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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide September 16th 2021

Remember back at the start of this trip we said we had a number of foci. We wanted to get to The Painted Desert. √ We did it albeit with some adventures to make it there. We wanted to be in Roxby Downs for Father’s Day. √ We did it and had a wonderful time with T, Z and Luna. We wanted to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary in Coffin Bay. √ We did it and had a fabulous day. We wanted to test our new caravan fridge. √ Oh boy! It is fantastic. So now we are home and there’s no more to say. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide April 13th 2021

A 7 day driving holiday of Adelaide, the Southern Vales, Hahndorf and the Barossa Valley with good friends Peta & Paul Geisel from 12 -18 May 2021.... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Glenelg March 11th 2020

Day 22 to 27 Adelaide to Albany Before we go to the news the photos are mostly of Freemantle and Perth, if they actually appear. Have inserted them once but they seem to be missing now. Will try again later! Publishing this though. Hope you find it interesting reading. Seems to be some problem with Adelaide and Albany and the boat trip photos. I have them on my phone but it doesn't want to upload them for some reason. Anyway, little coloured boat is Albany and about 5 more but unfortunately the ones of osprey and more pelicans are missing here. They will be in my album though, when I make it......sooner than last time( that's still waiting!) The photos of the sculptures are at Coteslie Beach, between Freemantle and Perth, there is King‘s Park and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Glenelg March 11th 2020

Let’s try again, sorry about the Gobbledegook! No idea what happened. Hers the blog, will try for photos tomorrow! Day 22 Wednesday 4th March, 2020 Adelaide And into port again! This time we were docked about 40 mins from the actual town of Adelaide, out near the naval shipyards in an industrial area. Port Adelaide, the first settled area, was about 5-10 mins away, at the mouth of the Torrens River. Here there is still the feeling of a frontier town, with a lot of the old buildings, warehouses and hotels renovated. Facts Adelaide is on the South coast of Australia in South Australia, a state that is 4 times the size of UK, but a population of only half a million. Darwin is 2096 miles north, Perth is 1690 miles west (38hrs by train), Sydney ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide » Port Adelaide March 4th 2020

Day 17 Friday 28th February, 2020 Hobart. Well, what a bumpy night! We were disturbed in the night by an announcement on ships tannoy, for crews to do something. However a bit later they were told to step down. This was about 3 am. It was then we realised how rough the sea was! Definitely being rocked around in bed. Very windy too, whistling around the balcony door. I was convinced the door wasn’t locked but Roger assured me it was........until he eventually went to check after a long while....... to find it not! The whistling noises abated somewhat after that although still very rocky, but we managed to get to sleep again. We woke up to a bright morning as we were slowly edging into the quayside in Hobart. We are very close in towards ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 9th 2020

In the environs of Melbourne and Adelaide we visited several wine areas. It is easier to cover them all together even though they were on separate days. Melbourne has the famous Yarra Valley northeast of the city, basically surrounding the area of the Healesville Aniam Sanctuary we visited. However, when we were at the the Sanctuary it was obvious that traffic was heavy and we found out that Elton Jon was giving a concert that night and the next night. Rather than going back up there to try the justifiably famous wines, we elected instead to go to the Mornington Peninsula. Mornington is Sonoma to the Yarra Valley's Napa. Much more laid back and informal, and frankly more fun. Viticulture is intricately related to microenvironment. A little higher tip a slope and the annual rainfall or ... read more
Melbourne Mornington Peninsula
Melbourne Mornington Peninsula
Melbourne Mornington Peninsula

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide June 12th 2019

After two years staying home we finally on the way. We hoping everybody has the right right email address, if no blogs arrived you have to send your email address to me. We leave later today direction Doha Qatar. We be a few days there and no Ramadan that will be good. Last time we could not even have a bottle of water. So all you people stay healthy and we see you via the Blog all the way from Doha where it is 44 degrees. That depends on the internet of course. We hope for the best. Bye for now Liz & Alphons... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide March 9th 2019

Day 1 (2/3/2019) Departed home at 7:30AM. Found traffic quite busy for that early on a Saturday. Not happy to be leaving a day later than expected, but when you only get the caravan back at 4:05PM the previous day, there is not much you can do about it. At least all the main things were taken care of (we hope!) & we have a hassle free trip. After being badly buffeted by fierce side winds from the North, we stopped at Ballarat at 10:20AM for a cuppa & a brief rest. I had forgotten how the bum cheeks nod off driving & a leg stretch always stops any cramping up. Back on the road at 10:50AM, the drive was largely uneventful with little traffic except for one moron who decided he wanted to overtake me ... read more
Greenhill 02
Greenhill 03
MB 01

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide December 20th 2018

Monday 17th Dec. While the on-train sleeping experience was good with a comfortable but narrow bed, and a gentle rocking motion, I did not sleep well. Too much food probably but I did manage about 5 hours. On waking the scenery had not changed... Empty, open and endlessly flat. We made a couple of brief off train excursions, just to stretch and look about, but there was little to see... that's the whole point! Our second stop was at the appropriately named "Cook". Why appropriate? Because the temperature there was 44 degrees C. It was a dry heat so not that difficult but the wind was blowing so it felt like standing in front of a fan over with the door open and the fan still running. Wow that was hot! The second evening was again ... read more
Indian Pacific loco
Half way
At cook it was 44 degrees C.

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide October 2nd 2018

After loading up the bike I stopped at the Roadhouse just outside of town to fill up with gas they didn’t have premium so I had to put 1/2 a tank of regular in my tank. After a quick egg sandwich I was off and running. The Trip down Adelaide would be around 300 miles (how many Kilometers?) Answer at the end of the blog. The first hour or so was bleak nothingness - flat as far as the eye can see and the temp quickly built up to a simmering 95 degrees F. However it was the first 10 miles of the trips start which caught my attention. There were 30 Roo roadkill’s over the first 10 Miles out of Woomera. That’s a total 52,780 feet with an expired Roo every 1,760 ft. What I ... read more
Salt flats
Salt Flats pic 2
Downtown Adelaide

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