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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa October 10th 2011

Day 27, 08/10/11 Left for Noosa bright and early this morning (I prefer the early morning buses), it was a 4 hour journey today so I plugged my iPod in and closed my eyes. Stuart and Paul got on half way up and when we arrived we checked into another small and cosey hostel which is very nice - expect the bathroom door doesn't lock! Had a wander into town and bought some food for dinner which we then went back to the hostel to cook. I went for a lovely BBQ pizza and Garlic Bread which was delicious. Bought some alcohol and had a relaxed evening talking to the people in our room. Day 28, 09/10/11 Got up bright and early today and headed for the beach as the weather was fantastic. Read my book, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa August 1st 2011

Sorry it's been a while since my last entry....After the Northern Territory, I flew to Tropical Cairns, where the first few days were warm, but rainy. Didn't do too much apart from hanging out at the lagoon ( you can't swim in the sea because of the stingers)! Highlights were going to Cape Tribulation ( a really nice rain forest) for the day and going on a boat cruise to the barrier reef to dive and snorkel. Didn't love the diving, if i'm honest, which I was a bit disappointed about! I couldn't equalise my ears properly, so didn't really feel comfortable - loved the snorelling though! The Barrier Reef is beautiful, one girl thought it was ugly and disgusting!!! I think she must have been on something as it was so beautiful and the fish ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa July 10th 2011

Hello all and welcome to my blog! A little background info first, My name is Angus Smith, I'm 24, male and awesome. I grew up on the Sunshine Coast in a little town called Noosa, an awesome place to grow up - not so much an awesome place to live in your 20's... Noosa is one of those places that you either get out and go and see the world or you stay there, settle into your weekly routine, pop out a few kids and settle into a domestic bliss - don't get me wrong that's all well and good but its not my cup of tea. I stayed in Noosa until I was 18 years old before I joined the Navy and moved to Frankston in Victoria - Frankston made me realise how much you ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa July 8th 2011

Happy Birthday, Geddy! Our first born turns 14 today, although both he and Ivy have agreed that he should be truly acknowledging tomorrow as his birthday as it is still July 7 in the States. After talking him out of going to the Australia Zoo, which is about an hour back toward Brisbane, he decided that we should rent a boat and tour around the river. We wouldn't be able to go around the point into the ocean, but it looked like we could occupy ourselves in the bay and river. We started off on our 8-seat boat driving out of the river toward the bay on the backside of where our hotel sits on the beach. After pulling out, Geddy didn't wait too long to take the wheel. He coolly sat in the driver's seat ... read more
Theo taking a turn at the wheel
On a sandy beach in the bay
The kids on the boat

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa July 7th 2011

Although the morning air was rather brisk, the skies were clear and it was supposed to warm up on our first day in the Noosa area. Noosa is a relatively small upscale beach resort with mostly lower rise hotels and high-end homes. We set out for the Noosa Heads National Park, a coastal rainforest. After stopping in at the small visitor center, we decided to take the Coastal Hike which would occupy us for 1.5-2 hours, or longer depending on our return route. Immediately after walking out the door, we looked up and saw a Laughing Kookaburra (right next to a Gum Tree, no less!). We got a couple of decent pictures of it before it flew off. The Kookaburra is the largest of Australia's 14 Kingfisher birds. The Coastal Trail followed the contour of the ... read more
The coast along the Noosa Heads National Forest
The kids enjoying a break on the hike
Another view along the Noosa National Park

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa May 1st 2011

I absolutely, absolutely love Noosa... Its sophisticated, upmarket, and tasteful yet casual and relaxed at the same time... A place I could very happily settle down in... Well... actually... the truth be known... I dont really think I am the settling down type at all... but if I was... Noosa would rate pretty highly for me... In reality, anywhere on the Sunshine Coast is pretty special... And with an average sunny temperature of 25 degrees all year round, one can easily understand why all the southerners want to migrate up this way... and thus, why it is so pricey... With a population of around 54,000 across the shire... this is one very much in demand exclusive locale... Noosa has just been voted the 3rd best beach in the South Pacific... pretty impressive I say, considering the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa April 6th 2011

We left Fraser Island/Rainbow Beach and are now heading down the coast. Due to lack of time, I am heading down quite quickly! We headed for Noosa which is a small seaside town with a gorgeous beach! arrived around lunchtime so spent the whole afternoon sunbathing which was lovely! The next day we headed on down to Brisbane. Very strange being back in a city again after so long on beaches and small towns - I dont like it!! Spent the afternoon walking around the city and taking photos really! I said my goodbyes to Lucy as she has more time than me and headed on to Surfers Paradise which really is like Blackpool but hotter! Walked around the town for a bit and shopped abit more before heading back to the hostel. Met a lovely ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa April 3rd 2011

Der letzte Teil unseres Australien-Abenteuers ist eine Reise mit einem Camper auf der Ostküste. Wir waren alle gespannt, wie es wird, da wir bis jetzt nie mit einem Camper unterwegs waren. Was wir gelernt haben ist folgendes: * Ein Camper ist gross! Das Ding zu fahren ist wie ein kleiner LKW. Auf der Hauptstrasse ist das voll ok, aber beim Wenden oder in der Stadt wird es schnell mühsam. * Obwohl gross von Aussen, ist es im Innern eng. Wir hatten einen Camper für 4 Personen reserviert, haben einen für 6 bekommen und finden es immer noch sehr eng. * Trotzdem ist er gut ausgestattet. Wir haben heisses Wasser, WC und Dusche, eine kleine Küche mit Kühlschrank und Mikrowelle, und sogar einen Fernseher und DVD-Spieler. * Anna und Sophie lieben ihr Bett oberhalb der Fahrerkabine. Es ... read more
Sophie's und Anna's Reich / domain
Blue Mountains
Three Sisters

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa March 7th 2011

We woke up to sun this morning. We walked across the street to the pier to take some pictures. On our way out of town we spotted this place with all kinds of shark paraphernalia. I've heard about this guy from the movie Sharkwater. He goes out and hunts these "man-eating" sharks to protect whales. Anyways he has this shark museum in Hervey Bay with all the stuff he's collected from these sharks. I took pictures of the outside of it as we drove by. We made our way down to Rainbow beach on the other end of Fraser Island. It's named rainbow beach for it's cliffs of different coloured sand. We did a little bush walk to get to a huge sand dune. You literally get to the opening of the trees and it's just ... read more
our apartment
mom and dad

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa December 6th 2010

Well from beach to town we left the beaches behind us and moved on to Noosa, a four hour coach drive north of Brisbane and a four hour coach drive from Rainbow Beach. Noosa is described by Poonam as being “hip” and I guess that is a pretty good description. It is a nice town with some chic and class to it. In fact it is the first time outside of the major city we saw some designer boutique stores. We took a leisurely evening stroll down Hasting Street, where it’s all happening. We walked past some fantastic boutiques for window shopping and little cafes and restaurants (all with their healthy price tags attached)! Our trip to Noosa was all about a trip to Australia Zoo. Steve Irwin’s legacy ranks – for me – as one ... read more
Thankfully not the real version!

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