Day 23

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December 23rd 2015
Published: December 23rd 2015
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Day 23
We packed up our stuff and left the hotel in Brisbane for our hour drive to Surfers Paradise! As we couldn't check in until 2 we had a stop off in Oxenford for a bit of brunch and then had a mud muffin and hubster had millionaires shortbread! Piggies! In this same bakery we saw Horsey Cake which was actually being sold as a hedgehog slice!! Very bizarre!
We arrived in surfers paradise about 12, too early to check in so we went for a walk along the beach front lots of nice big waves, hence the name I guess! We went to the hotel about 1:30 but the room wasn't ready. We were able to park the car in the car park and use the hotel facilities but we decided to go out and find some lunch instead! We found a nice little cafe and had huge salads then went back for our room!
After changing we headed for the beach!
It had clouded over a bit but was still warm - the sea was freezing!
Andy had a snooze so I just lay there people watching! When he woke up he had a look on FB and saw that our school friend Stuart was also on the same beach! We messaged him and met up for a chat with him Leanne and their 2 boys, his aunt and uncle and 2 cousins!
They got off to Fraser Island tomorrow for a few days incl Christmas! Then fly back home!
After learning that Stu and Leanne are going to be moving out here within the next year, and saying cheerio to them all we wandered in the town for a little look around! Now would you believe they have flip flop vending machines! I kid you not!! Haha so cool! We then started to head back to the hotel wondering what to have/where to go for dinner when we walked past a restaurant that cooks your dinner on a hot plate griddle thing in front of you!! Andy has said many a time before, he wants to go somewhere like that - so me being me marched straight in and booked us a table for 8pm, not stopping to think how much it might cost! Fortunately it was reasonably priced only a few dollars more than any of the other places along the front!! We went back to the hotel showered changed etc and watched a bit of the Aussie version of the cops on camera type stuff where a young lad on a motor bike had been killed the programme showed all the tiny things the police investigate to try to find the cause of the accident (long story short the lad was driving 100-120kmph in a 50!! Very sad!
Anyway we then went back out to the restaurant for our dinner, which was amazing! The chef did all the showy off stuff you'd expect - he made a big fire ball go up, chucked his cooking untensils in the air, made an onion stack look like a steam train (as in the smokey steam came out the top) he then did a trick with a raw egg (as it straight out the package) that all the men had to try to do! He span the egg on the surface then used his spatula to flip the egg up - like you would a tennis ball on a racquet! He could do it several times! Each man round the hot plate was invited up to do it! As you will all know how reserved Andy is in public I had to force him to have a go! He came second in the egg bouncing lol!
When the eggs didn't bounce and landed on the grill crack the chef then cooked them like and omelette. He then chopped each one up and flicked a piece in the air of each of us to catch in our mouths! I caught both mine and Andy got 2 out of 3!
He then set about cooking our dinners! When it was almost done he signalled he waitress to bring him our rice bowls! She set them down by him and he then threw them, spinning upside down through the air to each of us! It really was an entertaining dinner and it was delicious!
After a walk past all the now mostly closed shops we headed back to the hotel along the beachfront and off to beebize!


23rd December 2015

Flip Flips
Well this whole blog is absolutely amazing but a flip flop vending machine........ To a shoe aholic that is amazing - night night and happy Christmas eve

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