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Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide November 10th 2017

Today we will explore the area south of Adelaide with Joy and Geoff, including several wineries in the Maclaren Vale region. Last time we here back in 1998 we had explored the Barossa Valley with them. But before a taste, we have lunch in typical Australian style. The Cottage Baker serves some really good meat pies, Marion’s was a traditional beef pie, Ferdy’s was jalapeño (you might have guessed). Then, Chapel Hill Winery for the first stop. Their 2016 Bush Vine Grenache was just released this day, and was the gold medal Grenache winner for Maclaren Vale region. No wonder! Additional Cellar Doors visited were Coriole Winery, S.C. Parnell, and Leconfield/ Richard Hamilton Winery, the latter featuring incredible rose displays. In between, Joy presented to us a picnic consisting of cheeses, pates, fruits and crackers. Just ... read more
Desert flower
Mission Hill
Cleaning the palate

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide September 7th 2017

Hello guys! I’ve recently returned from Romania, where I stayed for two weeks. Bucharest, capital city, was truly amazing and it’s really hard to find the words which would better describe this old, beautiful city with its peculiar atmosphere of antiqueness. Among plenty of guided tours, which I’ve undertaken there, was one special which I want to share with. This was a traditional Romanian cuisine tour, where we were taken to some popular national restaurants in various parts of Bucharest. We listened to the history and tried a variety of food that was really tasty. Ciorbă is a traditional Romanian soup that is usually served at the beginning of each meal. This soup is often rather sour due to some special ingredients like lemon, vinegar and even bran extract which are applied for cooking. There are ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide August 28th 2017

"Why Adelaide?" I keep getting asked. Well, I have a close friend who settled in Adelaide, and more recently another friend moved there as well, so I went there spend time with them, immerse myself in the place, and eat good food. I arrived in Adelaide on Tuesday, August 22, and stayed six days with my former co-worker Trixie and her husband Charles. I also spent time with my friend Ryan who moved there a few years ago. This was my third visit in eight years to Adelaide, so I wasn't there to see things so much as to just be there. During my time there, I ate myself silly, and went on lots of walks and hikes. Here are some of the things I did and saw. River Torrens Linear Park I did this hike ... read more
River Torrens Linear Park
Road Trip to Stone Hut
Just Hanging Out...

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide June 22nd 2017

Klemzig Adelaide March/April 2017 What great timing! Arriving in Adelaide just as the Adelaide Festival was opening. Before we could relax and get into all the action we had to settle into our newest house sit. Sascha in Klemzig was waiting for us and we were excited to spend time with her. She was a golden retriever with such a child like personality. Easy to love and our new friend for 6 weeks. We arranged this housesit when we were last in Adelaide. These people were known to the house sit hosts we worked for in St Peters last year but we weren't aware of this until after we were booked. We visited them back in September and were booked well in advance. Both of us felt really comfortable with Sascha and a house with a ... read more
Feb Henley Beach
MarchApril Sascha Klemzig
Feb Semaphore Beach

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide March 18th 2017

Geo: -34.9258, 138.64 weeks after returning from India, we are now of to China for a Trade Show at Pudong, Shanghai -China... read more
Off again to Shanghai via Singapore
Plane selfie
Leaving Adelaide

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 10th 2017

Geo: -34.9258, 138.6Another day, another adventure! We are off to India...!! We have been invited to a huge Wedding in Aligarh, India and we are excited!! After a sleepless night, due to the extreme heat we had yesterday (43 degrees) and during the night, it was very humid inside, we awoke early to start our day. Final pack of our bags, the off to the airport, Melanie taking us there. Checked in, and whilst filling out our customs forms, Nikki rings us to say the alarm is continually beeping and won't switch off..........why now?? Every time we go away, something happens at home or work! Well, after ringing the security man to advise there is a problem, we had to continue thru customs. Once on the other side of customs, Nikki messaged to say the alarm ... read more
Great seats, apart from 1st class seats!
1st selfie of our next adventure!
Passing over Port Vincent

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide January 31st 2017

Today I spent the entire day in the beautiful city of Adelaide. We started with a discussion of Aborigine rights and problems in Australia which parallel those of our native American Indians. Following, we had a free day with the option to do things such as a tour or Australian wineries. I chose to simply relax and explore Adelaide by walking around this beautiful city. Interesting to me is the structure of the city was engineered before it was built. The city is build on a grid north to south, east to west. Since this is a very warm part of Australia, East to West streets take advantage of the winds coming from the mountains to the East, bring cooling to the city during the day. I visited various sites in the city. In particular, I ... read more
Cricket Ground
Adelaide Baptist Church
Australian flags.  Aborigine flag on the right.

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide January 30th 2017

This morning we flew one hour from Melbourne to Adelaide, on the coast in the state of Southern Australia. Adelaide has a population of 1.3 million and the city site was engineered in that it is laid out in a perfect grid. Upon our arrival we traveled to the Cleland Wildlife Park containing many of the animals of Australia in a contained park allowing visitors to walk in the areas of the animals. We again saw Koalas, Kangaroos and other specialized animals of Australia. Following this visit, we checked into our hotel rooms and went to a "Home Hosted" dinner in the home of a local resident. This allowed us to speak with a local family about the country and it's culture.... read more
Kangaroo mob
Ring Tailed Wallaby

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide January 18th 2017

Geo: -34.9258, 138.6Once again we are in Dubai Airport, not a lot of time to wait between flights, the airport is unbelievably huge, unless you have been there, and gone from terminal to terminal, you can't imagine the size, and they're now building a new bigger airport, due to open in 2020. Our plane was due to depart at 2.05am, we went to the gate and waited, and boarded when we were called. Our departure was slightly delayed, due to the queue ahead of us, of planes incoming and outgoing. Homeward bound, for the next 12.5 hours we will have to try and get some sleep. Up in the air again, we had a meal and a drink, and we all tried to get comfortable for the next few hours. Somehow, I just can't seem to ... read more
Adelaide Oval, nearly home
Sunset on arrival, what a sight!

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide December 27th 2016

The four months in Adelaide from August until December allowed us to get to know the suburbs of the city better than I had managed in 30 years of having grown up there. Four months in a year would normally fly by with routine of nothing out of the ordinary but these four months were punctuated with highlighted memories. St Peters, Aug- Oct Our first house sit was for a lovely couple in St. Peters for 2 months during which time they visited Portugal, France and Spain. We tended to 2 lovable little white terriers. A Lahso Apso called Cooper and a West Highland Terrier called Bonnie. I don't think they had ever had so many walks in their lives. We had fun with them and Bonnie promptly lost the extra weight she was carrying when ... read more
Waterfall Gully Walk
St Peters Bonnie and Cooper
Fulham Charly and Bundy

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