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I'm a girl in her mid twenties who has always loved traveling and learning things about a new country. However up until August 2016 all my travels were mainly family holidays and even though these trips were a great way to see parts of the world they aren't traveling.

In August 2016 I moved to China. I'm here to enlighten you with tales about my experience in China and Asia, the adventures my friends and I got up to and teaching English to Kindergarteners.
In August 2017 I started my next adventure. A year travelling around Australia. Have a read about my adventures and trips.

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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter August 15th 2018

When I first arrived back home I told everyone two months, I’ll be back for two months. I leave on the 3rd of August. Oh how wrong I was. I didn’t end up leaving until a month later, on the 4th September. I had a flight booked for August! I had a job waiting! But I had visa issues! The last time I went to China I flew to Hong Kong and got a visa there. However recently China have been more forceful on their visa requirements and a lot more was required. I had my degree and TEFL already notarised by a solicitor so I had one part of the process done. I had to apply and then wait for a police check to be notarised and a letter from my University to prove I ... read more

For the last few years during the Summer, Mum and I would take a trip to London. This year I had planned something a little different: a trip to Newcastle. I’m a big fan of FRIENDS, the T.V show, and Friends Fest was being held in Newcastle during the time I was home. As neither of us had been to Newcastle and with FriendsFest on, I thought it would be a something different to our usual trip. Mum had no idea I was coming home let alone that I had planned a trip away. The day after I landed back home I took Mum out for an afternoon tea and gave her the tickets then. The flight was early morning, I drove us to the airport and an just over an hour later we were landing ... read more
Newcastle Upon Tyme
Orange Sofa!
Newcastle Bridges

Europe » France » Île-de-France July 2nd 2018

Living abroad I hadn’t seen my best friend for a few years. With me being home for two months we decided to do something together. We arranged a date and I went up to London and met Maggie after she finished work. We had also arranged to see two girls we went to school with, Portia and Hannah - Maggie had not seen them since she left school 10 years before. On arriving in London I met Hannah and we went to get some food for a picnic. In Hyde Park we met up with Portia and Maggie. We had our picnic in the sun and Maggie told me that she had actually sorted a trip to Paris and Disney for us both, leaving the next morning. She had warned me there was a surprise ... read more
Notre Dame
The Effilé Tower from Notre Dame
Meeting Tiger and Eeyore

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin June 1st 2018

I apologise for the delay, it’s been a long time coming but I am going to catch up on blog posts. Starting from May 2018. The day started early, 4:30am. Laurent and I got a taxi from Phil, our van, to the airport. I was going home. As my first flight was internal, Cairns - Sydney, Laurent was able to come straight to the gate with me. We said our tearful goodbyes and I got on the plane. Lauren stayed on to sell Phil then joined a group to do the West Coast of Australia. I flew to Sydney then had a few hours stopover. After checking in and going through security, I got some food and waited for my next flight. Sydney - Indonesia. Only for a short stop and then back on the plane ... read more
leprechaun selfie .
We are a lovely bunch
We shrunk

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City May 26th 2018

We had to be in Cairns by the 27th May as I had a flight booked but we wanted to be there a few days earlier so we could do the things we wanted to in that area. Luckily we arrived on the 22nd so we were fine. We arrived late afternoon and the first thing we did was find a trip to the Great Barrier Reef. We found a perfect one; we didn’t want to dive, we were happy to snorkel. We found a boat that went to the Outer Reef and included lunch and other things. We booked it for the Friday. The day before the reef we spent walking around Cairns and exploring the town. It isn’t the prettiest of places but it has the reef so everyone goes there. The day of ... read more
Sea front Pool
Purple Coral
The Great Barrier Reef

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Magnetic Island May 20th 2018

The East Coast Technically we had been traveling up the east coast for a while but the last two weeks before we got to Cairns, had been very busy. After leaving Brisbane and heading back to the Gold Coast and spending some time at a family friend’s house we headed to Australia Zoo. I had bought Laurent tickets for Christmas and it was finally time to use them. We arrived at the zoo when it opened and spent the entire day there. We went to different shows, giant turtles, otters, crocodiles and tigers. There were a lot of crocodiles at the zoo, but as Australia Zoo is the Steve Irwin Zoo, the crocodile hunter, it made sense. We had an amazing day at the zoo seeing so many different animals. Laurent’s favourite were the Meerkats. ... read more
I got to stroke a Koala 🐨
Spa Pool

We’d heard that Brisbane wasn’t the nicest City but we loved it there. There was so much to see and do and a lot of it was free - which is always an added bonus. After going to a few information centres and deciding exactly what we wanted to do, we got started. We spent the afternoon looking around free markets, trying tasters and buying fresh fruit. The first morning we walked along South Bank, a public area with parks, swimming areas, restaurants and a Chinese temple. It was a lovely place to walk and look around. We always like to head to a city’s China town so after the South Bank we started on our way there. Unfortunately Brisbane’s China Town wasn’t the greatest, it was rather small and most of it was shut ... read more
South Bank Pools
Kings Island

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gold Coast » Burleigh Heads May 1st 2018

The Gold Coast. Possibly the most touristy place in Australia; theme parks, water parks, amazing beaches. We did it all. We arrived on a Sunday and after looking around and playing mini golf we headed in to the city - Surfers Paradise. We found a small market on the sea front and strolled along it. We decided to go out for dinner that night. I had found a Groupon voucher for a place selling tapas close by. We drove there only to find the voucher had only been added that day and the system wasn’t ready. We found some where else for dinner and camped in the carpark. The next day we did the tourist thing. We had bought an all in one ticket for four attractions - Wet n Wild water park, Warner Bros ... read more
Wet n Wild
Feeding sheep and goats

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay April 21st 2018

Between the Blue Mountains and The Gold Coast is 570 miles (roughly 10h drIve) of basically just coast. This drive took us a week and we stopped in three different towns along the way. The first place we stopped was Newcastle. This area was discovered by accident when in 1797 John Shortland was sent to search for a number of convicts who had seized HMS Cumberland as she was sailing out of Sydney. The town became a big coal mining area. Newcastle gained a reputation as a "hellhole" as it was a place where the most dangerous convicts were sent to dig in the coal mines as harsh punishment for their crimes. When we first arrived in Newcastle we went straight to the beach and spent the afternoon reading, sunbathing and swimming. The next day ... read more
Laurent going for a swim
Happy Hour!!
Byron Bay beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains April 13th 2018

The Blue Mountains I think I have found my favourite nature spot in Australia. In 1788 the mountains were named Carmarthen Hills or Landsdowne Hills by Governor Phillip. However because of all the eucalyptus trees, which give off a fine mist from the oil in the leaves in a hot sun, which makes a blue haze, the mountains were renamed The Blue Mountains. We spent three and a half days in the Blue Mountains and did a variety of activities and all of them were fantastic. We got to the mountains late the first night so after dinner we watched a film and was ready for the next morning. We went to a local information centre to ask a few questions and went to a view point close by. The view was breath taking. Trees ... read more
Laurent getting ready to jump
The Jenolan Caves
Our river walk

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