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North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City September 12th 2019

Today was another driving day. We had an Airbnb reservation in Dodge City which was about 8 hours away. Karen always packed us sandwiches for our driving days so we didn’t have to take time to stop and eat. We also have a cooler if drinks and a huge bag of chips, snacks, and fruit. It not only saves tome but money. One issue we have had a few times is the distance we travel on state roads with no businesses in sight. This presents a problem going to the bathroom. We experienced that on this day. As I predicted, once we took care of communing with Mother Nature we came upon a rest area about 10 miles down the road!! Traveling after Labor Day is wonderful because schools are back in session and there are ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City July 3rd 2019

We rolled into Dodge City on a hot, dusty afternoon. The streets were empty because the citizens of this fair city knew that something was going to happen. All the usual suspects were drinking in the Dodge Hotel. The Kribs boys were hungry and decided to eat dinner at the "I don't care" know, "where do you want to eat? I don't care." Wouldn't you know that two stools down at the bar was Black Bart and he was in a fighting mood. Someone was going to end up at the Boot Hill Cemetery tonight. Where's Wyatt Earp when you need him? He's long gone and the Kribs boys would have to fend for themselves. They didn't come to Dodge City with malice in their hearts, but if anyone else was going to start something, ... read more
Emporia Veterians Memorial
Emporia (2)
WWII Sherman Tank

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City March 29th 2019

We headed east out of Taos, on another winding mountain road, but this time knowing both the winding and the mountains would soon be at an end. It was a pretty busy road, and, unfortunately for those stuck behind us, there were no passing lanes. So we led a frustration parade, and I thought about how I used to feel about old farts towing trailers on good "sports car roads". Yes, now I am "that guy". We drove down into a beautiful high valley and passed the "Angel Fire" ski resort. We had heard that they had closed for the season, and we saw no one on the slopes even though the snow looked great to us. Past Eagle Nest Lake we climbed a low pass and entered into the gorgeous Cimarron Canyon. This was the ... read more
ATSF Loco in Dodge City
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North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City September 8th 2017

Die Gegend östlich der Rockies ist nicht besonders aufregend. Das Wichtigste war heute Paulchens Geburtstag. Er wurde 100.000. Und weil er jetzt nicht mehr ganz jung ist, will er ab jetzt Paul genannt werden. Kann er haben Er ist momentan etwas knatschig. Manchmal geht das rote Warnlicht an und das Öl Symbol blinkt auf. Obwohl er genug Öl hat. Wenn ich dann anhalte, den Motor ausschalte und bis zehn zähle, das ist wichtig, dann ist die Welt wieder heil. Keine Ahnung, was er hat. Die Ölpumpe ist es nicht, denn da ist es wie mit schwanger: ganz oder gar nicht. Kansas bietet LEICHT gewellte Fläche. Straßen, die genau in zwei Richtungen führen: entweder S-N oder O - W, Ölpumpen, die bedächtig nicken und Feed Lots. Da sind dann hunderte von Rinder auf engstem Raum zusammengepfercht. Oft ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City August 16th 2016

Bonjour à tous, Et un peu plus de 500 km de fait. Ça de moins. Je viens de quitter le Colorado, où le hasch est en vente légal, comme en Oregon, c'est juste un constat, mais c'est dans ces 2 États où j'ai vu le plus de marginaux, de sdf, dans les parcs et voies publics. Y aurait il un rapport de cause à effet ?. Ce matin j'aurais pu prendre Interstate 70, l'autoroute qui traverse les US de Denver à Baltimore, j'ai préféré me rallonger, un peu , plus tôt que de me faire emmerder, par ces fous de camionneurs. La route que j'ai prise aujourd'hui, n'était encombrée que de bétaillères. Lorsque que je suis parti ce matin je n'avais aucune idée, où j'allais m'arrêter ce soir. De Pueblo, la première et seule ville conséquente ... read more
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North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City September 12th 2014

AUGUST 23, 2014 This will be a day of rest. Long days in the vehicle sometimes bring on a wee touch of sciatica. This morning was rung in bright and shiny as a new penny. I drove over to Cimarron. My friend Jim Monacle was raised in that little town and still has family thereabouts. Cimmaron is 16 miles west of Dodge City and is famous as the site of the Gray County Court House War. Folks in Cimarron are a friendly and pleasant sort. They were having a farmer’s market on the shady side of the sidewalk and one of the locals pointed out the original courthouse where the gun battle occurred. He said it was converted over to an apartment building and there were still bullet holes in the ceiling. Fella also mentioned that ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City August 27th 2014

TIME TO GET OUT OF DODGE Helli's fears that we would spend another full day of riding through flat farmland came true today. So with that in mind I offered to write the blog so that I could share what I was going through my mind today as we rode with very few distractions. When I informed Helli what I intended to wite tonight, she insisted that I enter a disclaimer that she had no input with todays blog. So here is my disclaimer....At no time were any animals harmed or put in danger when writing this artile. First lets get the boring stuff out of the way. We rode just under 500 k's today due west. Over the last 24 hours the national weather service has been issueing strong thunderstorm and flash flood warning for ... read more
Enjoying sunrise at 6:35 am
Winfield, Kansas Coffee Shop
Winfield, Kansas Coffee Shop

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City June 12th 2014

It's not a ton of salt, it's closer to 3 tons of pure salt. The Kansas Salt Mine tour takes you 650' below the surface into an active salt mine. Well they don't take you into the active part of the mine, the tour is in part of the mine where they are no longer extracting salt. The tour starts with a quick safety film, visitors are required to follow the same safety precautions as the miners. this means a hard hat must be worn at all times and you must carry a portable emergency respirator. Then it's a 90 second elevator ride down the 650' shaft to the gallery area where you can take a self guided tour until your ready for the train tour. The train is about a 30 minute guided tour ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City June 11th 2014

Start: Stafford Ziel: Dodge City Tageskilometer: 135.9 Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 39.4 Gesamtkilometer: 3'173.6. Heute wieder mal um 05.00 h aufgestanden und um 06.00 h bei Sonnenaufgang losgefahren. Es ist noch kühl und wir haben noch unsere kurzen Vesten an. Am Anfang weht noch ein laues Lüftchen doch bald wird dieses zu einem starken Wind der uns aus Süd-West schräg entgegenweht. Leider wird er während des Tages nicht etwa schwächer oder hört zwischendurch mal auf - nein - er weht uns fröhlich unentwegt und unvermindert entgegen... Unsere Reisegeschwindigkeit liegt dabei, obwohl wir unermüdlich mit aller Kraft treten zwischen 8 - 17 km/h... (die Höchstbeschwindigkeit erreichten wir bei zwei kleinen Hügeln). Man kann sich vorstellen wie lange wir für unsere heutige Strecke brauchten... Erschwerend kam hinzu, dass die Strasse stark befahren war. Pausenlos donnert... read more
Die Strassen sind noch ruhig
Windanlage mit ca. 1'000 Windrädern

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City July 15th 2013

July 15th, 2013. 7:57pm On Sunday July 14th, 2013 we left our motel in West Plains, MO. @6:20am. Our destination was Sedan, KS. 293 miles. It was a very hot day for travel. Since a leak had developed in radiator, it first was thought to be due to temperature and pushing coolant out overflow tube. Leak has progressively gotten worse. I decided to put an overflow tank on the car, hoping it would solve the problem. At a gas stop in Mt Vernon, MO., a man came to look at the car. When I told him about the leak getting worse, he worked in a radiator shop and he found that the leak was running down the outside of the overflow tube. We continued on to Sedan, where we spent the night with Jim & Ruby ... read more
Route 66
Red Oak

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