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February 7th 2012
Published: March 2nd 2012
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Hungover this morning after last night. We drove to one of the quieter beaches to chill out. As we got out of the car we spotted koala bears in the trees above us, which was part of the national park. Our first sighting of koalas in the wild. Sophie wasn't feeling well having stomach cramps which didn't go away after paracetamol and deflatin. She was in agony for a few hours and pretty much collapsed in the car park and had to lie down in the shade. We then went to chemist who sorted her out with some tablets. It was funny because as soon as lunch time came she was better! Stuffing a sausage roll down and half of my pie! Emmy had to go back to Brisbane as she had work. We then went the supermarket to get ingredients for a chilli which Gaz cooked us back in the hostel. Whilst waiting for the bus back to the hostel Gaz had his guitar with him and jokingly started busking. He made 70 cents which he kept! We stayed in that night just having a few drinks at the hostel. The chilli had gone right through us and stinkt Mike and the stinky bird were back.


Slow start again. Gaz managed to get someone to cover his shift back in Brisbane so he was staying an extra night. We went to the sunshine beach in Noosa which was only down the road. It is an easterly facing beach so the waves were massive. I went in the sea and the rip was so strong. I was trying to dive under waves that were a couple of meters high and pretty dangerous. If you didn't time it right it would break on you and you would get battered and thrown around for a few seconds not knowing were you were. We spent the rest of the day on the beach watching the surfers and some people training for an iron man race. We were all too tired to cook anything that night so we got a massive takeaway and stayed in our room watching films all night till we passed out. M x


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