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April 12th 2012
Published: April 12th 2012
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<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">December 28th

<strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">Mullumbimby to Noosa

Time to brave the highway again…. Stopped at Tweed Heads for lunch in a tourist type park next to the Information Centre and the fish and chips was so greasy it went in the bin. Bluey wouldn’t even give it to Jessie! Shame.

Pressed on to Noosa. Always going to be hard to find somewhere to stay with Jessie. “North Shore is only place for you with a dog” declared the Information Bureau, “but you will have to pay for the ferry from Tewantin”. “No worries, at least we can stay somewhere”….. mmmm…

Winnie crossed on the ferry ($8 each way, I think it is $6 for cars). The camping ground was “under renovation”, but very disappointing, a tiny site, Winnie only just fitted and ended up straddling the concrete stand (don’t dream of taking anything over 23ft), very busy, campers alongside, behind, everywhere…and very expensive when you add the ferry fare. Site fees ($40 something) did not include shower, extra $1 per person to use a shower, can you believe that?? Which for some reason was set at a remarkably low point in the wall, suited the kids but can’t imagine how a tall person would get their head under without a “crick” in their neck!. Well maybe that is in the renovation plan, but we certainly won’t be going back to see.

It is true you could walk down to the beach (a shared path with camels and horses according to the sign) but it had been raining and we arrived at the start of the track with kids and scooters and it was obviously a “boggy” no go. The road was deemed too dangerous to walk, so we didn’t even see the beach. Actually we drove down to it, but couldn’t park anything as big as Winnie in the car park. There is another camping ground, much closer to the beach, looked even worse (Noosa North Shore “Beachfront Caravan Park”)

Stopped for coffee at Cooroy, what a lovely historic town (and I loved the giant tree in full Christmas decorations). Slug boy went into the bakery to buy cakes for Crackpot and himself and the lady gave him more money in change than he had to start with. He didn’t notice until he got back to us to hand us the change. “Oh! She’s made a mistake!” and sprinted back to the shop to give the money back. Sometimes you wonder as a parent if anything you say really sinks in, so we were very proud of his honesty. The lady in the bakery gave him a candy cone as a reward, so it worked well all round!


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