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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa April 12th 2012

December 28th Mullumbimby to Noosa Time to brave the highway again…. Stopped at Tweed Heads for lunch in a tourist type park next to the Information Centre and the fish and chips was so greasy it went in the bin. Bluey wouldn’t even give it to Jessie! Shame. Pressed on to Noosa. Always going to be hard to find somewhere to stay with Jessie. “North Shore is only place for you with a dog” declared the Information Bureau, “but you will have to pay for the ferry from Tewantin”. “No worries, at least we can stay somewhere”….. mmmm… Winnie crossed on the ferry ($8 each way, I think it is $6 for cars). The camping ground was “under renovation”, but very disappointing, a tiny site, Winnie only just fitted and ended up ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa February 7th 2012

7.2.12 Hungover this morning after last night. We drove to one of the quieter beaches to chill out. As we got out of the car we spotted koala bears in the trees above us, which was part of the national park. Our first sighting of koalas in the wild. Sophie wasn't feeling well having stomach cramps which didn't go away after paracetamol and deflatin. She was in agony for a few hours and pretty much collapsed in the car park and had to lie down in the shade. We then went to chemist who sorted her out with some tablets. It was funny because as soon as lunch time came she was better! Stuffing a sausage roll down and half of my pie! Emmy had to go back to Brisbane as she had work. We then ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa February 4th 2012

4.2.2012 Gagaju canoe trip We had our briefing at 8 O'clock, got our paddles, life jackets, canoes and we were off. No guide with us, just a group of 16 people left to navigate up the river by ourselves, bearing in mind some people had never even been in a canoe! He gave us crap directions as where to go which we managed to follow. We stopped for lunch on some random beach then were off back down the river, visiting a creek on the way, which was beautiful - the water gave off a mirror reflection and was so peaceful. There were three of us in the canoe, me, mike and some girl called Dee from Holland, who was probably the most annoying person we have met the whole time travelling! She was 18 and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa February 3rd 2012

3.2.12 Tony dropped us of in Brisbane city where we went to find a Post Office to send a parcel home. We had a sort out and decided that we were carrying to much stuff so we sent back unwanted clothes. We then headed to the bus station to catch the Greyhound to Noosa. We bumped into Sophie and Sarah from South America which was very random and had a quick catch up. We then had lunch and waited for our pick up to go to Gagaju Canoeing camp. On the way we saw some wild kangaroos for the first time. We drove through some camp grounds which people now lived. Big tents made into homes. It was a bit creepy and reminded of the Hills have eyes and we were thinking all the locals were ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa February 1st 2012

So finally arrived in australia on the 7th jan into cairns. Within the first hour of being here, realised 2 things it is very hot and very expensive. After a few mishaps at the airport of not being able to withdraw money and not being able to get a shuttle to the hostel we arrived at 'the asylum' our first nights stop in aus. A very basic hostel but had aircon and a bed which is what we needed for our first night even though it was full of 40 year old acoholic men who have been staying there for 4 months, so i think you can get the picture of the asylum. Didnt really do much in cairns just a stop over to sort out our bus ticket, the greyhound to get down to brisbane, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa December 12th 2011

Another day of glorious sunshine - what is this?! Noosa is bathed in sunshine so I took myself off to explore (and yes, I started to remember places I'd seen from behind the windscreen wipers of the car) and to lounge at the beach. I've had to move rooms in my backpackers from my little 3 bed to a 6 bed, girlie room complete with straighteners and hairdryer, and decked top to toe in pink. Even the loo brush is pink. One night here will be enough - time to go to Brisbane tomorrow! I sat on Sunshine beach with my picnic lunch, taking breaks to dive in and out of the sea, with the forceful waves at times knocking me off my feet. Rick, an Aussie claiming to be 50 but realistically nearer to 60 ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa December 11th 2011

Rockhampton is grotty, truly grotty, which I knew before I stayed but had no choice due to the severe tiredness of driving in scary conditions yesterday. I was up and out early with a mission to get to Agnes Water for a break, then onto Noosa for the night. The drive today was more of the same - bit dull, no, make that a lot dull. Not too many places to stop and see. I did a detour via 'scenic' Gladstone (as described by the signs) only to find it's a place just full of mining sites. Nothing scenic about it at all. I did a detour via Bundaberg for similar reasons and discovered there was nothing to see other than the rum factory. Onto Agnes Water it is... I stopped at 1770, site of Cook's ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa December 1st 2011

Just spent 10 glorious days at Noosa caravan park in Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast which is about one hour north of Brisbane. The park is very nice & close to the small shopping centre at Tewantin which has a good selection of shops including a great bakery.The main shops at Noosa Civic are about 10 minutes away by road & the bus stop is right outside the park, the ferry which takes cars as well is just at the end of the road & goes to the north side of Noosa & the national park.Hastings street which is the "in" place is close by & there are many backpacker places close by.We took the tinny out onto the river which is beautiful Fishing no good ,too small but enjoyed the scenery.Will go back there down ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa November 15th 2011

We're feeling a bit nostalgic and sentimental already. The last 4 days or so have been so amazing that we're trying our hardest to keep hold of the fringes of Fraser Island as it slips away from us. The Whitsundays and Fraser Island are over, only to be remembered by photos. I know this is slightly ridiculous but seriously, the BEST 3 days. Before Fraser Island we did a days sailing trip round the Whitsunday islands. It was so beautiful. Whitehaven beach is the nicest beach I've ever seen in my life. White sand blue/green sea. Amazing. Unfortunately also got badly burnt here as I got sand stuck to me everywhere after going in the water so reapplying was difficult. This has now resulted in a very blotchy tan on my back and the whitest most ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa October 14th 2011

Day 29, 10/10/11 Got up early again today and took a walk to The National Park. Was over a 5km walk through the park but it gave some lovely views and we saw some pretty cool wildlife - mainly turkeys and giant lizard type things. The walk starts on one beach and takes you through the national park and onto another beach the other side of town. We finished the walk and ate our already packed lunch and then booked Fraser Island for Wednesday. We headed to the supermarket the get ingredients for dinner which was chicken nuggets, smash (which was horrible) and beans. I finished Michael McIntyres autobiography today and it was a brilliant book, very funny - started a new one which I found called The Rising. Packed in the evening ready for early ... read more

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