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December 11th 2011
Published: December 15th 2011
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Rockhampton is grotty, truly grotty, which I knew before I stayed but had no choice due to the severe tiredness of driving in scary conditions yesterday. I was up and out early with a mission to get to Agnes Water for a break, then onto Noosa for the night.

The drive today was more of the same - bit dull, no, make that a lot dull. Not too many places to stop and see. I did a detour via 'scenic' Gladstone (as described by the signs) only to find it's a place just full of mining sites. Nothing scenic about it at all. I did a detour via Bundaberg for similar reasons and discovered there was nothing to see other than the rum factory. Onto Agnes Water it is...

I stopped at 1770, site of Cook's landing, and had a look around, before taking a dip in the water at Agnes Water to cool down. Two lovely little towns, not far apart from each other, and would be good for a night's stay if I had longer. Which I don't. So on the road again it is!

A detour for a Hungry Jacks at Maryborough did two things. One, I found out that veggie whopper burgers are made with calf rennet - it says so on the label. Not so veggie then, not that that would put me off. Second, my detour helped me to avoid being in a crash just a little bit further down the road. A lucky lucky escape, as it transpires it was a bad accident.

Onto cheerier matters, I got to Noosa and the sun's shining! Hurrah! The last time I was here, it rained so much that Steve and I thought we'd be there forever. The Bruce Highway flooded not long we left so we weren't far wrong in our assumptions. I remember liking Noosa a lot and wanting the sun to come out so that I could enjoy it more - hopefully the next two days will continue in the same way so that I can explore, because right now, the place doesn't bear any resemblance to the place I remember last time! Not surprising seeing as we didn't set foot outside the motel for 24 hours due to the rain. The backpackers I'm staying in is a flashpackers - luxurious, sky television, and wet room all for AUD 30. A bargain really. After Rockhampton, things are looking up!


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