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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise September 4th 2019

Here we are, our last little blog of a six weeks on the road! No...we are not done with planes, just slightly different for the coming few weeks. That was a trip! This entry start in the Sunshine Coast. We are staying for 2 nights at the Novotel Twin Waters. It's a pretty old property, but the frequent guest benefits are pretty awesome. We love balcony with views, big baths, mini kitchenettes, suites in general...even more when they come with a complimentary bottle of wine! This is my first venture in this part north of Brisbane. It's way greener and peaceful than the Gold Coast. We spent some time having more great food and some superb wine. Weather is also still on our side, so the little walk to Noosa Heads National Park is just amazing. ... read more
Noosa Heads
Cuties in Twin Waters
Visiting friends...slept the over 10 years ago...

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise February 25th 2018

Hello! We have been staying in Surfers Paradise for the past two nights and are headed to Byron Bay later this morning. Always on the move! Yesterday was quite a day. Morgan and I woke us and went downstairs for their breakfast. Almost forgot what real food and a nice hotel was like! We are sure getting pampered here. A lot of our stays up to this point have been pretty basic with terrible WiFi. At least it is a place to stay! After we woke up, morgan and I walked the beaches of surfers paradise. I think Morgan liked the city a little more than I did as I thought it just reminded of the US. It’s hard to compare to the beach cities in northern Queensland as you are pretty submerged into the rainforest. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise December 23rd 2015

Day 23 We packed up our stuff and left the hotel in Brisbane for our hour drive to Surfers Paradise! As we couldn't check in until 2 we had a stop off in Oxenford for a bit of brunch and then had a mud muffin and hubster had millionaires shortbread! Piggies! In this same bakery we saw Horsey Cake which was actually being sold as a hedgehog slice!! Very bizarre! We arrived in surfers paradise about 12, too early to check in so we went for a walk along the beach front lots of nice big waves, hence the name I guess! We went to the hotel about 1:30 but the room wasn't ready. We were able to park the car in the car park and use the hotel facilities but we decided to go out ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise December 23rd 2015

Day 24 We didn't do a great deal today, we got up and went for breakfast in the hotel about 8:30 then we decided to have a look round all the shops! I was very good I barely bought anything! Finally persuaded the hubster to buy some sleeveless tshirts as its so warm!! And he bought some more thongs, I know you're probably thinking whoa, way to much info but actually the Aussie call flip flops thongs lol! He has become increasingly obsessed with calling them that and giggling lol love him! We then had a bit of lunch at surfers sandbar and planned to spend the afternoon at the beach! We were there an hour or two and loads of big ol black clouds came over so we headed back to the hotel and watched ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise December 23rd 2015

I was really sorry to be leaving Byron Bay behind but our journey up the east coast wouldn't continue without moving on. Its always hard to leave behind places that you really like ... No matter, Surfers Paradise sounded as though it would be just as good so back on the Greyhound bus it was. We travelled on the M1 (no, not like our M1, this was also known as the Pacific Highway so there was a bit of a difference!). The landscape was very green and verdant, mainly agricultural with lots of cows. Many of those looked typically European to my layman's eye (Fresian, Hereford) but there were some with a bit of a hump and longer droopy ears; I think I'm right in saying these are Brahman cattle and though they originate in the ... read more
Surfers Paradise
Surfer beach and highrises
Dual aspect view

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise December 22nd 2015

Day 22 So we got up earlyish and got 2 buses to the ferry point to go to tangalooma island for our day drip to ultimately feed some wild Dolphins! It wasn't the best trip there was a lot of hanging about! After arriving on the island at lunchtime we had lunch at fire and stone of their Chinese meal deal thing! Which was quite nice! We then went on the 'dessert safari' which was basically just a track to a big sand dune where we went sand boarding didn't like that! Hubs dos though and went a couple of times! Back in the main resort we went for a dip but the water was quite cool so we mooched on the beach and an ice cream! A lady with a little tour group stopped by ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise October 9th 2015

It's crazy that tomorrow it'll be a month since I left Calgary. Time flies! It feels like just yesterday I got here. I've spent the last 3 days in Surfers Paradise. Another beach town, but it's a really big party town and reminds me of Miami in a way. There are big skyscrapers, fancy clubs and theme parks. It's a lot flashier than Noosa or Mission Beach. Took surfing lessons yesterday. The very first time I tried to stand up probably ended up being my best ride of the day. Conditions weren't great - the waves were really big and not ideal for beginner surfing. There's a poker tournament at my hostel tonight. $5 buy in includes a free beer. Winner gets a $50 bar tab. Other than that, I haven't been doing much lately. It ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise September 18th 2015

Boom! Week 1 is done! And boy did it ever go fast. We had 3 lectures this week, and they were so so good! We also all shared our testimonies, which was really cool because we all just got to know more about each other and really got to feel a connection start to form between everyone. I'm really excited to form better bonds with people. I can't even begin to explain the peace in my heart with my decision to do this, even if I have been super nervous at times, and wanted to run away because I was scared. But I've already learned so much and it's only been one week. I am loving the lectures so far, and I'm positive I will continue to love them. I wish you all could hear them ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise September 12th 2015

Today has been eventful, and it's only 3:30! I woke up at 6, got ready, and walked down to Surfers Paradise! I grabbed some food at McDonalds (I know, great choice, then walked around the shops. I found this place called Cotton On, and I may have fallen in love with the styles. I bought a dress, sunglasses, and 3 nail polishes, and it only cost me 30 bucks! So good! After that, I went down to the water and walked along the shore for about an hour, then headed up to grab a Starbucks (shaken passion tea lemonade FTW!) I then decided to head home, 'cause I was wiped, and a tad sweaty.... TMI I know.... but seriously though, in total today, I walked about 10 km! So it's no wonder I was sweaty ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise September 10th 2015

25 hours of travel later, I made it to Australia! I've met lots of the YWAM staff, and a couple other students as well :) They all seem great, and I can't wait to meet the rest of the students! It was a pretty chill first day. We didn't do a whole lot. Brittany, Nicole and I are all in the same house. We are waiting for 3 other girls to join our house in the next couple days, and about 15 more students in total. So the 3 of us hung out at the house and organized our stuff and got to know each other. I didn't really take many photos, but don't worry, that will change! Haha. I LOVE the flora and fauna here, it's so beautiful. And bright, colourful parakeets just fly around ... read more

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