Sue Hicks


Sue Hicks

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mosman December 21st 2022

We’d almost forgotten what 6am looked like, but we were up at the crack of dawn to try to avoid the worst of the Sydney traffic to get to Toronga Zoo. It’s only a 38km drive, but takes about an hour avoiding tolls – but up to 2 hours during rush hour traffic! Looking at the area around the zoo on the map there were some parks and café’s so we decided we’d get there early and have breakfast out, then head to the zoo for it’s opening time, 9:30am. The traffic was awful! Even at this early hour, not helped because there had been a bad accident on the toll road so local traffic was much heavier and also there were roadworks closing off one of the roads to the zoo! We eventually arrived and ... read more
2. Giraffe in Sydney
3. Sydney from Toronga Zoo
4. A Sea Lion visited the corwd

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Katoomba December 20th 2022

Today we took a trip to the Blue Mountains, specifically the The Scenic Skyway Katoomba. They have various things to do here, a cableway, railway , walkway and skyway. It was a reasonable drive, it took us around 90mins but we did stop off at a national park on the way as there was a viewing area which overlooked some of the flood damage they’ve suffered here recently. It was amazing to see what the force of water can do, large trees had been knocked flat, the tarmac from the road was missing completely in some parts. All back to normal now though. We stopped at another high up area overlooking this a bit further on, it must’ve been quite a sight when the water was at it’s worst. At Skyway, there’s free parking in a ... read more
2. Katoomba Falls
3. Katoomba Casscades
4. Scenic Skyway

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Parramatta December 19th 2022

Nice early start and breakfast on the go as we’d already used our single set of wooden cutlery for dinner last night! We also wanted to get to the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie when they opened at 08:30 to see the Koala’s being fed their morning leaves. We were greeted on the way in by one of the many volunteers there who explained what they do and ran through their current resident koala’s on the status board which detailed when they arrived, what the issue was and the cause if known, and what they were doing to help them. The issues ranged from disease (Chlamydia mainly), dog attacks, falling from tree’s, car strikes and a little joey being orphaned when his mum drowned in a swimming pool. They had some lifetime residents there too who ... read more
2. Pelican at Lemontree
3. Tanilba Boardwalk
4. Bearded Dragon Lizard

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Port Macquarie December 18th 2022

After a final stroll on the beach we said goodbye to the Gold Coast and headed further south. Our aim today was to reach Port Macquarie which was quite a distance – almost 500km’s and over 5 hours driving without any sightseeing detours! We travelled along the coastline at the start of the journey to find one of the lookout points. We found Lores Bonney lookout which needed a bit of a climb up some deep steps. We started making our way slowly up while another guy was heading down…. Just over halfway we were hoping that it was going to be worth the climb…. Got to the top and other than the bushes obscuring part of the view, it was a reasonable view of the Gold Coast. Once we’d caught our breath we turned to ... read more
2. Gold Coast, Lores Bonney
3. Byron Bay
4. Byron Lighthouse

Oceania December 17th 2022

The weather today was due to be a bit cloudy and turning very windy in the afternoon, so we decided to jump in the car and head inland to do a tree top walk. We had tried to do this previously way back in our trip when we were travelling along the great ocean road, but found it was closed! There were two options near to the Gold Coast. O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walk in the Lamington National Park, and the SkyWalk at Mount Tamborine. We set the sat nav on the phone to O’Reilly’s, it was about a 90min drive which isn’t too bad. The route was smaller roads, no motorways, which we prefer. The sun came out, we had the windows down and were enjoying the drive. We spotted one of the creative post boxes, ... read more
2. A Crimson Rosella
3. Inside Strangler Fig
4. Lamington Walkway

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gold Coast December 16th 2022

We woke up very early today, partly due to the fact it was so light (the shutters don’t really block the light out!) and also due to the bed dipping in the middle so we were both perched on the very edge most of the night trying (and failing!) to get comfortable! Just goes to show you don’t always get what you pay for….. although the view is great, some parts of this apartment are quite tired. Our bedroom light has given up now too! The good thing about being up early is you can make the most of the day. As we had our Aquaduck tour booked for today we needed to find the check in office so decided to venture out for an early walk. It was a bit chilly out (well it was ... read more
2. Gold Coast Harbour and Skyline
3. View from SkyPoint
3a. Night view from SkyPoint

Oceania » Australia December 15th 2022

Fairly early start today, we’d setup google maps on the phone to take us to our first stop for today – Brisbane Koala Bushlands. The initial route showed a 2 hour delay on top of the 2 hour normal drive due to an accident on the M1 (just like being at home!). We changed the settings to avoid motorways and toll roads and it changed the overall time to about 3 hours. This sounded like a much better option, we weren’t in a mad rush and prefer the smaller roads to the motorways anyway. So off we went, passing through some lovely little towns on the way, with some old buildings and some interesting post boxes. Not sure if we’ve mentioned this before but the people living in the more rural area’s have post boxes at ... read more
2. Dragonfly
3. Kookaburra
4. Koala Marks

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Sunshine Coast December 14th 2022

We’ve covered just over 500km’s today, taking around 10 hours door to door! It was a very long day! Back on the Bruce Highway, they were right about it being very long! We set off from Gladstone this morning and drove all the way to the Bundaberg Rum Distillery without any stops, there isn’t really much to see or do on this road! Although we did spot a large crab on the top of a building at Miriam Vale and passed through a place called ‘Gin Gin’ – which sounded like our kind of town! It seemed like we were being chased by grey clouds today, and we even had a few spots of rain on the windscreen. At one point we even had to close the windows! But not for long. It was still pretty ... read more
2. Gin Gin
3. Bundaberg Distillery
4. Bundaberg Distillery

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gladstone December 13th 2022

We missed our morning beach walk as we were running a bit late and needed to get on the road. What a lovely motel, as we drove out the lady who checked us in, made sure to meet us outside the office to say goodbye and also recommend a couple of places on our route today. It makes such a difference when you find one of these gems to stay at, just a shame we only had one night there. Our aim today was to get to Bundaberg, but it was a long way so realistically, we were going to try to get as far as Rockhampton. It was another scorcher today, 32 degrees with the humidity making it feel more like 36! One of the recommendations we had was to stop at Sabrina Sugar Shack ... read more
2. Capricorn Caves
3. Cathedral Cave, Capricorn
4. Roots in Cave

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay December 12th 2022

The days seem to be going really fast now! With motel hopping you do tend to get quite a mixed bag, take our abode for the night last night in Townsville. While the location was excellent and we had a sea view from our room, the ‘kitchenette’ was basically a tiny fridge, microwave, a kettle and toaster, no sink so washing up would’ve had to be done in the bathroom sink. This would be a pain, but could still work, however the bathroom was so small, the extra narrow door had to be opened right back so you could walk down the narrow room to the shower end in order to close it again! This was £72 worth of room! Compare that to our motel room tonight at Comfort Resort Blue Pacific, just north of MacKay ... read more
2. View from Mt Inkerman
3. Road from Mt Inkerman
4. Airlie Beach Houses

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