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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 22nd 2018

Whenever I hear the name Adelaide I can’t stop thinking of Adams which obviously takes my brain to Calamity Jane (Adelaide Adams) and then I can’t stop Singing ‘Oh the dead wood stage is a coming on over the hill, whip crack away whip crack away whip crack awayyy’ and ‘I’ve just flown in from the Windy City, the Windy City is mighty pretty but it ain’t got what we’ve got’. Now Adelaide is nothing like Dead Wood, It’s culturally diverse, beautiful and a big city. After spending the first day charging our electronics and doing boring internet stuff, we were ready for a beach day. Our first proper time on an Australian beach. We get up and dress in swim wear, pack our towels and start the drive. And yes you’ve guessed it, it starts ... read more
Sun setting
The Cathedral
St Peters

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 15th 2018

After breakfast this morning we had one last drive around to the two lakes, and then set off on our long drive back to Adelaide. Our first stop was the Roman Catholic precinct in Penola, where Mary MacKillop of the Cross (one of our distant relatives) started her first school and set up the first convent for the Sisters of St Joseph. We then continued on our drive through the Coonawarra and Padthaway vineyards (so many hectares of grapevines) stopping again at Naracoorte for Tom to explore one of their many caves. They also had statues of wombats and kangaroos the size they were thousands of years ago. I had a latte in the coffee shop while Tom did his cave tour, and found many courageous blue fairy wrens hopping around on the tables searching for ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 9th 2018

9/2/18 Early muster this morning saw us checking out of our Adelaide hotel at 06.30. The promised discount at check in, did not appear to be carried through to check out. After some discussion, we got the discount anyway. Our ordered taxi arrived and took us to the railway station which is not the one that we originally thought was round the corner as that one is now a casino. Checked in with Overlander reception and waited in the very pleasant lounge. The C.O.'s plan was to let the train take us in a leisurely way to Melbourne whilst we watched the countryside roll past us and observed the changing landscapes. We showed our passports before boarding and as we took our designated seats, the plan encountered an immediate snag - there was no window!! The ... read more
Long Ride
Long Ride
Long Ride

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 8th 2018

7/2/18 & 8/2/18 The 38 degrees C was wrong it is just over 40. It is hot !! Too hot for serious sightseeing some might say but not if you are with the C.O. During the two full days in Adelaide, we managed the following:- A walking tour of Adelaide guided by Ryan, a 26 year old born and bred in Adelaide and proud of it, but appearing to have extensive travels rather than a career. Our tour party was me and the C.O. with a young Noweigen girl teacher taking a year out and a Spanish young lady who does voice overs for a living and was taking a 3 month holiday. Ryan was of the opinion that Adelaide was a very conservative place. It attracted only 5% of total tourists coming to Australia. It ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 8th 2018

Wow - what a day! We started at 3.15am when the alarm went off. This is the beauty of these super cheap flights -they are either early early or late late. And you can pack so much more into your day when you’re up with the sparrows! 🤣 So breakfast first and off we go. We took Crikey (the little blue Merc A) down to Blue Emu car park and then we continued on to the airport. Time for a coffee. When we got to the Tiger Lounge a lady in a Darth Vader cloak asked ever so nicely if she could weigh our cabin luggage (which we knew was heavier than allowed) and then told us we would have to be upgraded to Cabin Baggage +, for a fee of about $30. Well, my ”careful ... read more
2018-02-08 11.34.50
2018-02-08 13.22.41
2018-02-08 14.03.00

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 6th 2018

Caught Sky Bus outside appartment which whisked us off to the Melbourne domestic flights terminal in half an hour. The C.O. always likes to be early, so we waited and then waited some more at the terminal for our gate number on the departures display screen. The domestic terminal at Melbourne is quite well appointed but a comfortable seat is a bit tricky to find. We eventually got to our departure gate and hallelujah! Jet Star have lived up to their name and provided a jet aircraft for our short trip which avoided a propeller phobia meltdown. Flight was smooth and lasted about 50 mins and we arrived in Adelaide a bit early. It is hot! About 35 degrees C so we noticed it. We were grateful for the air conditioning in the taxi and our ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 4th 2018

In the last Episode, you may recall that I mentioned my prowess as a sailor! Well, as we readied ourselves to leave Kangaroo Island, it was a really beautiful morning, but the howling gale of the last couple of days, had now reached hurricane force, at least it had in my head! As we looked out over the Backstairs Passage and the White Horses playing across the sea, the 45 minute or so ferry crossing was starting to take on the proportions of an epic round the world yacht race to me! To cap it all, our ferry wasn't until 10.30, and the waiting around didn't really help. While we waited, we decided to go for breakfast at a cafe we had seen in the town called The Fat Beagle, a name with special meaning to ... read more
HMAS Hobart
Mount Lofty 1
Mount Lofty 2

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide December 6th 2017

Leg 1 - COMPLETE! So we have flown 1500km in the wrong direction just so we can board another flight tomorrow to fly back over Alice and out of the country! But hey, flight itineraries don't make sense some times. Alice to Adelaide flight was ok, we got half a muesli bar as our inflight 'meal' (woohoo!) and Todd was that guy who bought a $9 Lazy Yak on a 10am flight. Kalyb's ears did not fare well and he freaked the hell out and ate his travel pillow on the way literally tore it apart with his teeth. No idea how to make things better for him on flights, we are going to try more antihistamine tomorrow and possibly a valium because I think half the problem is the freak out. Fingers crossed tomorrow's ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide December 3rd 2017

I am on the road again after a quick break in Singapore. This time, I am back in Australia, my second-to-last stop on this extension of the Midlife Crisis Flashpacking Trip. When I decided to extend my travels, I contacted my friend Trixie, thinking she might want to make a trip we had discussed in the past - driving from Darwin to Adelaide. She nixed it because it would be too hot and expensive. She counterproposed meeting me in Melbourne and driving the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide. I agreed readily. Getting to Melbourne I had just about 30,000 miles left in my United Airlines account (I accumulate miles on AAmerican nowadays), so I locked in a one-way Singapore-Bangkok-Melbourne business class redemption on Thai Airways days before United upped partner redemptions between Asia and Australia. This ... read more
Thai Airways

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide November 28th 2017

Our first stop in South Australia was the famous opal mining town of Coober Pedy. When we first read about Coober Pedy, an underground town in the outback desert, we were beyond intrigued. What does an underground town look like? Was there going to be a trap door with steps down?? The underground homes, churches, hotels, etc. are not what you would expect. There are no trap doors (devastating we know). But rather the buildings are dug into hill sides. With temperatures in Coober Pedy varying from up to 50 degrees in summer to freezing in the winter, these underground homes remain at about 25 degrees year round. One of the other benefits of building an underground home is the chances of finding opal in the process which can fetch thousands of dollars per carat depending ... read more
Town Hall in Yacka
Some front lawn!
A new state, a new Australian chapter!

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