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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa October 2nd 2010

Bob and Lyn had been on a recent trip to Noosa and advised us what a great time they had had and so we decided to ass this into our trip- and we were delighted that we did! We were stying in a really great hostel, it was brand new and the facilities were great. Noosa is famed for its longboard surfing so we decided that we would take a surfing lesson. On the morning of our surfing lesson the weather and the tides were against us. It was cold, windy and the waves were really messy. But we went for it and managed to get up on our boards despite the conditions. It was pretty hard going and we were absolutely shattered when we came out of the water. With this in mind- we decided ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa September 5th 2010

We had a great time at Agnes Waters and then made for Burrum Heads. Unfortunately our weekend there consisted of grey days and strong wind, building up to rain on Sunday afternoon. We did get in a bit of walking along the riverfront and around the little shops there, but mostly it was spent inside the motor home, out of the weather. We decided against going on to Hervey Bay when Monday morning brought more showers, so we rang Tewantin - we were able to bring our 3 day booking forward to begin that night. It was the right call, as we hadn't gone all that many kilometres when the sky cleared and the sun shone. We turned off the highway to explore some more of the Mary Valley, shopped at Kenilworth and then drove up ... read more
farmland in the Mary Valley
Lovely gums along the way
countryside, Mary Valley

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa August 31st 2010

After Fraser Island we moved on further south to another Help Exchange out in the country staying on a farm with holiday cottages. We stayed with a hippy lady who ran the business helping out with for gardening, cleaning and with the animals. There were cows, a horse, dog and wild kangaroos. The garden around the house was designed to similar to a rainforest to try and encourage a range of wildlife. While we were staying there we saw a possum, echidna and a our biggest spider yet. On our first day off we visited Noosa where we enjoyed the beach and a walk in the national park. When we stopped for lunch Stuart was about to take his third bite of his sandwich when a Kookaburra swooped down and snatched the sandwich straight out ... read more
bucket of ice cream

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa July 19th 2010

We made it to the Eumundi markets, after crossing, the breath-holding Gateway Bridge (wild traffic) and dodging the madness that you strike driving from the Gold Coast to Brisbane and then towards the Sunshine Coast. We love the markets though I've pretty well bought everything I'm interested in over the years so now just look. Doug bought some strawberries and a great macadamia cracker and has been demonstrating it endlessly. Remember when macadamias were called Queensland bush nuts? Uncle Alf had a tree on his banana plantation and Doug’s parents had one in their yard so we’ve spent a lot of time picking them off the tree and the ground and cracking them over the years, not to mention eating them! We weren't able to get into Tewantin Saturday night so instead spend it at a ... read more
Yandina School of Arts
Yandina buildings
main street, Eumundi

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa June 26th 2010

Have been without internet for a while, what with camping on Fraser Island and sailing the Whitsundays, so lots of catching up to be done on the blog front! The best thing about Noosa has to be the hostel. We had a recommendation from a roommate in Byron Bay- so I gave them a call. It was called Flashpackers and was fantastic! They picked us up from the bus station and the first impression of the place was shock! Everything was so new and stylish - plus free internet!! We dumped our bags in our room (four beds with no bunks and it was en-suite - heaven!) and walked back into town. The hostel was a 15 minute walk, but they did a free shuttle every hour. The town was fairly small - on a par ... read more
Coastal Walk
Noosa Beach
Flashpackers Hostel

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa June 21st 2010

Surfing and sunbathing in a town called Noosa at the moment. Only 3 weeks until New Zealand, where its snowing, so I'm making the most of the sunshine! Visited a town called 1770 and did a special motorbike tour. Was given leathers and a big chopper motorbike and got to ride round the town tearing it up for a few hours. Got up to maximum speed on a dual carriage way, well 85kmph as the bikes had been modified for safety, wimps. Spent a few days on Frasier Island, the largest sand island in the world. Even with a 4x4 truck the roads and sand dunes are a bit of a challenge, sturdy bra's were a must! We were driving along the beach one day when Captain Colin and his light aircraft touched down next to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa May 26th 2010

Hello! Another quick one I'm afraid, just to catch up. From Sydney we drove North up the coast to Newcastle (stayed in a nice campsite in Stockton just across the water), then up to Byron Bay which was a lot of fun (sea kayaking with dolphins - but they didn't turn up - and visiting Nimbin). Then we blitzed through Surfer's Paradise (a big tourist trap), past Brisbane and on to Noosa where we are now. It's gorgeous here now the sun has come up, we went swimming and body boarding on Sunshine Beach and then hiked around Noosa National Park this afternoon. Sarah has been doing well with her new hobby of fishing (caught 3 last night) and is off catching dinner as we speak. We're heading to Fraser Island next (4x4 self-drive tours) and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa April 30th 2010

Day 22 We are locked and loaded… the truck is packed, well more like over stuffed, we cratered and bought a roof rack as we have no room inside with 5 people plus all camping gear… I really want to know how mom and dad did it when we were kids… lol. The poor truck sags pretty hard in the back and doesn’t exactly want to hold any high speeds on hill climbs… dropping from 100 to about 75 on a good climb, of course were not flooring it as we are trying to save fuel but I’m sure that little 3 litre is ready to tell me to “F” off… We had a short drive today of only 2.5 hours to get to Noosa where I had booked a camp for us. It sounded off ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa April 29th 2010

The second day in Noosa we decided to take out the Kayaks and bikes and explore the river. Shenton went by Kayak and myself and Michael took to the bikes. Shenton chose to go by water to show off his new french sailor look with his Moustache, I think he scared a few people along the way though. The road took a slightly different route to the river and we lost Shenton for a while but caught up with him after he had Kayaked over 3km down river. Even though he looked knackered he was convinced that the tide would be in his advantage on the way back and so challenged us to a race. We didnt need to try very hard as it really was no competition and we got to the meeting point to ... read more
Where shall I put my hat?
Hurry up we've been here for ages
Found, one french sailor

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa April 23rd 2010

Check out the photos. One question.............. SHAVE or DONT SHAVE ? I have told him it is a good look for him, reminiscent of Kevin Webster in 1980's coronation street. Your votes count so please send us a comment :-) Atty I am sure I can count on you to vote Dont Shave :-) One more thing, it seems that Jeff has found a picture of the Mona Lisa in his pub, he is going to send it to auction and hopes to fund his and Traceys new lifestlye.... read more
Mona Lisa found in red house

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