Lincoln national park- Venus bay - Cactus Beach

Published: July 8th 2016
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Well hello everyone, did you miss me? I have had to climb a hill to find a couple of bars and not the good kind with beer!
You may have wondered why no blog, we have been in areas with so little signal coverage it wasn't possible.
So our night camping at Lincoln National park started well with a lovely fire and then after we got into our swags a big rainstorm came through all night and much of the morning.
This was not good and my efforts to de stink my swag had also de-waterproofed it as well so I had a fair amount of rain in with me. Brian did better but still found a lake in his swag in the morning.
We then had 4 miserable hours of trying to break camp in pouring rain and play that stupid game where you put things in the car and then shuffle everything until everything is in the right place. It was like car luggage Rubik's cube and everything was in various stages of wet or muddy or both.
Eventually we made it and got back up the 4WD track to get out having had no food.
We headed back to Port Lincoln and bought waterproof spray , had a miserable McCafe brunch and then set out for our farm stay accommodation near Venus Bay.
We were the only guests so spent 3 days there getting everything dried out, clean and reproofed. Getting supplies was tricky as it was a 130km round trip to the nearest shop.
The accommodation was old shearer sheds in a pioneer homestead but with a kitchen, heating a ping pong table and Foxtel - strictly for tennis at Wimbledon. It was built by the Boylan family in the late 1800s and they had 13 children. It must have been a tough life.
We perfected the car repack and played ping pong with our own
spin on the rules - the ball is in play irrespective of how many bounces or whether it has ricocheted off a piece of furniture or wall. My knee held up well during this chaos!
We also enjoyed exploring the Eyre Peninsula but so far have not seen a whale however saw some Dolphins.
So finally we moved on and are now camped at Cactus Beach, Point Sinclair. This is a great campground well known to surfers who have great swell here and the ocean makes a great view and background. The sand dune system is natural and they are huge!!!
We move on today towards the WA border and will be camping again on the other side but plan to take a break to spot whales on the Great Australian Bight.
So the Nullabor starts properly today and we have spent the night camping without a total washout - hurrah! Mind you it was around 3-4 degrees last night so pretty chilly but the sun is shining.

So we stopped at the Head of the Bight to look at whales- spectacular and a lifelong dream but that left us very behind schedule so (and Brian thinks we have copped out) we are in a motel room at the Nullabor Roadhouse for the night at an eye watering 159 dollars but this means we can be on the road and away first thing and do some big miles to camp near Mount Pleasnt hopefully. We also gain 1.5 hours but I'm not sure how that helps us put up swags by nightfall????

I have added some photos from the last few days - you will need to zoom in to read the name of the second shower block 😄

Goodnight all

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