Monday 26 September 2016 - Talia Caves Tourist Drive.

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September 27th 2016
Published: September 30th 2016
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Monday 26 September 2016 - Talia Caves Tourist Drive.

This was another natural wonder of Eyre Peninsular in South Australia. The Woolshed Caves were the 1st feature off the main road. The route began some 20 minutes south of Venus Bay. The caves were beautifully coloured by the distinctive limestone and granite formations common to these areas. The area is also home to 100,000 year old fossil cocoons, locally known as ‘clogs’. The weevils that lived in thee cocoons (Leptoptius duonti) once inhabited the area.

We drove on a little further and found The Tub which was a big hole with an arched entrance from the sea. There was a home made steps down into the tub but we really needed a road to help lower us down. We could see that the only advantage in climbing down was to see the arched opening more clearly so we decided not to venture down.

We then drove onto Walkers Rock to see if it was a good spot to park for the night. It was by the beach and flat ground and one flushing toilet. It was a lovely spot even though the wind was blowing.

We parked the vans in such a way that we could get out of the wind. The bottle of red and white wine was opened, cheese and biscuits and chilli tuna accompanied it and we sat down for an end-of-the-day chat. I put on the picnic table a tablecloth that had a map and pictures of SA which my Mum had given me 30-odd years ago. Very appropriate.

Leura was very keen to build a fire so went scouting around for dead wood. Great success. The fire was built in a spot out of the wind and was great delight for her….. and us.

That night the sun set was SPECTACULAR!! With a few clouds and the red sun shining into the sea with birds in the foreground, it was like the stairways to heaven. Tom & Doug ‘teased’ me for taking 40 photos of the sunset but when you have glassy eyes with pure delight at what you are seeing, then that is why all the photos had to be taken!!!!! Enjoy the photos.

We shared BBQ barramundi for dinner with the Cathcarts and all in all was a fantastic night and great camping site. We finished the night off with a port around the camp fire and when the cold beat us, we retreated into our van. It was a fantastic day, finished off in excellent fashion.

Tuesday 27 September

Walkers Beach near Elliston, on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula in South Australia offered us a magnificent morning of sunshine with the waves rolling onto the beach. I had a quick walk down the beach eating my fruit and yoghurt (and camera of course). The shower in our van is so efficient and warm it is certainly home away from home (but no family unfortunately).

We don’t unhitch the van from the car when we are camping out so packing up and driving off doesn’t take much. We drove further south along the coast and saw the Elliston jetty which is 424m Heritage listed and recently restored. It is one of the few screw pylon structured jetties still in use. New toilet, picnic tables, stairs down to the beach and new paving all establishes an inviting setting for visitors.

We spotted a bakery – I am sure we will be able to draw a map of Australia based on excellent bakeries in all these towns we have visited – and walked out with cream this and cream that which I don’t eat in the morning but the others do. A homemade coffee which we make in our special coffee mugs in the morning, was always welcomed.

We had also heard about the biggest community painted mural in the southern hemisphere on the Town Hall walls (which is now the Tourist Information Centre). It depicted and history of the region and Elliston. It was very well done. The VIS was, once again, very informative.

Off we drove again down the Flinders Highway to see the Leo Cummings Memorial lookout. He was a 29-year-old who drowned in a boat accident off the coast and was never found. I’m not sure if he was a relation (my maiden name was Cummings) so must ask my 91 year old Dad. The scenery was incredible though. Cliff faces were incredible with hanging shelves which looked as if they were balancing on a knife edge and ready to fall. Have a look at the photos to see where I was standing!!! Again, the water was very, very blue as was the sky. The land was littered with limestone and granite rocks and little red/black seaside succulents. Uniquely beautiful.

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