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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise April 7th 2015

Hi Fellow bloggers, So after 2 really nice chilled days we were heading to Surfers paradise for some more chilled days lol!! We got up and had some breakfast of cheese on toast and hot cross buns, then said our goodbyes to Terry our host of the last few days, then our friend Paul Maguire came and picked us up to head down to Surfers Paradise. Paul offered to drive us as he was heading down to see a friend and to play golf the next day, We had booked up the premier bus: $295 dollars Cairns to Sydney ticket as it needs an ongoing itinerary otherwise it won’t book it up. (Strange but this is the company policy so you have to book seats your not going to use because of this!!!) Paul had to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise October 11th 2014

After an incredibly exhausting trip of 26 hours I have finally reached my spontaneous destination: Surfer's Paradise! If it weren't for an Aussie lad on the plane who told me that I'm better off going southwards directly I would have stayed in Brisbane for a day or two. But I decided to take the 1.5 hours of additional travel and it's absolutely worth it as it turned out. Because I arrived on a Friday, I was able to get started with checking out the social programme of the Surf'n'Sun Beachside Backpackers: Clubnight at a nightclub called vanity. It was a mental night and a good way to get started : ) People are so friendly if you only go open minded and make an effort to get to know someone. For instance when I was on ... read more
Lifeguard hut

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise March 27th 2014

After getting the awning fixed in maroochydore, we headed back to Dino and Lee’s for a couple more days, this is when Daz took me into the city for the night as a birthday treat and we stayed at the crowne plaza (very noice)! Amy stayed with Lee. The peacocks took us into Brisbane city where we strolled along the Southbank and had lunch and then enjoyed a few beers at the pub.Whilst in bahrs scrub we went to a Westfield shopping Centre where Amy then got her nose pierced (yuk), not pleasant to watch but she didn’t even flinch. We then packed up and headed to surfers paradise. We stayed at main beach Caravan Park that was just opposite the beach, lovely spot and a great caravan park. We stayed here for 2 weeks, In ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise March 6th 2014

We started at 8 o'clock in the morning. Our first stop was above from Coffs Harbour at Sealy Lookout or "The Forest Sky Pier" it is a jetty in the sky. If several people walk on it, it will swing a little bit. On the way up/down you can see banana trees. We follow the pacific highway and stopped at the first time we saw kangaroos. After that we saw some more but only driving past. The next stop was before Maclean next to a cafe. There was another jetty but on a river. We saw some lizards on the stones. Not for the first time. On one day I saw a one or two cm small one. The lizards in Maclean were 20 or 30 cm big. We past sugar cane fields and factories. We ... read more
Surfers Paradise
Forest Sky Pier
Our first kangaroos

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise November 21st 2013

Right now we are sitting at the airport and waiting on our flight. Ebba and Miranda are shopping in the tax free shop and Julia is sitting next to me and reading her book. When we are arriving in Surfers paradise we have rented a car, a red Hyundai Getz with air condition. The hotel we are staying in is a four star hotel named Australias Sovereign Hotel and it is located close to the beach. I found some pictures on their web site ( which I will share. /Emma... read more
surfhotell room

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise November 21st 2013

Today is the first day of surfing school. The trainers name is Mark and he is a really good surfer. First we are going to try to stand on the board while it is lying on the beach. After lunch we will get to surf for the first time. I think that it will be awesome. //Ebba... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise November 21st 2013

Yesterday was mutch scarier than i thought. Beafour we started Mark told us about sharks and that the most common prey are surfers because we look like seals down under. I have to go now; I can not be late for surf school! bye //Ebba... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise November 21st 2013

This is my last blog post. Do not be sorry. The other people will still be posting. Bye! //Ebba... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise November 21st 2013

We woke up early as usual and did our morning routines. We had packed everything in the car, which we named Bob, and ready to drive to our lesson when something happened. The car did not start. Bob did not make a sound, he was completely dead. We went back to the hotel reception and they called a car service man while Julia called our surf teacher, Mark to tell him that we will be late, or in the worst case, miss our first lesson. After a couple of hour the service man realized that we had forgotten to refuel and that was why the car did not started Unfortunately we missed our first surf lesson but after our last lesson, we all got certificate for being got students and for now we are real surfers! ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Surfers Paradise November 21st 2013

When we had our second surf lesson, at 11.30 pm we had a challenge to wait for the perfect wave and then stay at the board all the way into the beach. So I paddled out and was waiting for the perfect wave, just as our teacher told us to do. Somehow I am got into a strong current that pulled me away from the beach. When I noticed what was going on it was already too late. I started to panic when I saw my friends at the beach as small dots in the distance. I remember the first day when Mark told us the rules and quickly pulled my hand up in the air, as he told us to do if we were in danger. I pushed my minds of what possibly could be ... read more

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