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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa November 11th 2005

Hello everyone!! We've updated 45 more pictures, so go have a look. Right now we're in Noosa and heading down to Brisbane tomorrow. We'll blog more later. Beth and Justin... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa November 3rd 2005

Off to the east I was actually feeling a bit nervous about getting back on the road again after feeling quite settled in Sydney, but I also couldn't wait to get moving again and head up the East Coast. My last weekend in Sydney the sun decided to shine non stop and there seemed to be blossom out everywhere and I started to feel a real affection for the place, but I had the joy of a 14 hour bus journey to look forward to, so packed up my things, leaving a big bag of stuff in Sydney and yet still managing to fill my rucksack so full that I can hardly close it, and set off. ...and relax. Thanks to the kindly donation of an inflatable pillow from Michelle and some sleeping pills from Natalie ... read more
night skies over Byron
more skies over Byron
Carsten lazing on the beach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa September 29th 2005

The journey to noosa was, once again uber long and uber boring but am totally getting used to it now - makes you appreciate how small and compact england is in comparison!!! oooh, not so much of the boring on this journey actually - there was entertainment in the form of a crazy lady who kept walking up and down the bus chatting gibberish and going in and out of the toilet every five minutes. ah and there was the time when she was talking about jesus quite animatedly and turned and asked me what planet this was. then she decided to hang from the luggage rack and sing something about irish eyes smiling (???) at the top of her lungs. eep. but, like i say, quite entertaining none the less :) when we got to ... read more
awww, how cute!
i want one!
real or plastic...?

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa August 22nd 2005

As I'd predicted, Luce and I were the youngest ones on the tour by far. And also the slimmest, as the others were obviously going to take "edible attractions" to a whole new limit! There were 2 Aussie women, a Kiwi couple and a rather large American woman. First stop was the Australian Nougat Company, where we could see how nougat gets made funnily enough (you don't even want to know how much sugar goes in that stuff), then on to the Ginger Factory which apparently makes 40% of the world's confectionary ginger - we love our facts and figures on this trip! Got to ride on a crap steam engine and have our photos taken with a large plastic gingerbread man and look around loads of tacky "ginger-themed" souvenir shops. It was not just a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa August 21st 2005

Got the bus to Noosa, the bus driver was a real arse and had a go at us for getting there only 2 mins to go before the bus left! Twat! It only took about 2 hours to get there, when we got off we discovered the busdriver had taken off someone's bag that wasn't getting off there and then zoomed off, so bet they were happy! Staying at the YHA which is a lovely old building with a verandah/balcony all around it, really airy and nice ... In the evening had a BBQ and chatted to some people. Luce and I saw an advert for some hilarious looking tours, including one called "Edible Attractions" so we decided to do one tomorrow. After all, it's not every day you get the chance to visit a gingerbread ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa August 3rd 2005

yep I finally moved on from brisbane yey!!! Noosa was cool nice beaches (about time) and a relaxed night life (well could have been if hadn't have met half hostel from Brisbane in my hostel in Noosa). Was a good laugh only stayed two nights but felt wanted to stay longer will get some photos underway for you guys to see. Spent a lot of time relaxing building on tan and reading which was nice! Left early to go to rainbow beach with a stinking hangover! Sarah proceeded in dancing like the mad old man in the club and fell over immitating him and I being more sober (in my mind anyway) quietly sipped red wine and bought sarah a drink sneakily from bar when she'd been refused.... All in all good fun. The hostel I ... read more
sarah on beach
gio and sarah
aussie magpie

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa January 23rd 2005

Howdy everybody, I thought i'd send an email sooner than the last time, so i don't have to write a dicken's novel, and you don't have to read dicken's novel. Although, i did get some positive responses, and several people asking if i was an alcoholic. So, Sydney is where i left off. That was a bit of a party. And then there was Byron Bay................. I caught the bus out of Sydney, an overnight bus, and arrived in Byron Bay at around 9am. When i got off the bus, everybody proceeded to flock to the phones to phone hostels to get accomodation. Me, being cool as a cucumber, decided to go get a bite first, let the panic subside, and then maybe walk around to the hostels as Byron Bay really isn't that big, and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa March 15th 1996

Geo: -26.3962, 153.0891 - Noosa... read more

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