small fishing town compared to Whyalla with a population of 14,00 but boasts home to Australia's largest fishing fleet. The town also caters for the tourists and visitors with plenty of serviced attractions as well as numerous natural/nature made sights to ... read more
Coffin Bay
Coffin bay

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Eyre Peninsula February 2nd 2014

Arrived at Streaky Bay in wonderful weather very warm and little wind( the wind has been a feature along the SA coast).The caravan park is right next to the beach with some sites being on the beach edge.We tried for a beach site but were told we would have to wait a couple of days,we elected to move on to a site 1 row away from the beach and move again in 2 days to a beach front site.I noticed however the selected beachfront site was empty( I concluded it was to be taken that day for 2 days) When the next day came no one on the site so I inquired at the office and they realized the previous occupants had left without telling them,so we moved sites,we are now on a beachfront site. Streaky ... read more
Streaky Bay
Room with a view

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Eyre Peninsula » Venus Bay September 20th 2013

Since we arrived at Venus Bay last Saturday, we have been waiting for the wind to drop so that we can go fishing. That day finally came today. In the meantime, we have entertained ourselves by doing pretty mush nothing. We did have a go at fishing from the jetty, We caught nothing, but had lovely fresh whiting and salmon trout for dinner. They were donated to us by some of our fellow caravan park residents. As we walked to the jetty, I started talking to a woman from the site next to us heading the same way. We had seen her earlier in the morning fishing from the beach with a beer in her hand at ten in the morning. Impressive. Anyway, as we walked, she told me that she loves fishing, but doesn’t eat ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Eyre Peninsula » Venus Bay September 17th 2013

The holiday continues, and so does the wind. We have been getting buffeted by wind gusts since arriving, however it did settle yesterday for a while. This morning promised us a sunshine and a gentle breeze, so instead of fishing like everybody else, we chose to go for a drive in search of oysters. We are in the vicinity of Coffin Bay, famous for oysters, so that’s where we headed. We stopped for lunch at Ellerton, about half an hour down the road. That should give you a clue about our departure time. Over a pie and coffee (good pies at Ellerton) Frank suggested that Coffin Bay was a long way, about 220km, so we should go across to Cowell on the other side of the peninsula instead. Cowell is famous for its jade and huge ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Eyre Peninsula » Venus Bay September 15th 2013

Back by popular demand, or because a couple of people asked me too, I am again writing a blog for this holiday. I will start with a quick update for anybody just joining, and for those who were following, because it is a long time between posts. For varying periods of time, we take on the life of grey nomads. In reality, we have a caravanning holiday, but the nomad title sounds good. Also, we aren’t grey. Frank is. However, I have brown hair with golden highlights. Who knows what colour my hair is in reality. Moving on, we are traveling in our home built 5th wheeler, which every trip brings us much pleasure and always an element of frustration. Last year, we travelled with our two dogs, Sally and Bubble. Bubble was diagnosed with a ... read more

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